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You might have heard about SureFire Gaming’s products. With Verbatim’s help, the new German hardware maker is trying to establish an advantage in the competitive gaming market. We have taken a look at a few …

You might have heard about SureFire Gaming’s products. With Verbatim’s help, the new German hardware maker is trying to establish an advantage in the competitive gaming market.

We have taken a look at a few of the products available to readers in an overview which includes headsets, a mouse with a mouse pad, and an External SSD.

SureFire HARRIER 360 RGB

Surround sound gaming headset with USB


The SureFire Harrier 360 RGB headset has a USB connection, which means it can be used on PCs and the game console. The soft leatherette 50mm Ear cushions fit your ears well, and the adjustable and cushioned headband is light and ideal for long gaming sessions.

The sleek and well-designed headset has an integrated remote control cable and a removable and movable gooseneck microphone. The line with a USB port has a length of 2 meters, which is enough for PCs. However, it might be too long for the console to the couch. The remote control integrated into the cable allows users to alter the volume using a rotary dial or turn off the microphone with the switch. In addition, a different button can be used to control or disable lighting effects using RGB lighting. But, there isn’t software designed to handle specific products, colors, or other options.

Sound quality and quality can be enjoyed at a reasonable quality with decent bass. However, the 7.1 audio effects weren’t as convincing. The effects were not as strong as in the other 7.1 headsets. The microphone can pick up the voice clearly and with no background noise, but it’s a bit silent by default.

You shouldn’t expect to see any amazing results at a price of about EUR35. However, you will get a good product with a minimum of bells or whistles at an affordable price when you purchase the SureFire Harrier headset.

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Gaming Mouse 7-Button with RGB Lighting

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The SureFire Hawk Claw is a gaming mouse for right-handed users with seven buttons and RGB lighting. With the help of separate installable software, the lighting can be controlled. Numerous settings and effects are accessible. The software that comes with it allows the macros and buttons to be programmed, and speeds can also be stored.

The top is a switch that can adjust using two buttons, the resolution in six steps. Max 6,400 DPI can be achieved, which is plenty when playing the highest-demanding games. In addition, polling rates can be altered by using the software. The two buttons that can be laterally adjusted are simple to grasp, even for smaller hands. However, the weight is somewhat high compared to similar products, which weigh 140 grams.

The matte black finish feels quite pleasant. The mouse feels comfortable in your hand and can precisely perform its job. The wheel of the mouse is smooth to run and still locks perfectly.

With a street cost of about EUR25, You can’t be wrong and buy an excellent gaming mouse for an affordable price using the SureFire Hawk Claw.

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Gaming Mouse Pad

Technical Specifications

The SureFire Silent Flight Gamepad comes with a microtextured exterior, a non-slip bottom, and RGB lighting through the USB port. It is available in two sizes, M and L, and its surface is designed to provide the highest level of precision for gaming mice equipped with optical or laser sensors.

The multicolor light can be operated without installing any software. Just choose one of the 14 modes by pressing the button at the top. One decides between single color or versch. Lighting effects and color combinations. Its CertainFire SilentFlight retains the brightness set and the mode that you have selected for its RGB illumination each time.

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At a price of at present EUR 19.- – in the deal, it is even considerably less than the price of the size M. it is only an offer, and you will get an excellent mouse pad with RGB lighting at a low price.

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Storage expansion for external SSDs

Technical Specifications

Gaming Bunker Gaming Bunker is an external SSD housed in the form of a black plastic case with color-changing LEDs, which creates a variety of vibrant accents. The additional storage is available in 1TB and 512GB sizes. Gaming Bunker Bunker for Gaming Bunker is designed primarily to serve as a storage expansion for gaming consoles, but it can also be utilized on a PC without issues.

The SureFire Gaming SSD features high-speed flash memory and a USB 3.2 GEN 1 interface that can transfer speeds of as high as 5 Gbps. The SSD includes an adapter USB-C that makes the SSD compatible with a large array of devices. In our tests, we recorded 445 MB/s read speed and around 405 MB/s of writing speed.

Included as part of the package is Nero backup software that will assist you in backing up all your folders, files, and drives to your PC, laptop, or any other device.

The retail price for the external SSD 512GB is currently about EUR100

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The SureFire Gaming brand wasn’t on our list of brands before; however, they are always well-made with all the necessary features that gamers love greatly and that they’re priced reasonably. We particularly liked especially the SureFire Hawk Claw gaming mouse, as well as The SureFire Silent Flight mouse pad.

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