The Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise in the test

It’s not only outside your door that temperatures are falling; The icy cold is slowly creeping into Sims 4. Sims 4 too! It’s here! Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise is here and promises a …

It’s not only outside your door that temperatures are falling; The icy cold is slowly creeping into Sims 4. Sims 4 too! It’s here! Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise is here and promises a fun snow romp that includes slope descents and spa breaks with vibrant Japanese cultural influences. The first trailers, however, made me think. What additional snowpack is required when there’s already a four-season add-on with plenty of winter-related options?

It’s time to get dressed warmly!

Even though your own Christmas celebration is far away, the Sims 4 players have the chance to truly get involved in the snowy saga in The Sims 4: Off to Snowy Paradise. Sims 4: Off to Snowy ParadiseThe new expansion is about the coldest period of the entire year. The players are transported to the new area of Mt. Komorebi, in snowy, quaint Japan. The neighborhood is the first to offer rental and residential properties to the people of our selection. Mt. Komorebi splits itself into three smaller “villages” that could not be more different

Electronic Arts succeeded very well this time in giving the smaller communities a unique design. The entire community was created much more thoughtfully this time around than The Sims 4: Sustainable Living for instance, and could also impress with its diverse homes and large areas. My personal favorites were Yukimatsu with its vast snowy landscape that offers winter sports and the Japanese pagoda located in Senbamachi.surrounded by numerous trails for hiking. The first impression is certainly impressive!

Put on your skis The slopes are calling!

In keeping with its name’s snow paradise, I headed straight for Yukimatsu for a chance to take on the hot slopes. The first time I visited, I was amazed by the number of Sims active and out and about. Whereas public areas were in , The Sims 4 frequently seemed to have gone extinct, but it was the opposite side of the coin here. The Sim had to wait in line on the winter slope, both on the gondola and the hill itself. This makes you think that social Distancing was not noticed everywhere! The initial issues shook me, but it was just one or another nerve. However, queuing functions for The Sims 4 is sadly less than it should be, even though it’s technically feasible.

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In the wake of my Sim and numerous times throughout the long queue, I was hungry, and a bit grumpy since the entire experience was exhausting. I finally made it to the evening hours and also in a slow and steady climb to the summit of Mt. KomorebiOnce at the top of the mountain, but it was worth the wait since the view was terrific according to Sims 4 standards, especially in the evening! The light of the hill provides a warm and comfortable ambiance, even in the frigid temperatures. Even though the expansion pack offers plenty more in its sleeves than just winter trails, I did find it challenging to tear myself away from this area.


The difficult path up to where you are well worth it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing, sledding, climbing, or boarding the slopes; winter sports are for everyone

This entire resort gives our Sim various ways to relax as a winter sports fan. If you’re looking to ski, snowboard, sledding, or climb the wall for climbing, any winter sports enthusiast can find what they’re searching for. The selection of slopes available for novices was not that big. Here , you can swing specifically, not directly onto the slopes at the top—greetings from me to you after many hours of waiting. First, you must be driven into the hill for practice.

It’s pretty accurate, but I would’ve done this by playing The Sims 4 which proves the developers’ humor – awe as my Sim is now on the black slope, chased by me in the middle of despair thrilled. After a few hours of intense training! Skiing down individual slopes was more fun than I could have imagined in the beginning. I could see my Sim sliding into the tracks for hours and still enjoy it. (Let’s be real what happens when you do not fall off a FLOOR SLIDE? Certain things shouldn’t be debated!)

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When they are in motion, our Sims can also do impressive feats on the trails of white snow. They also do a few happy-doing tricks in the air and high ramps that reach the ground with skis in the snow. The skill level improved quickly. A couple of trips after winter sports experience was transformed in a way. It also brought more variety than one would think of from a winter sports pack within its initial few steps. However, the climbing was somewhat sluggish compared to the excitement on the slopes. Even after a couple of hours of gaming, I only found some climbing walls.

Well, we should try it again…

Peaceful life in the Japanese style

The most notable feature of the modern Mt. Komorebi is not just its layout or the presence of homes and rental homes but also the Japanese style that is present throughout. It was previously only available as individual moves in The Sims 4, and it was a matter of having to force it with lots of imagination. As a massive fan of Japanese culture, I was thrilled to immerse myself in the layout of my home fully!

The Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise offers 173 building elements and 134 new Create-A Sim customizations. Many Japanese components are waiting to be found, like the shoji door, tatami mats, or lanterns made of paper. Some elements, like the cookbook, are also made to include vegetable bags or egg Ramen. After a hectic race, Sims can relax in the Zen Garden or the Winter and Hot Oasis. Although the snow paradise is often the top billing, these many options were the expansion’s primary focus and can be a hit when played at full.

A lot more personality in the new lifestyles

The most notable aspect of the expansion went contrary to the initial expectation. However, it wasn’t (only) The winter paradise, but an overall improvement to the gameplay that is The Sims 4. With Ab ins, Schneeparadies, the first time the so-called lifestyles are introduced into the Hamlisch world. As with personality traits, lifestyles cannot be assigned at the start of the player’s journey; however, they will develop through time for each Sim on its own. According to the game’s creator, they’re intended to provide the Sims with more character and the depth they deserve.

The development of a new lifestyle depends on the participant’s control and actions. If we allow our Sim to all the time watch television, he’ll grow into the enthusiastic Couch Potatoe. If we follow him around the block, he will learn to be a sports enthusiast and becomes unhappy when he is forced to remain still. Each of these lifestyles has a more significant impact on the Sim’s daily existence as it develops. For instance, if you would like to create a Sim, an alcoholic one, you have to give everything to work and never take a break. In this case, after a certain period, our requirements in the workplace decrease; however, the more we go up the ladder of our career as we progress, the more difficult it becomes to get our Sim to develop long-lasting relationships.

I enjoyed these new alterations to the Sims characters. But, they did not move enough for me to observe how these effects play out in the game itself. Additionally, specific results of these styles could be swiftly “countered” by the game’s player. What if your Sim is stressed because they aren’t allowed to work? So, off to the spa, and he’s content. In this case, the attitudes of their lives should have been given some weight. However, I like this approach very much and hope it will be implemented in future add-ons and refined!


After my first run of skis, crashes, and hours of soaking in the relaxing space, I noticed one thing that was most crucial time seems to be passed when you be immersed in your own Sims 4 world in a genuine way. I’ve never experienced this feeling in a while, and it indeed returned in Sims 4: Off to Snowy Paradise. Sims 4: Off to Snowy Paradise at the beginning of the game. It was more enjoyable than I expected to see my Sims run through the snow (and crash on their face). In particular, all aspects of Japanese elements and styles made their place in my heart as a gamer and will be absent from nearly every building shortly.

The introduction to the lifestyles I observed in the beginning, was good; however, at this point, the impact was far from my expectations and required some time before they started to take hold. In this case, I would have preferred to see something more rapid and, in particular, more significant interventions in the same way as the real world. The climbing component was somewhat disappointing, and particularly the queueing in the winter sports area takes away there were nerves.

The Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise, however, does everything right. It’s the kind of expansion that isn’t thought of by many but could secure a few spots within the hearts of the players. It did that for me, and I’m eager to climb those slopes on Mt. Komorebi again.

What exactly is The Sims 4: Off to Snow Paradise? The 10th expansion pack of The Sims 4 – in snowy, Japanese style. Link: Official website

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