The Last of Us Part I in the test

The The Last of Us is without a doubt among the best games released to date for PlayStation 3. Since its launch in June of 2013, The two principal protagonists, Ellie and Joel, have earned …

The The Last of Us is without a doubt among the best games released to date for PlayStation 3. Since its launch in June of 2013, The two principal protagonists, Ellie and Joel, have earned themselves a spot as cult characters in the gaming community. Following the release of The Last of Us Part II in the year 2020, the first requests for an update of the beloved horror film soon came up, and the first calls were made.

Dawn of the (Un)Dead

The Final of Us Part I introduces its players to an unforgiving world where everything isn’t like it was. A parasitic fungus has taken over all of humanity and triggers its victims to violently and brutally attack fellow human beings. Twenty years after the outbreak of the first disease caused by the Cordyceps fungus, the population is in the tight zone of quarantine, while death is possible outside the protected zones. Joel is a Texan who has earned his name as a smuggler over the last few times is, is also a resident of one of these zones that are sealed off. When he receives the task of smuggling 14-year-old Ellie outside of the quarantine area, Joel isn’t expecting that this task will alter his life for the better.

New beginnings from old

The recently released remake of The Last of Us isn’t the only remake the title has seen. However, it is the first time the title has received a makeover. Since was released in 2014 already, an update was released where the original texture and graphics were updated. Additionally, it was also the first time that the PlayStation 4 version utilized all the capabilities offered by the console, which meant that the lighting bar of the controller, as well as the touchpad or the speaker, gave the most rich gaming experience. However, this was not enough for the creator The Naughty DogBecause from the initial launch of The of Us and Part I of Us and Part I are eight years. A time when on the other hand, technology, but also the options available to developers* to realize their ideas have drastically changed.

It’s the Last of Us Part I is now a faithful recreation of the original. It will provide a fresh experience thanks to PlayStation 5The wholly updated version of the game shines mainly due to the upgraded character models and sophisticated facial animations that give you goosebumps. Also, the brand new effects and textures take the game to new heights. The burning clickers have never looked so attractive to behold. The visual aspect, Part I showcases its most stunning face to date and gives natural highlights, with real-looking lighting.

However, the title isn’t just eye candy, as the gameplay has been altered. New controls ensure you’re more flexible on the road and when fighting than was the case in the initial. However, it’s an issue that feels somewhat spongy in certain places in the course of individual actions. The AI has been increased, which does not perform as well throughout the game. The enemies are more intelligent and will detect you sooner than they were in the original or the remaster. Ellie is often quite daring and can run straight ahead of adversaries. The stealth of your character isn’t affected because of this. However, it does scratch at the sensational immersion that’s perfect in other series games.

Sensory Experience

The Last of Us manages to find that special and distinctive balance between thrilling combat, nerve-wracking stealth sequences, and slow moments between them, unlike any other game. The display of these contrasts is one of the game’s biggest advantages. Due to the tactile feedback of the PlayStation 5 controller and the PlayStation 5 controller, a greater immersion experience is achievable with Part 1 both in silent and loud sections that the title offers.

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I’ve not been a massive fan of the vibration function on controllers, and I find it annoying the majority time. However, I began the game The of Us Part II in 2020. I forgot to turn off the feature of Us Part II in 2020. What a tremendous fortunate turn of events because this vibration feature had worked perfectly in the game. As in the second part, I the quality has been extended and can give the title of a particular element present in all situations. When it rains, for example, small soft movements are generated by the controller. It’s not just the surroundings that benefit from this function; the different vibration patterns create a sonic atmosphere when fighting. Every weapon produces distinctive vibrations. They can be heard when removing or drawing the shooting irons; you are cocking your bow or during face-to-face confrontations with those suffering from the disease. Attention to detail is something that should be noted as a huge benefit.

When the feedback haptic activates your sensations of touch, the ears don’t lose out too. In this case, I don’t only refer to the fantastic soundtrack but also the impressive 3D sound. The Teufel 5.1 surround system replay gave me terrifying moments I will never forget. Gunshots and explosions sound more authentic and transparent, and the screeching of those affected from all directions was more intense than before.

All are welcome to play

Already, Part II is regarded as one of the pioneers about accessibility. And in Part I, you can modify the gaming experience according to your preferences. I believe it’s fantastic to see games available to people who suffer from physical disabilities or disabilities, whether related to or signs of aging. Inclusion is prominently featured in the world that is featured in the film The Final of Us Part I.

Smile, please!

To record your most memorable moment, The Last of Us is now equipped with a photo mode like before. As a regular screen-shot junkie, I’m also always happy about this new feature. Like back, it has essential functions such as filters such as apertures, vignettes, and vignettes. There are also logos that you can add. The camera will still be controlled in orbit around the character you can play; however, several new features will make up for the lack. To ensure that your scene is in the correct light, you can position three lights that orbit around your character. This can be difficult to master; however, the result is stunning. One most excellent and most exciting new feature is the ability to skip to the following image.

Not just regular game sequences possible to capture using photos, but there are also glitches and bugs. This happened very rarely during my time of testing; however, they occur occasionally. For example, when I went on an underwater dive with Joel, I could land in the wrong spot. It was pretty frustrating, as I had to load the final game state, but it did make some hilarious photos to add to my collection.



Visually, The Last of Us Part I will impress everyone on the line. The scenery and textures are much more appealing, and the brand-new character models are also impressive.


The Final of Us Part I is not just a great soundtrack; it also delivers an impressive, awe-inspiring soundscape.

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While the game’s gameplay has shown substantial improvements, it is still somewhat wooden at times.

Game Design

While nothing has changed, the level design is still balanced.


The appeal is still there for players who have played the original or the remake. This is because new technologies and improved graphics can be admired everywhere.



The experience was fantastic, and I enjoyed every minute of my journey in The post-apocalypse United States. These new functions are generally flawlessly implemented. As a result, fans will enjoy a different and more intense experience. The price, however, is high. A remake being sold at the total cost sounds like a rip-off from the beginning, initially. However, after a short time after the launch, it is evident how much effort and passion has gone into this particular remake. I can give a specific recommendation for buying regardless of whether you’re new to the game or an avid fan of the initial hour.

FAZIT Martin

The Last of Us did just the right thing when it first came out and has since improved it visually by remastering its version. The remake means that Naughty Dog could have the chance to get better all over the world. Unfortunately, the remake didn’t pan out across all regions. The visuals of this remake the TLOU Part 1 can be at the top, as you would expect. It is solidly held and can’t be thrown off the throne when it comes to the authenticity of the surroundings or the facial expressions and facial expressions. Musically, I believe it is the most memorable game soundtrack ever. In terms of story, nothing is new for us, but it doesn’t have to be. The incredible story shouldn’t be changed. With the capabilities of PS5, You can dive further into the plot. A good example, please?

Because of the fine vibrating of the Dualsense, We get the sensation of getting several drops off and again when it rains. Since we can observe that it is not as much around itself when it indeed rains, we can also feel it during the Game just a little later when opponents are closer. These little but extremely wonderful innovations are positively uplifting. But, little thought has been paid to the controls generally.

However, if you’re planning for a run in the reverse direction, you go backward and, therefore, slow. While there is the Fast Turn function, the natural “simple” to turn and run can be more easily solved.

The other issue was present. It’s not something to worry about, although I wouldn’t have anticipated it in a remake made for the most current top-of-the-line console. However, even though I’m used to Naughty Dog, I’m not going to take these minor flaws as a reason to avoid them. The still excellent story is enhanced by the new characters with more efficient ways to convey the emotion, which precisely makes the TLOU. If you haven’t heard of the story and would like to get caught up before the time when filming for the HBO series is over, you should contact the game as soon as you can. For everyone else, you should be patient with an offer from the PS Store.

The Last of Us Part I

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