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There’s never more Dark Souls games! The people at the developer studio Cold Symmetry must have thought when they first came up with Mortal ShellWith its launch on Steam, the Souls-like title is now getting …

There’s never more Dark Souls games! The people at the developer studio Cold Symmetry must have thought when they first came up with Mortal ShellWith its launch on Steam, the Souls-like title is now getting The Virtuous Cycle, the latest expansion DLC called The Virtuous Cycle.We’ve reviewed all of its main gameplay as well as The Virtuous Cycle through a detailed review to help you understand.

In general, I agree with them. Dark Souls by From Software was a milestone in the development of computer games. It established the subgenre of ” Souls-like” games and , quite naturally, gained many players. Souls-like games feature similar gameplay mechanics as Dark Souls – heavy-hitting combat paired with a complex, skill-based melee system that includes light and heavy strikes, parrying, and avoiding. Alongside the two sequels, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3, Nioh and Nioh 2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Code Vein, and Hellblade are among the most well-known games of the genre on PC. Mortal Shell also is a contender to be one of these games. We looked at whether it would be considered the most accurate representation of Souls-like games shortly and what’s in the latest DLC Mortal Shell the Virtuous Cycle.

The Inspiration

Cold Symmetry is not a single-person studio; however, it is not necessarily a massive team. Only 15 people have tried to replicate one of the oldest and action-based role-playing games ever created and have come up with similar games. Mortal Shell does not attempt to conceal its obvious source of inspiration. People fans of this Dark Souls series will instantly feel at home. The setting is the dark, dark, and dark world. There aren’t any ponies to cuddle and play with, but enemies attack our eyes immediately upon making eye contact. As a result, we are weak and lost, and only during playing do we build power and security. The controls are familiar : first, we concentrate our gaze on the opponent in front of us and then take on his attacks and try to strike a good shot on our own without pounding the gamepad in a mad dash and struggling to breathe because of exhaustion. When loading screens are displayed, the items are displayed along with their descriptions, just as in the classic genre.

Unconventional ideas

Dark Symmetry, however, is not just copying 1:1 from the model but has also introduced minor changes in the game’s gameplay. The most noticeable innovation to combat is that it hardens. We can transform into stone in a flash at any moment and be able to withstand any attack by an enemy without injury. If we happen to get hit (or miss the button), we turn back. Then, we must keep waiting until our indicator recharges and hardens again. The process of hardening can also occur during a move. If we practice it, this can lead to quite effective combinations – we make an intense attack, then make it harder, and then strike once the opponent has attacked. The use of hardening is also helpful in other situations, for instance, to avoid falling from high heights. Additionally, we are taught countering in the game and can create massive damage to the opponent through an effective counter. Using staining sigils (found at the start in the course of play) and the recharged determination bar (which recharges when the success of our strikes), We can counter opponent attacks and use special abilities in the event that the timing is perfect.

Body Worlds

The game, in which the player controls his character from a third-person view through the world of Fallgrim, begins with a body that appears like it’s been ripped off its skin. Then, reminded by the Body Worlds exhibition, you will see muscles, tendons, and bones. In this body (called the foundling), you can endure almost nothing, but we can change bodies and gain their clothes, weapons, and capabilities. We do not have to work to get the first form of our body, which is one of the mortal shells. Dead knights are happily rotting in a corner, not too far from our point of departure. There are four bodies that we can find, and each one has distinct abilities, naturally. Each body can acquire the knowledge of up to ten if we have the right amount of Tar (=souls). Tar can be found mainly in the form of enemies, who you must take on first.

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Battles and weapons

The number of weapons we have is not uncontrollable. We can use only four of them, and each one comes with 2 (unlockable) particular attacks. Also, we don’t have anything with a long-range weapon. A green bar is a sign of the stamina of our team. Every action is costly. When the bar is exhausted, it is necessary to stop and recover for a few seconds. The duration of the bar is dependent on the available characters. The rogue Tiel is the one with the highest stamina. A character’s stats are only based on life, health, and determination.

The battles take place according to the standard procedure in the game. You should never underestimate an opponent, as even weaker opponents could kill us fast if we’re not vigilant. You will be able to recognize the moment an opponent launches a specific attack and avoid or block the attack with a bit of practice. Of course, we’re not exempt from a swift reaction and are learning the appropriate movements. We can engage in heavy or light attacks; using the help of a key, we can dodge or swerve away with the double stroke. If we get killed, we’re forced out of our shells and can escape or keep fighting like a defenseless body. After that, we can be able to return to our shots simply. If you die, you lose our tar. However, we can pick it back up at the time of our death, provided we don’t get killed again before that since all the previously eliminated enemies can respawn.

There was a time when there was Fallgrim

The story’s background is, in the beginning, untold and is revealed to us over the process of playing through descriptions of items or (initially difficult to comprehend) monologues. We must use (consumable) items repeatedly to gain new information. Within the (mostly collapsed) bell tower, we receive our mission from a strange bound creature. We must bring him three Glandulas. They are highly guarded (by the bosses) and can be found at various locations in the game. The bell tower is where there is also the option to switch between multiple (already discovered) shells. Like many other similar games, Mortal Shell does not have a map at all – enjoy exploring the game’s world. I lost myself at times within the maze-like trails. Sometimes we can move obstacles away by using a weapon. However, no puzzles or interplays with the surrounding environment are feasible.

Mortal Shell It was released last year to release it as Early Access on the Epic Store. After an entire period of Epic exclusivity, it’s also been released as a final version on Steam since the 18th of August, which has seen it appear on the wishlist more than 300,000 times. In conjunction with the Steam launch, the first DLC called Mortal Shell The Virtuous Cycle is made available. Alongside your PC system, you can enjoy Mortal Shell on the Xbox or PlayStation and PlayStation, which is available now with the “Enhanced edition.”

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Mortal Shell uses the (now mature) Unreal Engine 4, and the graphic designers have done an excellent job in bringing different locations (temple as well as dark forest and the icy cave) to life in stunning fashion. It seems amazing if you’re in the water and Frogs leap into safety. However, there aren’t any interaction options in these beautiful surroundings. Animations are top-quality even though they happen repeatedly in fights where you don’t actually hit the enemies, but they suffer damage. Ultrawidescreen (21:9) performs without issues.


Acoustic feedback from hits is a crucial aspect of Soulslike games because that’s how that hits are genuinely satisfying and realistic. Mortal Shell can impress you throughout the game, even when counters are successful. There is a loud thud through the speakers. Background music is used in a very subtle manner. However, many ambient sounds accompany us throughout our journey. Its English audio outputs are professionally recorded and dubbed. Overall the soundscape is nicely created.


Controller control is perfect using each Xbox One controller and a PlayStation DS 4 pad. The game’s text has been translated fully into German, and the voice acting is entirely in English (with German subtitles)

Game design

Mortal Shell copies the key control elements from Dark Souls, which means that those who have played the genre will be able to find their way around pretty quickly. For new players, it is possible to learn all the fundamental mechanics explained in the first half hour of gameplay, which allows for a short introduction. Experienced players can quickly grasp the minor but significant variations (such as the process of hardening) from the renowned game’s role model Dark Souls through the in-game tutorials.


The dimension is not that huge. Mortal Shell is not necessarily huge as the developers talk about a campaign that could last around 20 hours. I don’t answer questions regarding my own playing time. The First DLC release, Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle, adds around five hours of playtime. It’s great that smaller developers know their abilities and don’t attempt to make an epic of 100 hours by arbitrarily extending the game’s length. It’s mostly of dull and repetitive grind. It’s not boring or repetitive. Mortal Shell definitely isn’t.


Mortal Shell is an excellently-crafted Dark Souls clone that has excellent graphics, however with a manageable size. The dark world is like Dark Souls, and so is the control of the characters. There are, however, several interesting new features in the combat system, including hardening and formidable counter-attacks. The difficulty isn’t too challenging, at the very least for those who have experience. The boss fights, in particular, can be handled by the average player with a bit of practice; that’s something I’m not always able to declare about Dark SoulsOverall, it was a lot of fun and enjoyable, particularly since it wasn’t too difficult (but difficult) and wasn’t too extensive. From my point of view, I would recommend it to any player who enjoys Dark Souls, And with the DLC Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle, the duration of play can even be extended pleasantly.

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