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It’s an established practice at Ubisoft to throw its successful games into an identity crisis. Ghost Recon was first a simulator, then an action game, and then … OMG, we won’t discuss it. The Assassin’s …

It’s an established practice at Ubisoft to throw its successful games into an identity crisis. Ghost Recon was first a simulator, then an action game, and then … OMG, we won’t discuss it. The Assassin’s Creed was first an action-adventure, later an RPG. Then it’s likely to be a service-based game. There’s also Watch Dogs: Part 1 is a linear, serious-minded story and part 2 is a highly quirky open-world game, and the third part, i.e., Legion, is an open-world RPG that has no primary character. Some thought this was a problem; others thought it was good. For those who were the latter, like me, there’s no reason to celebrate … at least a tiny of at most.

A DLC does not add any new missions to the game. Bloodline The Bloodline, which is included in The Season Pass or can be purchased as a separate purchase, is not an additional DLC that adds additional missions in the game’s middle – similar to those in the Alan Wake tasks in Control However, it is completely distinct from the main game , except for the setting. It even includes its menu option on the main menu under “Campaign.” It is evident right from the beginning that Ubisoft is now daring to break away from their fundamental principles of a game , not just by introducing new elements to their series but too with additional DLCs. This means: Bloodline is different from the main campaign in the main campaign of Watch Dogs: Legion ( here, for a quick overview, an overview of the original game, and below Anna’s evaluation of the console’s next-gen version) is no is no longer an open-world title! The side quests such as spraying graffiti, liberating boroughs , or recruiting recruits are all gone. However, it makes sense. At the time of this report, DedSec isn’t even active. However, it does make the game feel smaller, and the city seems dull. Too bad. However, to the previously mentioned incident:

Cinemas with solid popcorn

Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 1, is expected for him to use his hacking abilities to work: Jordi Chin (also from the original Watch Dogs) needs help for the job in London in the city where his nephew Jackson lives and whom he’s not been to connect with since the passing of his daughter Lena. For Aiden, the job isn’t solely about getting the job. However, it’s also about repairing relationships with Jackson, his niece. But that’s not his main issue: as he’s bursting into Broca Technology to steal the gadget that isn’t there, the character in Watch Dogs 2 appears and grabs the device right under his nose. After a while, as an antagonist, they come together in a series that makes both characters playable. There’s more to be gained at this moment, however. It’s all about the plot here … which , unfortunately, is pretty predictable. Even though it does touch on exciting themes and freshly cast characters, it doesn’t bring it all to a satisfying final. Still: solid popcorn entertainment.

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Let’s get to the game: Wrench and Aiden possess unique play styles and specificities. While the former is primarily a source of different toys, such as grenades, drones, and ammo to can hack into people in the field, Aiden relies on classic hacking techniques, including large-scale scale, and his expertise in a direct conflict which is why it’s helpful by ensuring that he can do more damage when he reloads his weapon with precise timing (much as in Gears of War, but with a more oversized time frame). This skill is essential in combat open that’s needed since the well-known areas of Gears of War are filled with adversaries. Stealth is not a very common option. There are enhancements to the capabilities of our two heroes, but they’re packaged differently from the game’s main. You can unlock additional abilities by fulfilling the side missions: there are no options, no levels up or upgrading, and not even individualism (apart from the fact you can alter the character’s clothes). This isn’t meant either positively or negatively, but I do emphasize it because it, as I mentioned, is quite different from the primary game’s route, but at least it didn’t shock me too much. The game’s scope, however, was a complete match to my expectations. Five hours could be estimated for the main story and five hours for all sidequests. Quite decent for a DLC … I’m not too impressed with the mission’s design. Most missions revolve around infiltrating the building, hacking into something, and then running away. I have been there and done that 1000 times. It’s still enjoyable if you can utilize the tools and mechanisms correctly; however, it’s not enough to make a splash on the snobs of seasoned professionals.

Mature technology

Let’s talk about the new technology. It’s been around three-quarters of a calendar year when it was released. Dogs: Legion was released. Between then, it’s been patched several times and has been running flawlessly on my not-so-dewy PC (Core-i7 3770k Geforce 980ti) with medium and high detail. But the engine remains very complex … regardless of Ray Tracing, which I was logically able not to turn on. In any case, I didn’t encounter one crash or any other issues to report after my tests. It should be the case;, however, it’s not the case anymore. It’s a good thing …

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If you have the right platforms, i.e., PCs that have RTX as well as Big Navi graphics cards or PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, play Dogs: Legion is one of the best examples of how ray-tracing can improve the quality of a game even without this DLC. Even without it, it can delight … but with the only exception of the character models that still make a negative impression.


The mixing of the city’s sound is good, the guns sound very powerful, and the music is well-balanced. Also, the generic voice actors of the characters similar to those from the main game have been replaced by fixed characters with the names of Aiden and Wrench performs it all extremely impressively, too.


In the primary game, it’s required to use all keys on a controller. as well, at the keyboard, there is a lot of movement with fingers; however, over time, the control has gotten better on the other hand and possibly also the series connoisseur has become accustomed. That means that it works for everything.

Game design

Bloodline is a different major game in terms of design. Instead of an open world and plenty of things to do, there’s only a linear storyline and a handful of additional missions that provide us with new capabilities. It makes for a much more “streamlined” experience. However, it makes the game feel smaller and less spacious.


You’ll be fully engaged for 5 or 6 hours. You’re occupied with the main objectives. The plot is interesting enough to keep you engaged. However, it’s not so intense that you cannot take a bathroom break without worry. The secondary missions, on the contrary, provide an element of humor and new capabilities and are enjoyable.


Quo Vadis Watch Dogs? Ubisoft doesn’t seem to know for sure. The only certain thing is those who the show Dogs disenchanted: Legion as avid fans of the first episode of the series, because the emphasis was not on linearity anymore an individual character or his storyline, could be brought back by the introduction of Bloodline. However, those who simply enjoyed the wide-ranging world and the possibility of recruiting the majority of London can ignore the series. Particularly, the narrative quality is still good but not the most thrilling.

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline – – Rating

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