Über Liebe, Hass und die Anderen 2 im Test

There’s no way to press red buttons. It’s a rule of law that’s unwritten, and it’s not only in the realm of games for video. This is precisely what occurred within the realm of about …

There’s no way to press red buttons. It’s a rule of law that’s unwritten, and it’s not only in the realm of games for video. This is precisely what occurred within the realm of about Love, Hate, and the Other Ones 2, and, of course, it’s a significant storm of bad luck. Therefore, it’s time to break out of the gray cells and begin your journey through the sky and deep caves. There’s a saying that nothing can be more powerful than love – or perhaps even hatred. Because it was precisely these two emotions, I tapped into during my journey!

No matter what happens, do not hit… Oh, A Button in Red!

The brains behind the world of video games are back in high demand! This is because of about Love, Hate and the Other Ones 2erschien in May 2020 on Steam. The game is a brand new, vibrant puzzle game for home PCs. It is currently only available via Steam as the sequel to the original requires a good amount of mental power from players. The first chapter about The Other, Love and Hate Ones was originally only available via Steam in 2014. However, because of its popularity, it was made available on various other platforms , including a mobile game! This meant it was only an issue of time until the puzzle game would get an update.

The plot that follows the second installment about Love, Hate, and the Other Ones 2is quickly explained. The world we live in is populated by a variety of tiny males, the so-called “Other one.” They include LOVE and HATE, the main characters of the initial part. In the next adventure, the two go on an outing together at the beginning, and they aren’t thinking of anything wrong. But, then, the red button suddenly falls from the sky , just in the path of the son of HATEs. So, naturally, it happens as the child hits the mysterious button and instantly disappears to nothingness. But, love and hate, don’t hesitate for long and go out to track down the criminal.

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Who wouldn’t want to land on this button?

“I am in love with you, but I am angry with you” Simple but effective

To find the son missing in search of his missing son, you must search the globe in search of red buttons. As a pair of LOVE and HATE, we embark on an adventure in puzzles of a unique kind through more than 70 levels. The concept behind the game is straightforward yet efficient! To hit the red button on every level, we use the different emotions of the characters. On the stories, I wasn’t the only one on the road. However, LOVE and HATE met other “Other Ones” that are useful for us in the quest.

LOVE will draw colleagues to him by sending heartfelt messages and thus overcoming chasms or eliminatingeliminating obstacles. The other, HATE, on the other hand, swerves tiny lightning bolts away from its own and consequently the adversaries or those who are in its path. It is essential to strike an equilibrium between hate and love, attraction and repulsion using these methods – since both are part of the ultimate team!

What I liked the most was how challenging individual levels were. The first levels of the tutorial were challenging as they put players to the examination. Many stories in about Love, Hate, and the Other Ones 2 are played in 3D and require the ability to see and think of ways to get around! The graphics sounded impressive during the game. The game’s levels were always pleasing in the overall environment and presented a tremendous and diverse combination of 2D, 2.5D, or 3D-based challenges. It is possible to be convinced of this by the gallery below!

Fun at a high level, but some issues accompany it

The sound, however, was rather tinny and eventually became exhausting over time. There was no music, and as a unique sound effect, the two words of the characters could be heard “I dislike I hate you” and “I am in love with you,” by whether you draw enemies towards your direction or remove them. The sound effect played each time, even if you shot 20 hearts in a row. Then it was only twenty times”I Love You!” Well. It’s important to enjoy it. It was, for me, already exhausting!

Additionally, the controls did not be convincing. The game is essentially simple. The entire game is controlled using just the mouse’s left button. The hitboxes were not completely transparent and were often too big. Even though the levels were diverse, they were smaller than they were, as observed in the Gallery. I often wanted to move LOVE, for example,, but I clicked HATE as it was too close to where I was trying to relocate LOVE. These kinds of issues are common and cause me to be frustrated for me.


I was not aware of The world about Love, Hate and the Other Ones before reading the review, as I had not yet seen the original spin-off. So, I went into the game with a fresh perspective and was pleasantly amazed! The difficulty levels were more challenging than I expected and provided many options. I had lots of fun playing this again, but I am trying to keep my teeth on the line and need to come up with unusual solutions to get around the problems. The movie about Love, Hate, and the other Ones 2 is definitely good entertainment to spend the evening.

The controls, however, led to a lot of frustration. The ever-present “I I love you, but I dislike yours” in the music made me angry within the first hour. It was disappointing there wasn’t a co-op option. If you have already controlled two characters at the same time, it would be the perfect game. It would have had many possibilities; however, it was not utilized, in my opinion.

What is About Love, Hate and the Other Ones 2?A colorful puzzle adventure with a unique love/hate mechanic.Link:Official website

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