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Demon armies are encroaching on this world the Total War: WARHAMMER III, and you are the only one who can stop the advancing armies! Beyond the realm of the ordinary and its wars of petty …

Demon armies are encroaching on this world the Total War: WARHAMMER III, and you are the only one who can stop the advancing armies! Beyond the realm of the ordinary and its wars of petty nature is a realm of evil magic called the Realm of Chaos. Of course, somebody has opened the door to this realm. It’s as wide as an opening…

In Total War: WARHAMMER III from Creative Assembly, the final portion of the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy is available now through Steam, as well as the Epic Games Store and also, was available on Microsoft’s PC Game Pass. The first installment was released in 2016, and the sequel came out in September 2017. since then, there’s only been a handful of paid and free expansions. Four years later, after Total War: WARHAMMER II the trilogy is now complete and is Total War: WARHAMMER III worth the time-span?

The Realm of Demons

Four demonic gods control the realm of demons: Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh.

Khorne, the goddess of blood, is raging upon his throne of brass, which is seated on an edifice of skulls constructed out of the numerous heads his followers have killed over uncountable years. He doesn’t care about the blood’s source if it flows under his name. It is not unusual that the warriors in Khorne battle each other to prove their skill in action and to be admired before their unforgiving god. To be a follower of Khorne is to be willing to endure destruction and violence and depend on his will. As a result, Khorne’s followers are blessed with enormous powers, and some even attain demon status. Khorne is an ethnic race inclined toward close combat and has a particular talent for fighting. It is also a race with no wizards.

Tzeentch is the God of magic and evolution, manipulation, and manipulation. Tzeentch is the God of Change, which means chaos. Tzeentch is the god of chaos and has a terrifying insight into destiny. The people who worship him want to be a part of that experience. However, they are only players of the Great Game, another piece moving across the board. Serving Tzeentch is to encourage the madness. The Tzeentch units are robust, using sorcery, range weapons, and flying units.

Nurgle, Also called”the Lord of Plagues, is the chaotic god of decay, disease, death, degradation, and decay. He may be the oldest of the gods of his brothers because the process of dying started at the beginning of life. However, Nurgle could also represent the symbol of rebirth since decay is merely a part of the process of living, in which case nothing new could be created. So those who follow Nurgle can accept the fact that they have suffered death with humor, are afflicted by mutation and disease, and are determined to share Nurgle’s blessings on the souls that aren’t suffering from any disease as the terrible plagues spread, the power of Nurgle increases and standing among his fellow brethren. Nurgle’s warriors Nurgle are a tough and slow-moving melee race typically winning long fights for survival.

Slaanesh is committed to the quest for extreme pleasure, gratification, hedonism discomfort, and moral pleasure at the expense of all others. He is the eldest one of all the Chaos Gods, for the complex emotions of decadence can be found only within the brains of the intelligent race. Slaanesh tempts the inhabitants of mortals in a state of intense desire to keep going to experience new pleasures. The people who follow Slaanesh are driven by their dark desires and operated by the desire to get the approval of their spouses and commit even more atrocities. The forces of Slaanesh are incredibly agile and can be used to flank attacks. However, this speed comes at the expense of health points and armor.

Some are known as the Chaos Demons, led by the Daemon Prince, and a mix of the elements and traits that are the characteristics of all Four Chaos Gods. This creates a lot of fun and makes Chaos Demons versatile and unpredictable. The Demon Prince’s character development differs from that of the heroes. You can tailor him more than other characters according to your personal preferences.

The two realms that lie on the edge of the demons

Two powerful kingdoms are guarded at the borders of the Demon Realms. They are the fierce fighters from Kislev (Russia) and the formidable Cathay Empire (China). Can they stop the armies of demons and the four demon gods from dragging the entire globe into darkness and despair?

The mythical kingdom of Cathay is awash with jade towns and golden pagodas, protected by a massive well-trained army of faithful foot soldiers who never waver in their commitment. There are serpentine dragons and monolithic stone guardians, and flaming flying sky giants. The fact that their armies move north to strengthen the Great Bastion and defend it against the forces of Chaos could be an opportunity to be blessed, as it’s unthinkable that you, the Celestial Dragon Emperor, can turn his armies into nations of the west. Cathay is a solid melee game and powerful ranged units that are made stronger by harmony when placed together. Additionally, their wizards can help each other with casting spells.

It is the Tzar Empire of Kislev, one of the most influential and warlike countries called The Empire of the Ice Queen, and is the most northern civilization of the Old World. The people of Kislev are fierce and determined warriors, determined and brave to defend their home as they serve as the primary defense against the terrors that threaten the northern regions. Since its beginning, Kislev has suffered constant assaults from the forces of Chaos. Numerous generations of Kislevites have fought on the cold, snowy tundra in this harsh area, shielding the South from evil forces. Kislev units are exceptionally high in morale and cannot flee from their enemies in the face of extreme conditions.

The Lost God

The introduction to the tale that will be told in Total War: WARHAMMER III includes the prologue titled “The Lost God.” In the role of Yuri Barkov, a prince from the kingdom of Kislev and Kislev, you begin an adventure to locate the god missing Urson. Urson is a god who appears as a mighty bear and is believed to end winter with his roar during spring, but he’s not been seen for seven years. This has resulted in the fact that it’s now very wintery at Kislev as the realm is slowly frozen. So where is Urson gone, maybe to the nearby demon realm?

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In the introduction in the prologue, newcomers have introduced the different options available to take action in the maps, diplomatic tactics, and administration of settlements, and also the first (at most, not initially easily manageable and heavily scripted) battles. The fans of the franchise will be able to learn about the latest developments in the third installment. So prepare for war (and test some new equipment) and appreciate the engaging story that flows seamlessly to the epic main story.

Total War: WARHAMMER III is the cataclysmic final chapter of the trilogy. Join your forces and go into the dark Realm of Chaos. Do you have the power to conquer the lords of your Daemons… Or be their leader?

The overview map lets us move our units turning by turn. There’s no rush and bustle, and we can gaze at our armies and cities anytime. We build structures in our settlements to earn income, enhance or create new units. In the screen for technology, we acquire more advanced techniques to improve our teams or even the territories. In the character screen of our heroes, we can design equipment, develop skills, or assign assistants.

It is then a matter of the battles since these are conducted in real-time. When we begin each struggle, we position our troops on the map, and the fight starts. The struggle is the same Experienced Total War players will immediately discover their way around. They can hide in forests, heroes possess special powers, and their presence enhances the fighting ability of the soldiers they have around them. The units gain experience and can fight more effectively. Combat is most effective when you can take enemies in the back (or at least from their side). The ranged fighter is the best shot from elevated positions. They should stay clear of close combat. Mounted troops should be fought with spearmen, and so on. Everything is as usual, and with the usual excellent manner. The battlefield can be viewed from all angles, and zoom out to look up close. If needed, the battle may be slowed or stopped altogether to issue instructions.

Survival Battles

The new features of Total War: WARHAMMER III are the so-called “Survival Battles.” In massive battles, specific points must be first conquered and then secured against the onslaught of the enemy. The defenses (walls and towers) can be constructed and upgraded when a particular point is defeated. However, the reasons aren’t free and have to be purchased – by way of money required to create new troops, upgrade, or replenish units that were destroyed during combat. You earn money when you defeat enemies or take over locations on the maps. Once you’ve established your position on a conquered point, you can move to the next (out of three). The longer you battle to advance from point to point, the better units you’ll be able to recruit during the battle, and you’ll be able to use them as well since even your opponent will not have his best units until the final battle to capture the third and last strategic point in the game map.

Is there anything else new that is being introduced in this third section?

Apart from the seven new races (or eight, including the Ogres) and the Survival Battles, there are numerous exciting new features. The new rulebook for combat for the Battles in the Realm of Chaos is dubbed “Storm of Magic.” Magic is now available in greater quantity than it was before, and the effects of spell are far more intense. In addition, it is possible to play “Minor Settlement Battles” that are held within an unfortunate town, where the defender has to block the attacker with towers and barricades. Finally, for Domination Battles (multiplayer only), players compete to earn points on an arena map by fighting off enemies and taking objectives.

In the field of diplomacy, You can immediately know the amount of gold or diplomatic action required to agree take place. Players* can now set up outposts in territories of allies for the first time, allows you to recruit troops from armies of partners, and armies are formed from various races. You can ask your allies or enemies to engage in different diplomatic actions. The more power you have over them, the greater the chance the attack will succeed. The Engine that powers The Total War: WARHAMMER III is optimized in a handful of areas “under the under the hood,” such as, for instance, the allied units aren’t as unified when fighting. The graphic representation of battles has been enhanced – grass, wind, and water are now more accurate.

The multiplayer component is more extensive than ever before: two games (Realm of Chaos as well as Darkness & Disharmony) specially created to play online multiplayer (cooperative or against one another) is playable by up to eight (!) humans. Additionally, Total War: WARHAMMER III also includes an additional campaign that is designed for up to three humans (Something Rotten is available in Kislev). Furthermore, Multiplayer moves are now feasible; all players can move around the map simultaneously.

People who purchased the game before release will be able to take advantage of playing the “Ogre Kingdoms” race pack, which includes fresh brand commanders (two of them famous) as well as heroes and more than 20 units. It is worth it. Ogre Kingdoms offer a wide variety of massive units that come with bone-splitting attacks and excellent mobility. The infantry options they have are limited to weak and ineffective Gnoblars. The captured enemies can be killed to make use of the powerful capabilities. Anyone else is able to go ahead and buy the very first – but certainly not the final DLC available for the game.

Mortal Empires: the mega campaign

Total War The Warhammer 3 is expected to be able to combine with the two previous versions to create Mortal Empires. The game will be able to play on the largest map, which combines the units and countries of the three Warhammer components. This means that you can play there will be three areas: the Old World and in, the New World, and the Far East of the Old World (Kislev and Cathay). If you own the entire trilogy of Total War: Warhammer in your (Steam) account, You can dominate the entire world using your army – which means you can also conquer Kislev (from Part 3) using units from Part one (or any of the DLCs if you have it). Creative Assembly has announced this Mortal Realms mode but isn’t yet revealing when it will become available.

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Who is Creative Assembly anyway?

Computer game makers have a limited lifespan. Often, just one failure and the game developer disappears from the earth for a second time. However, Creative Assembly, the British Creative Assembly studio Creative Assembly has been around for what seems like an interminable time. Creative Assembly was founded as the year 1987, and in the early years, they mostly did conversions to 16bit computers (including Stunt Car Racer, Blood Money,and Shadow of the Beast from the Amiga to the PC). In the 1990s, the company partnered together with Electronic Arts and programmed a couple of sports games. However, the game’s breakthrough occurred around 1999, with Shogun Total War. Since then, numerous additional Total War games (Rome, Medieval, Empire, Three Kingdoms, and a few spin-offs) have come out in the past, and Creative Assembly was taken over by SEGA in 2005. It has Viking: Battle for Asgard (2008), the somewhat flop Stormrise (2009, however, it was part of an Australian branch) and Alien Isolation (2014) and Halo Wars 2 (2017) A couple of games that aren’t part that of The Total War series have also been released – some diversity isn’t bad after all. I’m interested in seeing how Creative Assembly will do after Total War: WARHAMMER III.Exclusively expansions and other components from The Total War series or something entirely new to give the sake of variety? We’ll see.



The graphics in Total War: WARHAMMER III are expertly designed with a consistent design. From the smooth, silky scrolling and gorgeously animated overview maps to the elaborate information screens, quality content is available. The battles that are real-time, however, are in a class on their own. There’s no other game available at this moment (with the exception of other Total War games) that can capture battles that involve thousands of troops in this high detail. You can get extremely close to the action and see combatants battling each other – amazing. When the camera is positioned just a little higher above the battlefield, you will view the effects of spells, buildings along with the surroundings, in addition to the soldiers running about. The bodies of dead soldiers are still on the field, and destroyed buildings sparkle brightly. Long, detailed cutscenes convey the story. Ultrawidescreen resolutions are supported. I played in 3440×1440. There are a lot of graphics options that can be used to modify the appearance of the game according to your preference and the capabilities of your graphics card.


The background music is adapted to the current game, and the current nation being played sounds are played on the main map and in the course of combat. The dubbing of (not very many) conversations is detailed and professional, but it’s only available in English. If you don’t know English, you are able to play the game to your heart’s content absolutely. The text is additionally available in German as well for those who would like to participate online in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Korean, or Chinese.


After having played a variety of titles from the Total War series over the time of over two decades, the gameplay that is used in Total War: WARHAMMER III is remarkably advanced. Each new installment has been enhanced in its details, and weaknesses from predecessors have been addressed. In the meantime, the game, even though it is a beast in its complexity, it’s a kid’s game. Every time you turn the game, you’ll be able to see whether there are any points of ability to be distributed to your heroes, if it is possible to build new structures and if heroes can still be relocated. There’s nothing to miss although you may make a mistake.

Game Design

Total War: WARHAMMER III is a complicated turn-based strategy game in the 4X genre (Explore Expand, extend, exploit, and destroy) in which you must grow and expand your empire (and could have battles to fight in a way that is automatic) and is an amazing real-time strategy game which pits your army against your opponents’ armies across various terrains. Also, in the course of the game, there are some key battles you’ll need to finish on your own (i.e., they cannot be estimated by computer).


In the world of 4X strategy games, it is a shame that there is an absolute urge to play just one more game. You can quickly move another hero to and then swiftly conquer another village or strike a deal with the other faction. Just an extra around… to the point that it’s the early hours of the morning. It would be nice to slow down… The passion in real-time battles is equally high since the outcome is significantly on your abilities and the commands you issue. A more significant force on paper does not can guarantee victory. Particularly the most decisive battles of the campaign are superbly executed – there’s not an idle moment here, and success is not guaranteed.


Total War: WARHAMMER III is an amazing final chapter in the trilogy. If you’ve enjoyed Total War: WARHAMMER and Total War: WARHAMMER II, It is essential to complete the third piece to complete the story. You can also unlock the massive map in Mortal Empires, enjoy the various minor changes, and explore the world of Warhammer for the last time. It’s fun to play through the campaign playing with massive armies or engage in battles in multiplayer against human players. From my perspective, Total War: WARHAMMER III is definitely worth the wait of 4 years since the previous installment!

Total War: WARHAMMER III review

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