Test: Chivalry 2 (Action)

And I was sure the game Chivalry 2 would get on my nerves quickly! The respawn is a solo affair, in which you begin each time in the company of other players, who shout toward …

And I was sure the game Chivalry 2 would get on my nerves quickly! The respawn is a solo affair, in which you begin each time in the company of other players, who shout toward the opposing team and then throw themselves into the sea of lances, spears, swords, and halberds, provided they don’t die with an arrow to the head. So it could be entertaining for a couple of minutes or so. But, you know, before taking a test can be a bit of a hazard isn’t so…

“Alright we’ll agree on an agreement to draw. ”

The fact is that it’s not the same today; however, during the Middle Ages, I would like to have been there at all times, should the lords, princes, and kings were once more negotiating for a few hectares of land, landed their people against each other had a hetten. It would not end any time differently than stews made of intestines and meat. When an iron sharply pierced the body from someplace you could not tell blood-spattered armor from one another and sharp arrows flung from nowhere, between the screams and groans the more minor, often more experienced soldiers, but always fighting for the survival of naked those who must hold an open bridge, put out the fire on a community, take gold, or guard their duke anyone who has seen Braveheart can roughly envision what they can be expecting. This is, at least, how Chivalry 2 portrays the story.

However, you can observe how some opponents use catapults to travel across the entire map. Of course, this is not a good idea! It does, however. Many also take barrels and put them on the heads of their enemies. Also, you can throw an entire fish – yes, the fish, at your foes that you bought at the market. It’s like putting a rolling merry-goround in motion, and its arms are twitching at the enemy or making silly remarks. make a raucous roar and then giddy in a voice that abruptly is broken after a dramatic crescendo or screams in agony at the very first moment.

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There are moments when you simply throw your sword at a superior opponent’s forehead in the most significant distress, and I experienced how it got stuck there while the poor guy slumped to the ground. I pulled it from his brain and continued to fight with it. You do sound like a maniac at your lungs everytime you return to the game – then repeatedly before you plunge into the chaos of the game again. It’s a thought I wouldn’t have considered that would be so, but Chivalry 2 relives the horror of inhumanity with such sharp humor that you’re compelled to use the words of Monty Python.

Oh, yes this is the storyis multiplayer, war, medieval and time.

It even has a historical background. It’s a fictional story in which the Order of Mason and the equally fictional Agathic Knights are involved in a war which is evident in the predecessor and The original Half-Life mod Age of Chivalry The difference isn’t that important, however, as apart from the tutorial and the training against the AI it doesn’t even have the slightest hint of any additional single-player content. So it’s all you need to know is that in this game, the reds battle against the blues and may change sides if your buddies take on the opposing side again.

The game For Chivalry 2. It is a battle painting inspired by Battlefield that can accommodate up to 64 players, that either take on the beets of the team Deathmatch until the unit has run out of life span, or attackers have achieved several goals in the form of a mission-based game that they attempt to prevent the defense from performing. Both modes are played in a pool, from where the next mission will be decided through chance, with missions-based maps being significantly more exciting.

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