Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Series X) in short test

With Yakuza like the Dragon the 8th main installment in the Yakuza series created by Sega is now available. It was made available to Japan in early 2020 for PlayStation 4 at the beginning of …

With Yakuza like the Dragon the 8th main installment in the Yakuza series created by Sega is now available. It was made available to Japan in early 2020 for PlayStation 4 at the beginning of 2020. The RPG is now set to shine in the global market and with next-gen graphics for the Xbox Series X.

Fresh air and a breath of fresh air

The most recent spin-off of the cult Yakuza series is bringing an air of freshness to the series and, along with it, fundamental modifications! In contrast to previous games, Like a Dragon is not a brawler anymore; it shifts into the RPG genre and has turn-based combat instead of real-time combat. I’m not a big fan of turn-based combat – apart from the Pokemon games, which is because of nostalgia – however, I had a fantastic amount of enjoyment taking on my opponents. This is because Yakuza like a Dragon provides a gripping tale with complex characters and finishes the whole thing with a hefty dose of humor.

Another thing that has changed is that the tale is not located in the Tokyo region but in Kamurucho, a fictional city with an entirely new character. In the story, you can become Ichiban Kasuga, a younger Ichiban Kasuga who aspires to establish himself within The Arakawa familia that is part of the Tojo clan. When a murder occurs during the night of the year 2000, He takes the blame and is incarcerated for the moment. In anticipation of his respect, he cannot look forward to his release. When he returns to his freedom after 18 years of imprisonment, nothing will be the same as it was!

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Streak through Kamurucho

Alongside an exciting main adventure, the game has smaller side missions that you can take on. While the subject can be a bit dark, the game manages to keep the mood lighthearted thanks to its distinctive humor. It’s hilarious when you’re fighting and need to recover, and then Ichiban eats nigiri in peace while waiting for his turn. Watching how your character is coping with the technological advances over the past few years following a lengthy period in prison is fascinating. Fun is also offered with side-quests like Karaoke, or a visit into the arcade for Dragon Kart or Virtua Fighter.

The Dragon is on Xbox Series X

Yakuza: Like a Dragon can be played on Microsoft’s new console. With ray-tracing and associated lighting effects, The streets of Kamurucho are stunning, regardless of the time of day or night. The gaming world is full of details, bustling streets, and bright warnings – you’re not sure where to start! Although my TV can’t achieve the 120 FPS speed, the display artificially increases to 100 FPS, providing an incredibly smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. But, the latest Quick Resume feature, which lets you get started faster, is not available (yet?) . On the other hand, there were no bugs during my testing time!


I enjoyed playing Yakuza As a Dragon and thoroughly enjoyed my journey to Japan. The only thing I dislike is the long cutscenes interrupt the flow of the game quite often, especially in starting the narrative. Cinematics I don’t have anything against. However, they aren’t all fully animated, and their camerawork is very peculiar. Ichiban also behaves weirdly from time to time and wanders around uncoordinated through streets, and is a bit more prone to bump into pedestrians than you’d prefer. Unfortunately, one hundred percent of the next-gen style, as seen in Watch Dogs: Legion isn’t mentioned in the series. However, Yakuza Like Dragon is undoubtedly available in Series X.

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PlayStation 5 release date is set for March 2, 2021. PlayStation 5 release is scheduled to launch on March 2, 2021.

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