The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners in the test

Zombies in 2020 are just as exciting as the people they were. However, that doesn’t mean any excellent zombie game won’t be found in the stores … There’s no Voodoo No, but VR The truth …

Zombies in 2020 are just as exciting as the people they were. However, that doesn’t mean any excellent zombie game won’t be found in the stores …

There’s no Voodoo No, but VR

The truth is that nobody watched the final season of The Walking Dead with any interest or excitement. If you’re anything like me, there was a clear void amid Negan’s double-murder murders and the indifferent deaths of many other characters we’ve come enjoy throughout seasons, as well as that the Walkers issue was finally gone – and the following season rolled around with Saints & Sinners.

Anyone who follows my blog posts or perhaps counts me as a personal acquaintance knows that there’s almost nothing that sparks my interest as fast as the well-implemented VR games. The game worlds aren’t just accessible through a window on a screen, and experiencing them for yourself in the whole 360-degree VR experience brings new life to every concept regardless of how outdated or clich├ęd it might appear initially. So put on your headset and again enter the zombie apocalypse to test the undead at their paces, If they have them.

The setting alone is enough. The location alone, there’s hope here. Instead of sticking to the story, They chose to introduce an entirely new character, the Tourist. The Tourist is trapped in the Walker-infested New Orleans and sees only one solution to his misery: finding the exact equivalent of The Promised Land that the zombies have ascended: The Reserve – a fabled place equipped with everything you require to stay away from the decaying crowds. We determined to find this and not become an unlucky food item.

Sandbox adventure in the world of the undead

As you go through your quest for survival for answers, you’ll go through the game’s various regions and spend a lot of your time working on missions for different NPCs, forming factions that are still alive or battling them in a variety of ways, and obviously – eliminating walkers. Finally, we’ve come to the best part of Saints & Sinners, an experience of freedom and a sound combat system.

Even though the approximately 12to 15 hours-long game continues to lead you to particular problems, there’s plenty of space to explore the maps of the game, starting from your bus station at the local graveyard. and get yourself into some of the ridiculous situations, kill many a now-zombie on the advice of his ex-love partner and determine the best way to transform yourself into a brain-snobbery an amorphous brain effectively.

You’ll have a range of weapons to choose from, including your fists, knives, and guns, to series enthusiasts’ familiar baseball bats that include bars of wire and axes, and more . Thanks to the VR controls that come with two-hand controllers, almost all feel incredibly realistic. So, for example, if you’re fighting using an arrow and bow and you’re required to draw, aim and let go while throwing an axe, then it’s best to utilize both hands; and if you’re smashing a knife into the skull of a walker and then throw it back out afterward and on. In addition, the sound effects also sound fantastically realistic and realistically eggy, and that knife stabs, Axe swings, and so on don’t always have the same way, and you’re able to harm any part of a zombie’s body, which makes the combat experience as realistic as it can.

The only thing that takes away from the reality that you’re entirely free on your journeys across the many regions that comprise New Orleans is that you’ll often come across areas that aren’t logically separated (sandbox, for instance), such as streets blocked by bizarrely packed cars. It’s also the case that certain assets, specifically certain vehicles, can repeat themselves quite frequently and that a lot of the surroundings, despite the incredible physical physics of walkers and weapons, cannot interact with. Therefore, things you instinctively intend to utilize as emergency weapons, like roadside cones, need to remain in place.

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A tiny piece of everything

Until now, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was a bit like a shooter/hack’n’slash , but it’s not. Not just but also because there’s plenty of role-playing within the title. In addition, the clock will run throughout your journey: As the time as a hunter ends and night falls. Being rung by a bell and the walkers swarming the streets, it’s your decision whether to risk it all or return home to go to bed. The drawback is that more zombies are waiting to be found on the following day than earlier morning, and the danger is growing.

However, your character will also level upwards over time and gains new skills. Additionally, you will not only acquire new weapons as you play. You can also receive various items that you can then use to create new things that are useful to your bus bases, like extra space in your backpack, medication, or even new weapons. It’s a good choice, as the former are all with a limited lifespan or, in other words, degrade in time.

When fighting and your apparent health status, there’s also an endurance level that is depleted by various actions. If you’re climbing an abyss to escape the mass of zombies below, take note that your arms are likely to fail – and after that, the baseball bat could be broken in the subsequent battle. Bad. That’s precisely the reason why when playing Saints & Sinners, it’s essential to plan your excursions and attacks a little beforehand and not let your imagination run wild If you don’t keep the reins on your energy levels and weapons and you’ll be an unwelcome addition to the walker group in a short time.

If you do die – and you’ll surely die – you will respawn at the start of the map you’re on and must return to the spot where you died without breaking to gather all your gear and equipment. If you become zombie fodder again along the way, any items you carried the first time are forever lost. From this angle, it’s perhaps ideal that the storage (=backpack) storage space is not as ample…

In the situation on the list, the emphasis is on the natural use of the items: They are placed within the bag by an easy gesture to the shoulder. Pull the backpack out with the back of your hand to get them out, and you will see specific slots you need to open. Everything you’ll need is available in the instant of need, including your weapons, flashlight, and journal, which acts as a sort of map/guide in your reach placed on your hips, back, and chest.

The ultimate game for zombies?

The initial impression is fantastic, and trust us when we say there isn’t a single VR game that is as enjoyable as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners at this moment. However, there will inevitably be shadows when there’s so much lighting. We’ve previously discussed the central issue in the title: the virtual environments. The city is vast and offers lots of room to explore; however, there’s nothing to explore aside from the latest weapons and other items. It would be great if the trips into strangers’ homes provided some story-related content periodically, such as in diaries or letters or home videos that would have made the stories of the now-dead people from New Orleans a little more personal. We also would have liked to have discovered the hidden NPCs or triggers for events and more , but the entire thing isn’t there. The combat is still fantastic, and the feeling is oppressive and horrific. However, it’s a bit disappointing to get the feeling that going outside of the specific path or mission isn’t worth it if you’re just trying to take as many walkers as you can in the most creative ways as possible into the – hopefully forever-lasting future.

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In addition, in terms of the development of characters, you’ll find that Saints and Sinners is primarily linear, despite the pretense of freedom: It is possible to unlock new abilities gradually, but there’s no individualized or customized gameplay to talk about. After a couple of hours of playing, each player will possess roughly the same weapons and skills. It’s guaranteed to be a fun killer. However, there was some potential to be wasted.

While on the other hand, most of the focus was on personalization options for graphics. For all those who are interested in VR that there are many different VR experiences available. Not all of them are created equal. Other headsets have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Not all of them work with every game. The performance of your computer’s graphics (and cards) can create huge differences in performance and rendering; more importantly, nothing destroys the experience more than continuous framerate fluctuations. Luckily, they’ve thought of everything and put together an entire list of options for graphics that you can modify to fit your specific setup. In this way, anyone with a good system at home ought to reach at least 90 FPS on an acceptable display.

A significant amount of work is put into the design of Saints & Sinners. Aside fromfrom the previously mentioned issues with overused assets and an inanimate element within the world,, the world of the dead New Orleans looks pretty and,, to our delight, is accompanied by high-quality, full voices. Every NPC speaks and curses or shouts enthusiastically, making The world in The Walking Dead feel a bit more alive or even dead. The sound effects mentioned earlier also play their part, as does the music. The music, even though it doesn’t stand out as awe-inspiring, highlights the story constantly.


Zombies might be slowly getting out of the way; however, in Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners creator Skydance Interactive still delivers a great reason to plunge yourself into the crowd of undead again. The mix of a role-playing game and shooter/hack’n’slash can be a lot of fun, and that’s mostly due to the nimble combat system, as well as the horrifying sound design. The chance to feel the zombie apocalypse in your own mind, And thanks to VR, the game is as immersive as it can be. It’s a breath of fresh air in a popular genre. It is affected because it does not have a distinct “more,” which makes for an incredibly enjoyable game, from concealed background stories that are hidden within the many alleyways and structures to more interactive items to allow you to let your imagination be a wild ride when you’re trying to kill the undead. This, however, only reduces the overall impact of the game: from the gameplay to the presentation to the mood, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will be a hit all the way through. So, we’ll give it two thumbs up.

What’s The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners? Successful VR action-role-playing game set in the TWD universe. It features a characters and settings that are new along with lots of freedom Links: Official website

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