The Quarry in review: Teen horror hasn’t been this good in a long time

Special reports, analyses, and background information for role-playing heroes or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits: “What does not kill you can make …

Special reports, analyses, and background information for role-playing heroes or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits:

“What does not kill you can make the person stronger.” In line with this adage, the summer camp at The Quarry gets us into the mood for the latest horror movie by developer Supermassive Games. But, of course, the saying is referring to the everyday stuff like being without a phone for two months is an ironic reality for our nine teenage family members when a tiny graduation party goes out of control – just like every other time from the studio that developed it as an interactive film.

After the disappointing titles of The Dark Pictures Anthology (Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes), The Quarry will draw inspiration from the horror film Until Dawn again. If and how it will succeed was revealed to us in our tests with tense, pounding heartbeats. Let’s go for Hackett’s Quarry, the summer camp of terrors.

Alert for Triggers: Violence, blood, and the cutting of body parts are fundamental components of the game The Quarry. Additionally, the game features not just human enemies but monster-like creatures.

NOTE:For the review, we played The Quarry in single-player and couch co-op mode on the PC and PS5. The multiplayer online won’t be available until the 8th of July; consequently, it cannot be played out until then.

To mark the premiere, you can see the launch trailer for The Quarry here:

The predictable horror that works

Following the opening scene, the actual situation at the summer camp appears to be expected: The children are gone, and our teenage counselors (who we’ll discuss in the next paragraph) are heading back home. Suppose it wasn’t for Jacob, who wishes to ease his love life and impedes returning. He doesn’t know that the hunting season begins at night and does not just involve human enemies to the table.”

We anticipate experiencing a night filled with terror, blood, death, and apocalypse. The Quarry is apparent not just from the genre of survival horror as well as the reference towards Until Dawn, although the tale of The Quarry is a bit different in three ways in comparison to the model of a role:

It is, for one, more likely because the dangers lurking in the shadows are revealed through, for instance, camera angles or quick fade-ins. This results in an less level of creep. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to feel tension because of the subdued horror. However, it doesn’t change what you already know: The Quarry doesn’t reach the heights as Until Dawn with its twists and twists.


The predetermined story offers us the chance to be well and have the most enjoyable possible endings. This may seem like a lot initially. However, it also contains all endings with minor differences. So, it’s best to anticipate a significant change to the story solely from important decisions revealed to us by the game using the hint “path taken.”

Sometimes, our choices do not affect the outcome at the end of the day. However, that’s because the game is designed to guide us to improve the story effectively.

However, The Quarry offers us many opportunities for numerous playthroughs that allow us to explore our options, and that’s what’s the attraction of Supermassive Games.

There’s no need to reach into the Cliche box

Anyone who thinks of the character of the character Until Dawn will likely imagine the clichéd characters and their crudely modeled “horror teeth.” The Quarry performs its role better by having nine guardians of teenagers

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Teenagers aren’t pigeonholed like “the trendy jock.” Instead, the human spirit shines through amid teenage sexiness. Still, there are stereotypes such as the gorgeous Vlogger Emma, who must share with the world her trip to the hospital; however, in the quiet moments, her façade also collapses, and she exposes herself as fragile.

Because of this, since the game takes time to introduce us to characters specified in the beginning, they quickly get to know us. We’d like them to live until the game’s end, making it even more enjoyable. In contrast to Until Dawn, where there were indeed a couple of characters we would happily let die regardless of what happened to them – yes, Emily, We’re talking about you, first and foremost!

Quick Time Events that don’t require a lot of effort

Like Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry is an interactive film. This means we can experience the story through many cinematic cut scenes, gathering clues and tarot decks, making choices, reacting swiftly to rapid-time events, and sometimes filming or waiting for our breath in potentially dangerous situations.

In addition, the instructional videos on this are a nice highlight of the game as they provide the function to us in a unique fashion and subliminal black humor

What is notable:While shooting the gun in a rush can be difficult, Quick Time Events are not very difficult. They can be accomplished by hitting the A and X buttons as well as one of four directions (up, down, and left, right) for the left stick while the latter still triggers the speed of movement. For example, if we must avoid branches on the move, the slow-down speed permits us to move the stick downwards in a relatively relaxed way; however,, it takes out some tension.

While traveling, the camera usually is dependent on fixed views. This can be distracting. However, the lack of freedom creates tension because we can’t discern what’s just around that next corner.

The thing that irritated us was the photo function. In the game, we learn to take pictures using smartphones. Instructional videos also explain this feature, but aside from one picture, it was not re-introduced. Supermassive might have had more to think about; however, they eventually removed the feature from the game, which is unfortunate, as, for instance, taking photos of evidence would have encouraged us to look further.

Can I lay out your cards on your table?

While exploring the book, we find clues such as the circus poster, which gives us a clue but nothing about the plot nor tarot decks. They are a little like the totems from Until Dawn and give us insights into the possible future. This brings us to the psychiatrist’s companion in Until Dawn: the tarot woman.


The mysterious lady is always willing to offer her assistance between chapters. If we’ve discovered Tarot cards, she provides obscure explanations to her cards. It’s not very helpful. However, her predictions are varied. Every time we visit the crystal ball, we predict the future by a particular card in the crystal ball. Based on this information, we can make the appropriate decision at the right time and possibly avoid a disaster. That brings us back to taking a wise decision.

This mode is accessible through The Quarry

Small restarts

With the easy Quick Time events, our characters show themselves to be robust teens. But those seeking more effort here will be disappointed as these Quick Time Events can only be made more accessible rather than more difficult to access by putting them in the menu, for instance, by extending the duration for QTEs.

The game you loved died? You don’t have to worry; at minimum, you can unlock your Death Rewind system after the first time or by using the Deluxe Edition. Since speedy loading doesn’t allow us to undo any damage due to saving points, you can reverse a player’s loss three times. If we choose that we want to undo the death, then the game will jump back to the spot which was the most crucial to the end, and then we go back to the point where we started from. This could be an immense satisfaction, but it also removes a significant portion of the excitement. But the three lives aren’t an easy free ride as they’re used up at a certain point, and toward the end, it becomes crucial. At the very least, we had to face this issue in our tests.

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This is how accessibility works In The Quarry

The Quarry offers additional settings to provide better accessibility. For instance, we can make completing Quick Time Events and air-stopping easier and even let them work flawlessly. Help with aiming and reducing the repetition of pressing buttons are also available, along with color blindness options. You can also alter the subtitles for various areas (including the color, size, and background) and even for the hearing impaired. However, the only thing that is not available is the individualization of the most critical assignments.

Very few horror teeth. However, the necks of giraffes

When played on PC and PS5, The game has run well to date. The game, however, The Quarry, is not all-saved from minor flaws.

In the first place, the motion blur Although it emphasizes the cinematic aesthetic, it’s exaggerated and not well-implemented. This is especially evident in the hair of the characters when they are in front of a bright source. In this instance, there’s a gap in Dylan’s hairstyle

The characters’ animations, however, appear natural, greatly contributing to the overall atmosphere, as does the stunning lighting. But, the facial expressions can have occasional lapses. However, they’re nowhere near the same as Until Dawn.

Smile: In comparison, the teeth look less creepy. Supermassive Games seems to have changed the concept of “dentist.” The models for teeth appear a bit fake; however, they did not seem unnecessarily ugly within the game context.

In this regard, our teens appear to be the most flexible variety. Inquiring about their surroundings, they have necks that were pulled into directions that aren’t even. It’s even funny for a brief period. However, it shouldn’t happen like that.

The German dubbing is good; however, nothing is comparable to the more popular English dubbing. It’s no wonder that authentic and experienced actors like Lance Henriksen, Lin Shaye, or David Arquette are involved. It is also the case that occasionally that the translation isn’t exactly lip-synced.

Who is the person who makes The Quarry worth it?

If you like Until Dawn’s cinematic and playful style, you can also enjoy The Quarry. However, 70 euros is a significant amount that is not worthwhile at the time of release. On the other hand, suppose you’re an enthusiast of Supermassive Games games and genuinely desire to experience everything of The Quarry by playing through it several times. However, it is a good idea to see enough after just one or two games that took a minimum of 10 hours of play that it is best to be patient and wait to see if discounts are available.

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