Torn Tales: Rebound Edition in the test

A tactical, group-based game of role-playing that promises to combine fairy stories and classic literature – what can a reader like me avoid? Three characters are set to embark on dark versions of the same …

A tactical, group-based game of role-playing that promises to combine fairy stories and classic literature – what can a reader like me avoid? Three characters are set to embark on dark versions of the same landscapes from a myriad of tales to win against evil again. This tale from Torn Tales: Rebound Edition is, however, set up differently than the predecessor content…

The self-proclaimed and old bookbinder who is an unappreciated genius has seen enough. If the world doesn’t like his tales, it should not be allowed to read the most beloved stories of its past. Therefore, he takes every classic book that he can get his hands on and begins making every piece. As if a puzzle with pieces doesn’t seem to match. The three heroes, each of them from one of the stories, have been ripped apart to bring the world back together. The plot is developed by way of illustrations as well as short text passages.

Although the illustrations are beautifully created, The text is left to be desired by me. It could result from the layout. If you are going to tackle well-known material, such as classics and folk tales, You should think about whether brief intermezzos between levels are the best method to convey your interpretation. Because in the mission itself, there’s no spoken word nor other clues to what’s going on. It’s just a matter of running through the general maps and eliminating all things that aren’t among the woods.

A princess and legend, as well as an eminent doctor, enter an establishment

Three protagonists are present at the start and are managed as three characters. Each or more of them is controlled directly. The two characters travel at the same speed and rarely change positions about the current primary character. It’s less like leading a bunch of adventurers across the landscape rather than trying to maneuver around an undefined mass. In addition, the camera has to be manually turned by using the left stick. However, it rotates in a direction other than what you’d imagine. The fact that you and your allies in arms don’t have anything to say does not inspire interest in the fight. This is unfortunate since the characters are full of potential. On the other side, we have Goth and Snow White. Snow White utilizes magic to unleash destruction from the skies, Robin Hood, who is deadly from any distance due to his bow and sword, and the Doctor. Jekyll prefers to dive straight into a fight and has an enormous advantage in the shape of Mr. Hyde.

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Suppose you’re hoping that our three characters play differently to add at least a little kind of dynamic into the game and are highly dissatisfied. As we’ve mentioned, the game’s gameplay can be described as running across space until you encounter some enemies. They’re not just boring. However, they’re also boringly dull. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a poisonous toad, animal, or one of those too big rats. Any animal that’s not a monster has no other plan than to go right at the mass of heroes when it’s within range. Models of beasts aren’t necessarily poor quality; however, they are merely dull. Every kind of creature has the same appearance, sounds the same sounds, and is almost identical.

1. start the quest, 2. hold button, 3. ??? 4. profit? !

If you’ve come across one of the numerous rats that have gathered again is time to go about your business. It’s possible to be thinking. However, the system of combat is also fundamental. Some special abilities can be locked; however, in reality, they do not affect how you combat. The main distinction is whether you keep the character you’re battling at a distance or send him into close combat. It’s a matter of pressing an option until all opponents have been eliminated. The targets are selected automatically and then attacked. When your fingers are at risk of sleeping, You can give them some variation by pressing buttons for the respective exceptional capabilities. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with strategy.

There are also amazing animations to reward you for putting their abilities to no avail. Instead, you’ll get dull particle effects, generic grunts, and rigid motions. In terms of equipment related, things are similarly grim. The protagonists can each wear three different accessories that provide benefits. For instance, an earring boosts the speed of running by 15 percent. Each piece of jewelry has the initials of a famous fictional character. This is a good idea. However, the names repeat themselves fast and are created automatically.

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A good port for a terrible game

The greatest thing about Torn Tales: Rebound Edition is that it is the game’s implementation of the game on Nintendo Switch. As far as sound and graphics are involved, there were no compromises to be made in comparison to the PC version. This is because they’re not exactly causing an uproar of excitement as a default. Like I said before that the levels and characters are dull. The lighting in the surroundings is subpar in 2020.

There are only minor points to complain about regarding the port in general—for instance, the above-mentioned nebulous camera control. However, more annoying was a glitch that caused me to be unable to leave the menu. The options all brought me back to the menu that I began from. Even the back button was not able to help. Restarting the program was able to resolve the issue. The error, however, was only one time during my tests.


In the final analysis, I don’t have much positive feedback regarding Torn Tales: Rebound Edition, The fundamental idea of taking stories and literature and reinterpreting them on paper. But the execution leaves many things to be unsatisfied. The narration itself is found to be boring despite the excellent voice acting. The attempt to integrate the original material into the game’s mechanics is admirable. However, it is only superficially compelling. The gameplay isn’t enjoyable due to boring enemies and minimal tactical impact. The overall impression is not worth a look with outdated graphics that weren’t tried to disguise by stylization. While the concept of Torn Tales Rebound Edition could be, the execution is a mess in almost every aspect.

What’s Torn Tales: Rebound Edition?A group-based, real-time strategic role-playing game. Links: Official website

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