Test: Air Link for Oculus Quest (Other)

Do you think a long-held VR wish now becoming a reality? Facebook recently announced its wireless connection for the gaming PC. This lets you stream directly to mobile Quest 2. The only requirement is the …

Do you think a long-held VR wish now becoming a reality? Facebook recently announced its wireless connection for the gaming PC. This lets you stream directly to mobile Quest 2. The only requirement is the update v28 and a modern router with good cables and efficient hardware for the PC. We tested the feature in beta and checked out the rival application, Virtual Desktop.

How do I set up my computer and get started?

Of course, the wireless connection between a gaming computer and headset isn’t a new concept; however, only a few years ago, you had to go deeper into your pockets to buy like this original wireless adapter for the Vive (Pro) or the equivalent the TPCast system. Both systems also require numerous accessories, such as batteries, a transmitter, and a receiver that is strapped to your head, with a clear view of the headset. It can be uncomfortable and hot. Both devices transmit using the high-speed 60 GHz range. Recently, a purchase of the low-cost VR device Oculus Quest2 (349 to 449 euros) and perhaps a speedy network will suffice to enable wireless gaming. Of course, you must also have a gaming laptop equipped with additional tools to encode the video stream. Compatibility and minimum requirements must be within the same range as the specifications of connecting cables. According to Oculus, the router being used must support AC/AX (i.e., Wi-Fi 5 or 6), that is, at 1 meter or more above the ground, and should not utilize mesh networks (e.g., using signals boosters).

For the test of early access, we picked up an Honor Router 3 with Wifi 6 at a bargain price of about 50 Euros. My previous Fritzbox modem has previously proven to be too slow. The setup and connection were simple: Just plug in the streaming router that uses modern Ethernet cables to the PC and the DSL modem or router and provide the device with electricity. After connecting the first time to the PC, a straightforward configuration is followed concerning Honor Router 3. Honor Router 3 ( check out the video tutorial of MRTV). Turning off dual-band optimization is essential to obtain two different access points. One of them is capable of 5 gigahertz and was chosen by Air Link for me shortly after.

Effective Tricks.

Our tip: First get the competitor app Virtual Desktop for 19.99 euros (it also runs with the Quest 1, unlike Air Link) and the matching Streamer app for the PC. This works like Facebook’s official stream function (picture and audio are encoded and decoded to reduce space for transmission). When the application begins, the Virtual Desktop will give important warnings that can be used to optimize the settings to allow for more smooth gaming. In my case, for instance, I had removed my malware scanner, which might have impacted. The Nvidia overlay of GeForce Experience is also one of the disruptive elements that can be disabled. After the fine-tuning process Air Link, the Air Link’s official Air Link also runs much more efficiently, even though the setup instructions aren’t available now.

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The operation and features in Air Link are kept very simple and easy (see the instructions below). In contrast to Virtual Desktop, there are no status display options for the current latency. Another fine-tuning of the technical aspect is absent, mainly since it is only possible to stream games using the official software instead of accessing the Windows desktop using the headset. There is, however, a new setting to adjust the bitrate of air links on the upper part of the Rift dashboard. It’s recommended to set it in “Dynamic” and move the slider to 200 Mbit/s in total. In this way, the program can reduce the bitrate automatically in the event of problems with bandwidth so that you can get a smooth image. What about quality and latency in real life? In more peaceful adventure games such as Maskmaker or action-adventure games such as the Asgard’s Wrath I was simply enthralled by the feeling of freedom that came with it and space – with no cables! The latency was slightly more than what I was used to from my previous experience with the Vive wireless adapter or the faster TPCast. But, the small delay didn’t cause me any discomfort. For instance, I noticed a slight delay when I turned long-impact weapons at rapid speed.

is fast enough to play most games.

SteamVR titles also worked neatly, so Half-Life: Alyx with the Quest 2 looked fantastically beautiful and detailed. Only light-colored backgrounds or those with haze were impacted by the obvious compression. However, I did be used to the choppy image when compared to Rift S or Valve Index. It appeared worse with beat Saber, Pistol Whip and FitXR Since every millisecond counts in terms of timing, the latency often hit a combination for me. This is why I prefer to play games or music using Air Link in an emergency. Additionally, the feature is not always smooth generally: Sometimes, the Quest 2 did not find the gaming PC when it was trying to start Air Link, for example. In the beginning, I had to remove the whole Oculus program, including Registry entries from your PC (e.g., using the free application “Revo Uninstaller,” thanks to our reader “Tas Mania” for the suggestion!). But, when I reinstalled the application, the computer was always present. In addition, every couple of minutes, I had short “hangs” while transferring, but only for a fraction of a second; however, they were still frustrating. The reason could be due to my Hamburg urban apartment, from which I’m connected to around 40 hotspots that are likely to interfere with one another. Thus, Air Link might run better in smaller regions. In addition, the issue of quick interruptions in service was not as frequent when using Virtual Desktop. But, in return, compatibility issues may occur slightly more frequently here as the creator, Guy Godin, virtually had to come up with a solution to achieve the same effect.

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How do I configure Air Link:

A few final suggestions on how to set the Air Link: Once the regular Oculus application is installed on your PC (also versions 28 and later), navigate to “Settings” on the left sidebar and click on click on the “Beta” tab on the upper bar. The smallest item to the right is called the “Air Link “Air Link” button. Unfortunately, it’s currently disabled automatically every 24 hours. Remember to activate the feature regularly! After creating Quest 2, go to the Quest 2, go to “Experimental Features” in the settings menu on the left, and turn on “Air Link” adjacent in the middle. To begin streaming, head to “Quick Actions” within the settings of the Quest 2. Then click”air link” or the “Oculus Air Link” button to connect to the computer operating Oculus software. Oculus software. Then, press “Launch” to be ready to go! In addition, some users claimed that improvements to the debug tool assisted in improving their performance. The tool is responsible for the standard linking of Quest (2) and the computer through a USB cable. The issue was not a problem for us, however Uploadvr.com has published an equivalent guide to the issue.

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