Willy Morgan und der Fluch von Bonetown im Test

Modern pirates, yes , it’s possible? Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bonetown try to balance traditional pirate tales and contemporary adventure! With excellent role models such as Guybrush and LeChuck, however, young Willy isn’t …

Modern pirates, yes , it’s possible? Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bonetown try to balance traditional pirate tales and contemporary adventure! With excellent role models such as Guybrush and LeChuck, however, young Willy isn’t have a difficult time defending himself against their gang of fans.

Adventure games and pirates are long-standing, and I loved the combination. It’s no wonder then that the developer’s imaginary lab makes use of this winning formula. Willy Morgan and the Curse ofBonetown presents itself in the first place by introducing its protagonist as a young boy and the game’s tutorial in which he is required to find and put together the components of his bike, but it is directed at a more youthful group. Willy is a bright and well-behaved kid who is alone in his hunt for the truth regarding his dad’s disappearance and in an area full of pirates. They are, however, more fun to watch than actually dangerous.

Ten years have gone by since Willy’s father, famed archaeologist Henry Morgan – disappeared without an ounce of evidence during his work research. In the meantime, Willy and his mother have given up hopes… till a letter comes in on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance. The writer is Willy’s father! He warns his son to stay away from him and asks him when to visit Bonetown to pursue his investigation there. This is enough to convince the teenager to ride his bicycle and get to the root of the mystery incident. He is moving on to Bonetown, The famous and notorious town for pirates.

It’s so vibrant and colorful. It’s so vibrant.

The comic-like illustrations displayed in high-resolution 3D are also a good fit. Once you’ve become accustomed to the fish-like look with the rounded corners, this game also will please. The control systems of Willy Morgan and the curse of Bonetown are easy and generally quite simple. Right-click is used to observe an object, while left-clicking does something with it or interacts with it. The inventory is open using the mouse wheel. It is usually found in the lower right corner of the window. The empty test gives the convenience of having every object that can be used. There is even a map available, but it’s an item that is not part of the inventory and must be activated each time. The shortcut function could be helpful in this case. The double-click feature accelerates the screen’s change, meaning you don’t need to wait each time until Willy is at the other side.

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Nightingale, I hear you’re trapped… Or not.

While the graphics and interface are compelling, the voice output isn’t as great. Particularly with the many Bonetown inhabitants, There are always a few instances where the microphone was placed at a distance. This is why the pirates talk unintelligibly; you must depend on the text overlay. Willy himself, however, is clearly understood. Also , the music lingers more or less in the background and alters depending on the location. Although, as usual, no update to Monkey Island z you is anticipated, it is an excellent presentation coherently. The German language translation of the text is accessible. However, a language output isn’t there. That is an as of the small development team.


But what is the meaning of the story and the gags, as well as their volume? Is the game adamant to crack or traps for vapor? Given that the creators claim they’re geared toward Lucas Arts classics, expectations will be higher. The solution is, however, twofold. First, while the puzzles can be pleasantly rational, they’re mainly typical search and combinatorial tasks. The more seasoned experts might be slightly under-challenged. However, there aren’t many frustrating “I’ll blindly attempt every object on each object” instances (except for a failure, which caused me to lose my nerves).

Although Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bonetownis quite fun about games, the game is a bit lighter regarding narrative and gags. As is typical of the young population mentioned in the beginning, the story is like a novel for teens, and the jokes tend to be harmless and won’t cause any harm to anyone. There’s no Hamster in the microwave of Bonetown as Willy hasn’t been allowed to use it at this point, as per his mother. There is, however, a note about Dr. Fred (at least, in Achievements). When it comes to Achievements, There are plenty of them. They also feature a fascination with. It also rewards players who do not spend their time doing “unimportant” things. And there is quite a number of them in the game. The references to real and fictional pirates can be seen not just on the screen of Willy’s grandfather “Henry Morgan” as well as in the majority of the inhabitants of the town who are descendants of Captain Kidd’s crew. The mystery surrounding the pirate’s treasure needs to be solved through the traditional method of a scavenger hunt to find an ancient treasure map. There are a variety of other references hidden within the game. In addition, there are a few instances where Marvel’s Avengers were most likely in the city of pirates, and an examination of the many pictures in the game offers a variety of fun facts.

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It is a self-described game for those who love LucasArts stories, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bonetown aims quite high. Even if it’s not quite as good as Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island, it’s a good small adventure game (playing for a long time, with search intervals of around 5 hours) and is and not just recommended for children. Should imaginarylabcan be able to fix some of the initial issues with the technical aspects, particularly with the audio output adventure enthusiasts can set off to find that Curse of Bonetown.

What exactly is Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bonetown? A 3D point-and-click adventure game set in an era of pirates. Official website

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