Tödliche Vorahnung 2: Ein versteckter Segen im Test

2005 , 2010, and 2019 2005 – 2010 – 2019 …: Complete the sequence of numbers! Don’t be concerned. It’s not a standard attitude test. However, it is the three central seasons in Deadly Premonition …

2005 , 2010, and 2019 2005 – 2010 – 2019 …: Complete the sequence of numbers! Don’t be concerned. It’s not a standard attitude test. However, it is the three central seasons in Deadly Premonition A Blessing in DisguiseAgent Francis York – just refer to them as York because which is what I’m known as.” Morgan returns to the small village in Greenvale, Washington, ten years after the investigation. It’s at least close to. Because at the beginning of the game , we are met not by the smiling FBI profiler, who has a noticeable attraction to ’90s B-movies non-sweetened milk with coffee and brutally directness, but rather by his slightly more sinister white-haired and, more importantly, a supposedly fictional friend from childhood, Zach York, with whom York was constantly in monologuing in Deadly Premonition.Befuddled by the fog of numerous joints prescriptions for medical reasons, Of course, York slaps the two FBI agent with a mix of disgust and contempt.

The release of Deadly Premonition was launched in 2010 on Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, Access Games’ survival horror action thriller sparked controversy in the controversy surrounding The Last of Us Part II does not stand a chance. Because Naughty Dog’s latest work sparked some resentment, it was mainly within a small yet vocal group with questionable motives; it also created a unique mixture of incomprehension and the story that aims to sabotage the expectations of many and also to thwart opposition to the famous pop culture portrayal of characters from minority groups and defying conventional stereotypes, the gaming press was divided in 2010 The game was praised by Distrucoitd, while Distrucoitd loved Deadly premonition in particular for its humor and as a masterpiece in its genre, which was so terrible that it nearly became perfect and gave the game ten out of ten points. On the other hand, IGN awarded it a massive virtual smack in the face with two out of 10 points. It should therefore be an unsurprising fact that the work from Hidetaka Suehiro (better known by the name of SWERY) has made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the most controversial Survival horror title. The gaming community, however, was astonished by the announcement of a new Switch-exclusive game following the same style as the first game of the series, which was announced during the last Nintendo Direct with Deadly Premonition 2 The Blessing of DisguiseIn the sequel to the survival horror action story featuring FBI Agent Francis York Morgan, we are also confronted with a bizarre murder investigation that begins before the events of the first game, yet appears to be closely linked to the events of Greenvale in the year 2010.

Past is present

The body of a person disappears in the year 2005. vanishes without a trace, then it reappears in 2019, 14 years later, precisely in the same spot from which it was initially disappearing. It’s the dismembered and then reassembled into a block of ice. It is the preserved corpse of Lise Clarkson, the tycoon’s daughter who ruled the town in the south located in Le Carre, Louisiana. The case was investigated by agent Francis York Morgan – simply known as York by everyone, since York always makes sure we that – as he believed the case was linked to the drug Saint Rouge and the drug network operating within the area. However, there were inconsistencies in his investigation, along with a mysterious connection between this incident and the incidents in Greenvale the following year, where “just York” was also investigating, led to FBI Agent Aaliyah Davis in the spotlight. In his home in Thompsonville, located in a Massachusetts suburban area, Davis questions Francis Zach Morgan in the year 2019 about the events that transpired at the time. Unfortunately, there’s something Zach does not tell the always-quoting Nietzsche agent about Le Carre’s investigation in 2005. What is that?

Le Carre, a Louisiana town laid out on a drawing board in squares, has been in the ownership of the Clarkson family for more than 100 years. But the family’s daughter, Lise Clarkson, becomes the victim of a brutal murder. Through chance, the agent York Morgan is passing through Le Carre. According to his own authority York has stumbled upon the trace of the drug Saint Rouge that led him to the tiny town. In the city, York learns through the staff at his hotel about the death of the daughter of the local family of tycoons Clarkson. York’s curiosity is peaked, and he decides to seize the murder case and its investigation by local authorities to find Lise Clarkson’s killer . Where do we begin? York, as well as his character model Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks), is blessed always to have innovative ideas; in this instance, Houngan Houngan, a Haitian Voodoo priest, attempts to guide us onto the right path with his oracle-based spells. The result is that York can investigate the hot and sweaty Le Carre that is full of exciting characters, immersed in an epic, massive family-oriented drama in which the demons are back to their mischief.

Deadly Predictions…

Hungary is the central protagonist of the main plot in The Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in disguise. He talks to us in oracles, little riddles that take the reader from one station to another in a walkable city. In the so-called dechiffrier chapters, we must determine specific locations within the figure in Le Carre to Hungary’s enigmatic oracle utterances. Each of the puzzles conceals a particular place that is directly connected with the assassination of Lise Clarkson. In the decoding sequences, we must choose the right location from various pictures of Le Carre’s areas according to the oracle. If we pick the wrong place and are reprimanded, we receive a word from York. However, we won’t be subject to the consequences and will keep looking until we find the correct location, even if that’s through the exclusion principle. The same goes for the explanations of York and the other cities, which help us to understand the hidden meanings of the oracle-related sayings. The only issue is that Le Carre is not just an open space. However, it also has a 24-hour clock. That means most areas have specific operation times, and their inhabitants are only located in their homes during a particular time. The waiting time is typically spent doing some of the many side quests , or – due to the high quality of these side quests, the most recommended option is to smoke a cigarette using which we can speed up the time. No matter how much time the pleasure of a glow stick can cost us, the side questions aren’t worth the amount of time you’ll save.

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..and an unexpected blessing?

These are typically traditional fetch quests, which fetch and deliver tasks given by many NPCs. For instance, we’re required to find the local restaurant and the bowling alley owner different ingredients for an item that can boost our status. York does not just need to rest and eat, but also consume food to maintain his strength. If his hunger level is in the critical zone, our life indicator and the endurance required for sprints will decline. Yes, we find the primary element, rice with explanation, located in a tree near The Clarkson’s Sugar Plantation. You wouldn’t have believed that? The most exhausting thing about this particular quest line isn’t just the absence of clues and being aware that we must give every ingredient to Alexus separately. Once the diner’s owner gets the rice will she divulge what’s required for an additional component? Then on and so on.

In the Bulletin Board at the Sherif Department, we receive requests for a shift in which we need to deal with the loss of local wildlife. Therefore, pulling packs of animals, squirrels, or , if desired, alligators’ fur or even the leather covering their auditory canals and ears is necessary. In addition, due to the highly anxious controls that can’t be reversed or reversed, which isn’t fun. Other jobs include creating magic spells or making stones leap over the local river.

Return to the main path

Let’s put aside the side-quests at the side of the road and make sure we tackle the thrillingly told tale of the second chapter of Deadly Premonition as well as the challenges we’re facing here. Because York’s vehicle was stolen just at the start of his adventures within the city of Le Carre, and we can only unlock an Uber-inspired speedy travel option during the tale, we initially travel through the city using a skateboard. This may be less effective than not, but it usually leads us to our destination, the next place of investigation inside Le Carre and the dialogue to be conducted or the scene of the crime to be examined.

These crime scene analyses aim to recapture the incidents that occurred in the areas of concern. To accomplish this, it is necessary to look for hotspots throughout the frame and hear What York has to speak about them. After we’ve exhausted all possibilities, the FBI agent makes his conclusions and usually leads us to a different location.

The Other World

So-called Singularity Inspections, i.e., the study of areas that turn out to be singularities, are conducted according to the same procedure. This is an essential component of the gameplay. Singularities are the places in which our world interacts with the Otherworld that is encased in light red and overgrown with vines. There are also portals through which you can access an alternate demon world. In this world, not just monsters with knives await us, and we must take on our pistols and multi-phase boss battles. In the Otherworld, York’s arm is fused with his pistol to create a weapon that can shoot rechargeable energy balls that cause more damage and kill several enemies simultaneously. However, we can use it for as long as the ring we focus on is complete. When all the segments are gone, we rely on our conventional firepower.


After killing the first boss opponent, We return to our hotel room, where we record our preliminary investigation results on the investigation boards. These are, again, like the case of figuring out Hungan’s spells of oracle – an answer and question game with York and us, as well as Zach. For York always refers to us with the name Zach. In this manner, York discovers new information using our aid or sums up the known facts in a concise and succinct way.

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The present is not the same

In the first episode, we’re back in our present. We are not in control of York or Zach; however, we control our primary focus is FBI Agent Aaliyah Davis. Along with our co-worker Simon Jones, we try to get information from Zach regarding the events that occurred in Le Carre, the drug Saint Rouge, and the connection with Greenvale in 2010. The interviews follow the same format, similar to the investigation into the crime scene. The process is to look through hot-spot objects projected on a screen and listen to monologues or snippets of dialogue. The only difference is that one of the items contributes to the narrative. If we’re impatient, we could have the exact one highlighted by our attention ability which Davis can do, as does York. The interrogations at Zach’s home it is a dark crime-thriller atmosphere. The moment Davis finds Zach in a tizzy state and asks him questions about the past investigations he has conducted to get him to open up and encourage him to divulge more information about Lise Clarkson’s case Lise Clarkson case as well as when a storm comes down upon Thompsonville, and a unique atmosphere develops which, in spite of the blurry animations, ugly technology, and unprofessional gameplay, creates a captivating environment that is unfolding before our eyes.

Unexpectedly unexpected boon or shipwreck witnesses?

But as thrilling as the plot may be, however, the technology and game mechanics are again proven to be quite disastrous. Although the lighting cells help the game achieve an exotic look, however, the textures are blurry, and the animations are a nightmare as the lighting is more like a blackout, and sometimes the framerate collapses into slideshows.

And to make matters even more difficult to make matters worse, the controls are just a mess. The fact that the camera isn’t invertible took away my last nerve, but the skateboarding, as well as the shooting mechanics, have made me repeatedly sigh because of the jitteriness of the controls as well as their general lack of accuracy.

However, the game’s controls can be equally a mess.

In the meantime, the second part will prove to be significantly more accessible to beginners than the predecessor. The map is much clearer, and the quest logs are tidier, as is the inventory management system, which is more easily accessible. The quick transportation system allows us to move From A-B efficiently and avoids skating around the open realm that is Le Carre, in which NPCs can only appear two meters ahead of us.

But, Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise is a shipwreck game for 2020. It is more apparent because of the increasing accessibility. While the first installment was a bit eccentric, the second is unwieldy. Where the title of 2010 was presented as a bizarre artwork, Part two just isn’t easy work. However, part 2 has a certain excitement that made the controversy over the initial series installment at all in the first place.


Deadly premonition A Blessing in disguise showcases itself technically in 2020 standards and in a precarious state. Frame rate drops and choppy animations, as well as more than just muddy graphics and outdated textures, are joined by boring side quests with repetitive gameplay, as well as non-responsive controls. As an actual game, the title is, just like its predecessor, the only thing to be expected from players who are susceptible to suffering.

For those who are able to cut through this unstable surface to get to the game’s narrative base, SWERY provides a compelling story. The performance by Jeff Kramer, who lends his voice to the protagonist Francs York Morgan, is unquestionably excellent, and other characters are worthy of listening to it. When compared to the first episode and the soundtrack, this one is an absolute delight. The mix is perfect, ensuring that the dialogue isn’t drowned out by the music, and the diversity is also worth listening to. Always balanced and never in a way that isn’t, It accentuates the mood of the scene.

As a video game, Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing In Disguise has a rough time, and contrary to what it claims, it isn’t a secret blessing. Maybe SWERY should decide to focus on making films instead of creating games. Perhaps the sloppiness of the title could be the ideal symbol for York and Zach’s scholarly metaphysical case study. The game is most important in the Hinterworld or Otherworld, in which the player truly comes into his own and is pulled back in his own way by the game’s enigmatic nature as artwork that defies any ability of the player. In any event, I would not want to leave out Deadly Premonition II A Blessing in disguise within my library even though it has apparent imperfections and shortcomings.

What is Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise?A survival horror action adventure game with thrid person shooter interludes and main focus on its narrative.Link:Official website

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