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Starting on February 18th, 2022, Treasure hunter Nathan Drake will finally make his debut on the big screen, something that fans have been waiting for. The most recent adventure of his Uncharted 4 A Thief’s …

Starting on February 18th, 2022, Treasure hunter Nathan Drake will finally make his debut on the big screen, something that fans have been waiting for. The most recent adventure of his Uncharted 4 A Thief’s Final is finally arriving on Playstation 5. Not just that, but along with the sequel Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The two games are now available in The Legacy of Thieves Collection. So can two games of the highest quality improve on a brand-new platform? The answer is yes!

The Uncharted series: Drake’s Destiny from 2007 established the basis for one of the most profitable PlayStation games ever and is one of the top titles of the entertainment department of Sony. The factors that led to the series’ success are multi-layered. On the one hand, it’s evident that the technology behind the implementation, which had already generated excitement when it launched the PS3, as well as the exciting staging and the thrilling stories that let gamers travel to amazing locations across the globe. A series’ biggest strength is the depth of characterization of the characters, which is uncommon in action adventure. Each time you revisit the show, you can learn a little more and get deeper and deeper into the worlds of the characters and the intimate tales of characters. The first three installments have been released as part of The Nathan Drake Collection, and now we have Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and includes Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End andthe sequel Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The Thief’s Endeavor begins with a glimpse back into Nathan’s youth, during which Nathan is released from his Roman Catholic St. Francis orphanage with the help of his brother Samuel. Samuel is the one who pulls Nathan from retirement and encourages him to look for the in-cross from St. Dismas. The adventure of the two leads them across the world, from Libertalia, a paradise for pirates hidden in the forests of Madagascar, as well as to island paradises in the jungle, to cities and mountains covered in snow. The gameplay in part 4 of the series is completely true to its original. The player controls the main character Nathan Drake from the third-person viewpoint, hopping and climbing across the various sections. It’s the first time the vehicles can be controlled from wide spaces. When we reviewed the title, our evaluation we affirmed the title as a worthy finale of the game.

Lady’s Choice

In the sequel Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, We get to experience for the first time the perspective shift and don’t control Nathan Drake, but on the other hand, you are introduced to the female antagonists of the fourth episode which is Nadine Ross, the notorious mercenary Nadine Ross and the treasure hunter from India and Australia Chloe Frazer, known from the second episode. The story takes place a couple of months after that of A Thief’s Endeavor and is centered around an infamous Indian artifact called the tusk of the deity Ganesha. The person you are, various handguns, long weapons, and melee tactics are available. The sneak mechanics have been extended, meaning that silenced weapons are now available as well; for instance, if it’s the first time in the game, it allows you to choose locks. As we mentioned earlier in the review the game doesn’t have many new features but the ones which are available could be described as enhancements.

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With around six hours of gameplay Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gives you just three-quarters of the potential of the game’s primary content, and any other surprises that occur outside of the main plot are small. A Thief’s Ende has more entertainment and keeps you on the monitor for longer. But The Lost Legacy is undoubtedly enjoyable and promises a variety of gameplay fun at a high quality.

New On PS5

Like most remakes, the preliminary test to consider Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is the degree to which the graphics have improved. In this aspect, it is now available in different modes, each with specific expressions. Users with a screen that is 4K could, for instance, choose “Priority Quality” and play the game with a native resolution of 4K and a frame rate of 30 frames every second. You can also select “Priority Performance” and get the picture up-scaled to 4K but with twice the FPS. If you’re only using an HD TV, you’ll need to choose 1080p resolution with enhanced anti-aliasing. This comes from supersampling an initial 1440p resolution. Then there’s “Performance+ Mode” that displays games with an improved frame rate of 120 frames per second and 1080p resolution if you have the right 120-Hz screen. The changes are easily visible and have the rumored “breathtaking clarity” they didn’t promise much this time. But the L thegacy of Thieves Collection is the one that benefits most from the Playstation 5’s super-fast SSD. The game’s gameplay isn’t interrupted by significant time-to-loading issues, and with the fantastic graphics and the captivating story, it’s like being inside an interactive Hollywood blockbuster.

Alongside the enhanced graphics, there’s also 3D audio that can be heard through acoustic. For instance, it should now be possible to know where the sound originates. But the overall sound does not add much worth, both for gameplay as well as ambiance. Of course, every PS5 game must support the capabilities available on that DualSense wireless controller. In this instance, the control of characters has been optimized to take advantage of the tactile feedback and adaptive triggers, which means that fights, jumps, or driving an off-road vehicle will now be more intense.

PC version to follow

We only tested on the PlayStation 5 version; a release date for the PC version hasn’t yet been confirmed. However, it isn’t expected to be released this year. Players of U Charted 4: A Thief’s Endeavor and Uncharted The Lost Legacy, by you know you can upgrade to Legacy of Thieves Collection for EUR10. If you own an original PS4 disc version, However, you’ll need to put the disc in your PS5 console. Old game saves are able to be transferred; of course, however, you must be able to ignore all multiplayer modes because they’re not part of the collection.

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Naturally, The Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection Benefits from the PS5’s powerhouse hardware, and with the improved resolution and higher frame rates, already stunning visuals appear much more stunning.


There’s no doubt that absolutely nothing has changed in the way of a great soundtrack, the top quality sounds, or flawless voice-acting (especially when playing the first English versions). The 3D audio feature is just the frosting to the cake, and it doesn’t significantly enhance the experience of gaming.


I’m always thrilled to see games that utilize the latest features on DualSense DualSense wireless controller and, most importantly, uses the elements in a meaningful way. For Legacy of Thieves Collection, The support for tactile feedback and adaptive triggers do not significantly alter the control system for sure. Yet, Nathan and his companions are now able to navigate their journeys a little more fluidly.

Game Design

An excellent story with multiple layers of characters, challenging puzzles, and difficult skill challenges. The two Uncharted games from the Collection include all this on very top quality. When broken down into elements, There aren’t many games with the same quality.


If you are a fan of thrilling stories and thrilling adventures, there is enough enthusiasm to play the games. It’s not just a matter of playing them a few times, as there’s a lot to learn about the game beyond 20 hours of the main story.


While I’ve always loved exploring the ruins of ancient temples together with Lara Croft, when it is about thrilling storytelling or action-packed film, Nathan Drake has always been my favorite. The U ncharted Legacy of Thieves Collector Collectionn you get two of the top action-packed adventures in one package. And even if that’s not enough reason to purchase, the technology of the PS5 enhances the already impressive visuals even more stunning. The only downside for some is the lack of multiplayer; however, for me, it’s not such a significant loss. The main point can be said to mean that U ncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection is the must-have game for every Playstation 5 owner, especially in the event that they’ve skipped the game on the older console.

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