Thymesia in test: love to the thousandth death

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player enthusiasts expert opinion from those who understand the games being played. Your benefits: Thymes appears to resemble Bloodborne initially. However, the impression is …

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player enthusiasts expert opinion from those who understand the games being played. Your benefits:

Thymes appears to resemble Bloodborne initially. However, the impression is false. In reality, the Hermes kingdom Hermes is run with its own rules and is more like Sekiro than any other FromSoftware game.

Thymesia is a challenging adventure game where you can expect to throw sticks at you from the beginning. The game is gratifying if you’ve got the determination to master the intricate mechanics. However, it is a shame if you don’t have any gaming experience or wish to be fighting like in the typical Soulslike game, you will not enjoy the game.

The art of repairing two kinds of damage

A brutal melee battle awaits you from a third-person perspective in the blood-saturated streets of the Kingdom of Hermes. You’ll be tearing through three linearity areas, including side and main missions and fight bosses. There are two great motives to try Thymesia Its well-thought-out combat system and the fantastic boss battles. Both are good reasons to play this title is better than almost any other FromSoftware-type game, even if it’s not directly from FromSoftware, the Japanese production studio.


The primary element in Thymesia’s combat system are the two types of damage. Protagonist Corvus is equipped with claws and sabers as standard. You can use the latter by using R1 attacks to rip open wounds. If you grant an opponent hits, the portion of his life bar initially changes to green. But, the wounds will heal over some time, and then the bar will then revert to becoming white. To stop this from happening, it is necessary to ensure that the injury is permanent using your claw weapon. It is set to R2 by default.

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The system constantly gives you tension while you’re under pressure to transform the wounded wounds to final damage. This can create enjoyable excitement during boss battles when the question is: should I treat myself or attempt to take out the damage before all my effort goes to waste? This is a great surprise for those who love action games that have played numerous genres and have enjoyed them.

The triggers and bumpers don’t mean everything.

If you think the fights are comprised of rotating R1 and two attacks, you’re misinformed since the game’s mechanics are much more complex. In the beginning, you get plague weapons by defeating the boss and level enemies. They’re a diverse arsenal of weapons used by enemies, including knives, double swords, double swords blades, scythe, and many more.

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With these weapons , you can also open wounds. And the animations – similar to the different actions – are pure eye delight. These appear huge and provide some variation. But plague attacks cool down and require energy that you can replenish by, for instance, doing a perfect dodge or claw attack, depending on what abilities you’ve already unlocked.

Alongside three features for saber damage, health, and claw damage, you can choose the perks you want from a tree as you progress in level. Thus, you expand the duration of the parries. They are instrumental since they instantly tear open wounds. You can also purchase an attack that jumps that, when executed with the correct timing, can cause good counter-attacks to devastating enemy attacks. Most of the abilities can be game-changing, and you can always transfer them for free to prepare yourself for fights effectively.

The experience points you require to improve your stats and thus unlock the abilities are gathered through killing enemies in a soul-typical manner. In the event of your death, it is necessary to take your memories fragments (souls) again at the time of your death and not have to die again.

Boss battles at their very best

The main focus will be on the various aspects of the fighting system in boss battles. Though there are only eight bosses, the bosses are all avid fans of melee action would desire. The boss designs aren’t exactly new, but they are diverse in terms of gameplay and visuals and fall into that “tough however fair” category.

There’s the agile ringmaster Our, constantly throwing combos at you and a mutant that terrorizes you with his tentacles, gimmick bosses and a giant with slow, but effective throwing and jumping moves. Like Dark Souls and the like, you must initially begin getting the attack down. The demands the game places on players in terms of accuracy, reaction speed, and moveset is very similar to Sekiro in that it’s usually designed to parry. Also, you don’t have a stamina bar. However, you’ll be able to avoid button blasting due to the duration of dodges and attacks.

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The levels aren’t keeping up

The areas you can explore, However, the areas you explore lack the variety and challenge of boss battles. You’ll begin in the Sea of Trees, a dark place with wood buildings and pathways that immediately resembles Blighttown of Dark Souls and is only marginally enhanced by circus elements such as the tents and fairy lights.

It’s like reaching for the typical box. In addition, the exploration is not rewarding since you’ll mostly discover notes about the story in alcoves and barrels, and it’s easy to forget the story of the game. The game is based on the alchemical process that has gotten out of control and isn’t well-understood or unique.

The most valuable items to upgrade weapons and healing are typically available in reward for killing your enemies, and they’re primarily safe unless you have some more brutal guys, particularly when compared to bosses. Furthermore, you will come across the same enemies often. For instance, you’ll come over the halberd warriors with spiked shoulders as well as the spartan soldiers with a sword and shields everywhere you go.


Only for the truly hardcore

The game’s levels are pretty effective in helping you understand the game’s mechanics and unlocking skills. However, when you have to face that first challenge in the ocean of trees, The learning curve is similar to a wall. However, at this stage, Thymesia makes it clear to the audience it is targeting avid gamers of action games looking for the ultimate challenging experience.

If you’re looking to explore the combat system fully and you’re most excited by brutal and well-designed boss fights in games of the genre, Thymesia could be the summer’s top 2022 game. If you’re looking for an immediate sense of accomplishment, combat that evoke Dark Souls, and secrets throughout vast areas, you should just leave it at that. If you do, you’ll be throwing the pad on the ground following the first boss battle instead of having 12 up to an hour of enjoyment with the difficulties.

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