The Last of Us Part 1 in review: The best version of a PlayStation masterpiece

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits: The Last of Us Part …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits:

The Last of Us Part 1: In the Last of Us Part 1, Joel and Ellie embark on their final road trip with the PS5 yet again, with technological and visual enhancements particularly.

Based on the original story. However, nothing is changed with the remake: A devastating fungus known as Cordyceps has killed most of humanity or transformed into the most ferocious fungus mutants. We do the worn-out top of Joel. The smuggler’s goal is to take the 14-year-old Ellie into the post-apocalyptic United States to a group known as the Fireflies studying the possibility of a vaccine. Because Ellie is invincible to cordyceps, this could be the final chance to save humanity.

At this point, we must admit that we slunk during the initial hours during the beginning of Joel and Ellie’s adventures. While the two are in quite a hurry as they make their way to Boston, Pittsburgh, and Co. and traverse from one baffling situation to the next, We took a long time to gaze at the surroundings and the character models, and oh how we could almost look at them!

What is the most beautiful way to describe the game look? Although the remastered version for the PS4 is not an attractive game, the designers of Naughty Dog took it to the next level with the PS5 remake in strictly visual terms. In terms of gameplay, There are no significant improvements. For gameplay aspects, The Last of Us Part 2 remains to have the edge.

A Visual Delight

However, one thing at a moment What has been accomplished visually and technically?We can expect:

The new characters’ models impress us. Joel, Ellie, Tess, Bill, David, and Co. now have more details on their faces as well as their clothing and making them appear more accurate than the models from the earlier versions. Mainly, Tess benefits from the overhaul and is no longer an unnaturally lavish comic book model but an actual woman and survivalist in her mid-to the late 40s, with chapped lips, wrinkles, and facial skin imperfections.

Images speak more than words, so check out the photos of the comparisons:

Naughty Dog hasn’t changed anything regarding the layout of the level. However, these areas are now stunning postcard-style designs that create an atmospheric atmosphere due to the crisp textures, increased quality of detail, and better lighting and shadow effects.

We’re in love with the lush greenery that is found in the overgrown, shade-drenched area of forest in the area outside Bill’s town. When Joel is squeezed through a small underground tunnel that is dark and drab, filled with swirling dust motes and spores of cordyceps, we are incredibly tense and oppressed.

You can enjoy The Last of Us Part 1 in various modes of play:

Whatever option you select, The Last of Us Part 1 is always effortlessly and is perfect in terms of performance. HDR can also be achieved when you have an appropriate television.

The fans of sound will also be able to look forward to the impressive capabilities the Sony’s 3D audio that provide a more immersive experience by using, for instance, the ability to locate enemies through sound effects spatially. For more technical information, look into Chris Werian’s technical review of the Last of Us Part 1.

Here is a video of The Last of Us Part 1 in action in our review video:

It is also included in part of The Last of Us Part 1

Does Factions come with? multiplayer did not make it into this PS5 remake. It’s likely because of being a Standalone multiplayer game, The Last of Us (Part 2), which is currently being developed by Naughty Dog and is anticipated to be a huge deal according to the latest statements from the company.

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Left Behind won’t be forgotten about: As with The Last of Us Remastered, Part 1 also comes with The original stand-alone DLC Left Behind both provides a background on what happens in the two chapters in the main story as well as utilizes flashbacks to reveal Ellie’s background and her connection with her best friend, Riley.

We suggest that you start Left Behind after the end of The Last of Us, otherwise, the pace of the main plot will likely be slowed down. Explore Ellie’s adventure on her own without hesitation, though as a matter of gameplay, Left Behind is designed to be more diverse than The Last of Us and is particularly compelling due to its peaceful moments.

Options to make accessibility easier

As The Last of Us Part 2, Part 1 also includes various accessibility choices such as:

Particularly amazing is that the DualSense can convert spoken words into vibration, which means the controller’s vibratos correspond to the tone of each voice. It could even transform emotions into shaking. For instance, if Joel is shouting, the DualSense will vibrate in line with his shouts.

Uncompromising Realism

Particularly in regards to animations of characters, Naughty Dog still really had a lot to learn from the original game. But, since the developers didn’t create new mo-cap shots, they reverted to the old ones, and the characters’ movements are slightly sloppy compared to The Last of Us: Part 2. But, we are able to recognize even the smallest of emotions in the cutscenes that are expressed through realistic eye movements and facial expressions.

This increase in quality ultimately demonstrates the game’s biggest strength in the form of the emotional story. Key moments in the story get our skin more than in the previous versions. If Ellie tears in Joel’s arms or plays with her foster dad, the characters can grow closer to us.

In some scenes, the ferocious realism in the brutality of it all goes way too. Because of the detailed animations, some scenes look so authentic that we find them difficult to endure.

The following paragraph contains spoilers.

One good example is the famous scene from the opening sequence where Joel sees his daughter Sarah be shot and then die in his arms. The real-time eyes of Joel’s crying child, her gasping of her, and Joel’s face distorted by pain provide the scene with an emotional savageness that strikes us hard into the heart and stomach pit.

Attention, there are no trigger warnings within this game. The sequences that deal with suicide, infanticide, and attempted rape are now more difficult than they did previously. Those who have issues with this might want to skip some scenes, but there aren’t any specific warnings about triggers before the game. We would have liked more caution when handling triggers that might be in a (relaunched) game released in 2022.

Gameplay since 2013

A shame: the gameplay is unchanged in its fundamentals. We still loot ammunition, alcohol, tape, rags, and even scissors to make knives and medikits. We still gather bricks and bottles to frighten humans or infected enemies and then sneak by them or deliberately take them away from behind.

For those who prefer to hear it louder rather than silent, pick up a revolver hunting rifle and fire away. We like shoot-outs over the interludes of stealth, as Part 1 lags behind the second regarding getting around. In the game The Last of Us Part 2 For instance you can walk around the tall grass , and don’t need to create the shiv every time due to Ellie’s knife. Additionally, Joel moves much slower than the quick Ellie and makes the one or the other escape route we encounter in PS5, rebuilding an unnecessary exercise in patience.

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In direct contrast to Part 2, we sorely do not have the crawling, dodge, and jump buttons in the first re-released game. When we dodge the enemy’s punches and machete blows with proper time in Part 2, as Ellie is a sexy character, it not only performs with a lot of energy but is also stylishly designed. In Part 1, however, the brawls are dull and wooden. Therefore, we’d instead engage in violent gunfights, which are more enjoyable than before because of DualSense.

More punch from DualSense

The Last of Us Part 1 specifically benefits from the unique capabilities of the PS5 controller. PS5 controller and thus uses the haptic feedback feature and adaptive triggers (which can be disabled if you wish). When we draw the bow’s string, it will feel resistance. It’s not just that this makes the fragile ranged weapon feel more authentic. However, it’s also thrilling to place an arrow in the head of a Clicker. In case you’re wondering, shooting and aiming using the bow works as easily and quickly as in The Last of Us Part 2 and we don’t have to be concerned about the incredibly short trajectory of our arrows as we did in the past.

In addition, you can check out our thoughts on The Last of Us Part 2 here:

Due to the combination of haptic feedback and brute background sounds, guns today are not just more powerful than they did before but are also able to distinguish one another more easily when they are handled. The gun’s controller vibrates more intensely when shooting our shotgun than when you use our pistol 9mm.

Who is The Last of Us Part 1 worth it?

The main point can be said to mean The Last of Us. Part 1 is an extremely successful version.In particular, what Naughty Dog does visually and technically in the PS5 version is admirable and awe-inspiring.

A must-have for those new to the game: If you missed the first The Last of Us and do not mind the high cost of 80 euros, we recommend Part 1. Expect an audiovisual masterpiece that will tell one of the most memorable video game tales and bring you many memorable moments due to its exemplary production. We’re giving it a 90 score as we did for The Final of Us Remastered on PS4.

The double-edged weapon for those who love the game: For those who already have The Last of Us, it’s likely to be less interesting. The graphics are stunning. However, Part 1 hardly offers notable innovations other than to give gamers a different gaming experience. The Last of Us Part 1 remains The Last of Us. The story and the gameplay aren’t changing. The surprise moments aren’t there in the same way.

But it is true that with The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog delivers the most delicate rendition of this post-apocalyptic action-adventure to date, cleverly utilizing the potential and unique capabilities from DualSense, the PS5 along with DualSense.

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