The Sims 4 Moschino in short test

It’s the time again after the previous accessory pack of Sims 4 was launched over a year ago in the form of “My First Pet” Maxis will again make an effort to inspire long-time fans …

It’s the time again after the previous accessory pack of Sims 4 was launched over a year ago in the form of “My First Pet” Maxis will again make an effort to inspire long-time fans of this franchise to try a new, virtual style. The new accessory package The Sims 4: Moschino was announced at E3 2019, it was launched worldwide for PC on the 13th of August. This pack focuses on the glamorous world of fashion and photography.

The main feature of the game is the wardrobe – as the name suggests – specially created specifically for The Sims 4 collection by the exclusive Italian fashion brand “Moschino.” The personal “Hamlisch” wardrobe is augmented with a wide array of new clothing , and four different hairstyles are also available. The new clothes are attractive and include everything from basic outfits to extravagant suits that rival the best circus director. They perfectly complement the typical costumes of the Sims exceptionally well.

The only criticism I have is that, aside from the vibrantly painted clown jacket, in my opinion, the inability to customization the clothes. Since, unlike those of the Moschino sweaters seen in the images, most individual pieces are offered in just a couple of colors. This makes it difficult to mix and match the new clothes with the old favorites quite. This is where Maxis could like to have introduced an additional diversity!

Now, let’s try a new picture… as well… Smile! Your very personal photo studio

Contrary to expectations, however, the “Moschino” accessories pack is much larger than the first trailers, and screenshots were shown. The group is based on a partnership with the Italian clothing label. In addition, the pack includes several brand-new furniture pieces for the game. They all have one purpose: to allow the player to design an entirely custom-designed photography studio. The package provides a new career path as a freelance photographer for fashion. In this, Sims can relax in their studio without restriction and learn to create a flawless fashion show. The participant’s imagination is needed to design the perfect future magazine cover.

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In line with the professional model, the primary camera mode of the game Sims 4 has been updated. It now has a more accessible setting of the camera’s angle, and the photographed model can be staged more conveniently. In addition, the player can more precisely determine how the Sim behaves in front of the camera. This includes deciding if it is more appropriate to pose the Sim standing or sitting is preferred. It’s the first time you need to become familiar with this new style for a brief period, as the settings may not be entirely intuitively discernible. However, after that, the new job is gratifying and provides excellent flexibility.


When I first heard about the package, my expectations for the accessories package were not very high. I was “My First Pet” just over one year ago, and the fans, but with a limited scope highly dissatisfied. However, I was pleasantly surprised and am now a massive fan of the new minor, simple career that includes the entire package. It’s a lot of fun building a whole photo studio. I view the fashion included as a little, enjoyable gadget – the vibrant sprinkle jacket that would be more appropriate for a clown but which my Sim won’t wear! With just under 10 EUR, enthusiasts of top-quality fashion photos are given a lot to choose from, and I would recommend the program to them without hesitation. If you are a photographer within The Sims 4, however, is unable, to begin with, the program in the hands of the player. I find the cost for the clothes – also due to the fact that they are not customizable but a little expensive.

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What exactly is The Sims 4 Moschino? The Sims 4 Moschino is a new paid extra package that includes an exclusive collection from the Italian fashion brand “Moschino” within The Sims world. The package is further enhanced by the possibility of a new career as a freelance fashion photographer. Link: Official website

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