Subnautica in the test – In the intoxication of the deep

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits: At this moment, you’re letting the mass of low-quality survival games …

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits:

At this moment, you’re letting the mass of low-quality survival games flooding the gaming market in recent years entice players. Subnautica, however, on the other side, was a rarity with its PC version, and it has the added benefit of setting the player on a deserted island, using waters as the natural barriers. It is the water that cools and serves as the backdrop of the narrative.

The story is told quickly in its most essential details that Aurora’s crew Aurora is merely supposed to establish the phase gate on the orbit of planet 4546B. However, their spacecraft crashes because of an initial unidentified glitch. As a lone crew member, you can get on in one of the pods for escape. However, you are smashed by flying metal components. As you awake, the escape pod you were in will be the one floating around the mostly water-based planet. Your objective is to discover the underwater world and eventually discover a way to return home.


Of course, this will not be a simple task. Apart from the fact that you’ll have to be by yourself on the ocean at the start of the game, you do not have the raw ingredients to create crucial equipment, such as diving gear , radiation protection suits, as well as devices like scans and compasses. There’s also the issue of food, as in your primary mode of play, you must also ensure that you take a regular intake of water and food so that you don’t go to the grave.

Happily, the supply of essential items can be assured before the first dive. Fish like Laubscher and boomerangs can be cooked within the kitchen in your rescue pod. Bubble fish are used to filter out water that isn’t drinkable.

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The game’s attraction is evident within the initial few minutes when you can get your feet wet first, go through colorful groups of fish through cave systems or search the gorgeously designed biomes in seeking out materials like copper or titanium and it becomes apparent that Subnautica’s exciting game world not only has an enormous amount of work but also a significant amount of heart.

Everything is consistent and coherent. The underwater controls are among the finest that the genre has created up to now, and the debris of escape pods and the Aurora itself, scattered across the seabed, fit perfectly into the stunning scenery. Additionally, they serve a crucial purpose. After you’ve collected enough scanner materials and put them into the fabricator, you’ll be able to draw blueprints from specific technological fragments.

Design, make, and build a base

These plans provide the base to build a mobile vehicle station that lets you create anything, including the Sea Moth, a small single-person submarine to the massive Cyclops, and other underwater vehicles or more advanced tools like laser cutters. Laser Cutter.

The wide range of options to utilize the earth’s resources can motivate you to appreciate the superb music and the game’s depth. You can also explore such diverse habitats as creeper forests, underground lava lakes, and plains of red grass.

There are gaps in the flow of gameplay. Nevertheless, Subnautica does not always seal completely watertight. Particularly in the initial areas, it could take a long time before you receive the silver ore needed for the cable set and the deep diving mask, for instance. This leads to artificial lengths, which shouldn’t have been the case in the first place.

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Piece by piece to create a story of Happiness

There’s at least something to do as you wait for the following plot tidbit. The reason is that Subnautica’s pacing is a bit slow, leading you to step by step to the story behind Aurora. Aurora crash, with some surprising twists. The true masterpiece is that the narrative never feels forced and is constantly constructed and presented compellingly, although it mainly occurs in documents and transmissions. The creators of the survival simulation have done an excellent job.

On the contrary, they were incompetent on another, although not significant aspect. Our test revealed numerous crashes during the process of saving, which was not reproducible reliably. In certain instances, the progress of as much as one hour might have been lost. This is more than just annoying when you must fight for every scarcer resource at the start of the game. Also, the dives you take are restricted by low oxygen capacity.

This issue is likely to be fixed quickly and is not a significant issue for the great overall experience of the game, but like inventory management, which can occasionally be a little challenging to manage. Although both can disrupt the otherwise flawless gameplay, The majority of Subnautica is an animated version that is a modernized version of Robinsonade without the unnecessary burden of similar survival titles and the undesirable imperialist and colonialist subtexts of the original literary work.

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