The Sims 4: Magic Kingdom in the test

Wands and witches’ brooms and magical potions – that are the things I was looking at after the initial video trailer of the announcement for the upcoming Sims 4: Magic KingdomAlready in previous spin-offs the …

Wands and witches’ brooms and magical potions – that are the things I was looking at after the initial video trailer of the announcement for the upcoming Sims 4: Magic KingdomAlready in previous spin-offs the ones that were based on magic were my favorites but now the Sims 4 should get magical reinforcement. Realm of Magic adds It expands The Sims 4 with two new neighborhoods , the first of which can be “mysteriously easily accessible” … therefore I’m ready to dive into the adventure!

When I first saw the trailer of The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, it became evident that my previous Sims weren’t good enough to be the leader of the magical realm. A new apprentice to the sorcerer is required! As with all the new packs, Reich der Magie is also expanding the size of our closet. The new clothes are attractive and provide a range of tastes – from “Gothic Magie” to the comfy Druid outfit. The hairstyles are contemporary and beautiful. However, there aren’t a lot of trendy outfits for toddlers and children. The familiar elements like witch hats have also been sought out in vain since the collection is an edgier style. It’s a bit disappointing it’s impossible to make the classic creepy witch of the forest in this manner, but unfortunately.

Soon after the creation of my super witch, my first disappointment occurred. The newly-created village “Glimmerbrook” hasn’t been able to earn such a prestigious name. It’s a subjective experience, but for me, the area seemed unappealing and lacked any distinct features that distinguish it from other locations. It is primarily a patch of trees, a tiny bar, and three grey-brown apartments. It was a bit depressing, as I was hoping to see a little more glamour in the name!

However, my Sim was not looking to start a family in “Glimmerbrook”; instead, he wanted to be a part of the magic world. After some research, I realized I must first speak to the orphaned of magic to acquire my magic powers. My opinion is that EA could like to have communicated this more clearly in the game, to ensure you don’t have to visit an external website before. Additionally, there’s the option to grant Sims magic abilities immediately after they’re made directly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this option in my first magical apprentice!

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Through the magical portal to the mind-blowing world of magic

These orphans are through the same world of magic and can be reached through the most stunning portal. The portal isn’t an independent property; however, it must be found by yourself with The Sims 4‘s non-intuitive camera interface. It was much more annoying than convincing me that it was an “exciting exploratory element” However, once I finally stepped into the realm of magic after a little effort, I was stunned.

The Realm of Magic is, to me it is by far the most stunning area The Sims 4 creators have created thus far on the game Sims 4It consists of four massive rock formations that float in a magical universe. On the top of the rock is a grand, elegant reception hall in which the Sim will find a mystifying collection of books, a variety of witch cauldrons waiting to be used, and a chance to fight with other wizards. An avenue then follows it for shopping that is reminiscent of that of Angle Alley in Harry Potter and has a variety of unique objects. From brooms to own and magic Familiare to potions utensils, you will always find. There is also an area where you can make potions from herbs.

Unfortunately, The Realm of Magic cannot live in. There are no beds, and only tiny napping sessions make it difficult to remain afloat as the most powerful wizard. I found that disappointing. I would have liked to be there for the rest of my life and to be able to pick freely between two worlds.

The way to become one of the greatest wizards in history

The world of magic provides your Sim with many possibilities to enhance your magic capabilities. You can select from three types of magic . Add the three kinds here. You can decide if you wish to do some great trouble to other Sims or simply, by a flick of a wand, you can make the house to be clean – you can choose for free and decide what your Sim can do with magic. On the one hand, you can find the complete spell book, which teaches you how can master the different areas of magic. However, there’s also an entire passive tree that provides you with the latest bonuses and capabilities. In this case, the developers did a great job, and I was thrilled!

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HTML0 – The Sims 4: Realm of Magic gives you many occasions to release steam with magic, but only after taking the very first, complicated steps of becoming an apprentice magician. EA would have made the introduction clear and communicated it in a more explicit manner, and “Glimmerbrook” could like a bit more care in the particulars. While I want how the game pack is, I have to take one star off the overall rating because it tarnishes the initial impression somewhat suitable from the start. When you’ve overcome the initial hurdles, but once you’ve entered the real world of magic, there is a surprisingly complex skills tree that awaits the Sim, along with an extensive spellbook that will provide many hours of exciting gameplay. I didn’t think that would be possible from a game pack that’s only brought a handful of improvements for the gameplay! I’m eager to let my Sim soar to the highest point of the realm of magic!

What’s The Sims 4: Realm of Magic? The latest game pack by the company EA offers our Sims magic abilities and witches ‘ broom. Link: Official website

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