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The month of December was filled with the Assassin’s Creed game.But as my friends in Valhalla conquered the entirety of England by deploying an Eivor Viking, I was in commanding Templars and Assassins on an …

The month of December was filled with the Assassin’s Creed game.But as my friends in Valhalla conquered the entirety of England by deploying an Eivor Viking, I was in commanding Templars and Assassins on an analog game board. Two fantastic franchises are joined with the Stratego Assassin’s Creed. The result is an engaging and entertaining variation of the iconic.

The Stratego story of success started in World War II, when Dutchman Mogendorff, Jacques Johan, created the game on his kitchen table at home to keep his two sons entertained. The game was inspired by similar games, such as Gunjin Shogi (Japanese Military Chess) or the French poet L’Attaque. The goal is to take the opponent’s flag or block the opponent through skillful positioning on the board. Since 1958, over 40 million games of the Stratego family have been sold across the globe. With Sratego Assassin’s Creed, the family is now part of a different series.

The game Sratego Assassin’s Creed The various players are made up of famous figures from the first half of the game’s series. This means that you’ll encounter Ezio Auditore and historic greats such as Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci on the Assassin’s side or Borgia of the Templars on the other side. However, there are some clear distinctions from the traditional version, as instead of the standard 40 figures, the opponent is limited to 26 players to pick from. In addition, the game board is smaller, with only 80 squares. The thing that remains the same, however, is the idea that all game elements are built on the hierarchy that is one’s army (ranks), like is typical for Stratego, which means that only the player with the highest level can beat the other. Instead of having a flag, the aim of Sratego the Assassin’s Creed is to take on that apple in Eden.

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More than “Stratego Classic”

In addition to the standard game, Stratego Assassin’s Creed provides two additional options for fun: “Stratego Duel” and “Stratego Special.” In the second latter, some unique rules will be considered to make the game more enjoyable. For instance, Captains of all ranks have noble swords and take on two game pieces simultaneously. The spy also has the Eldentuch and can help other soldiers heal, and with the help of Edenapfel, you control your opponent’s turn. The other options add a strategic dimension to your game.

A bit different, however, the variation is is Stratego Duell. This represents a more accessible version of the original game concept since it only has ten pieces per is being played. In this game, the emphasis is on bluffing and less strategic action. This is appropriate for fun with a higher speed and those who are just beginning to understand the rules.

The two worlds of games fit perfectly. Teams with characters of different capabilities and strength fight to win in a classic situation.

The presentation and quality of the Stratego Assassin’s creed are sure to impress. The game’s design is high-end, with the printed images of the Assassin’s creed designs picked visually appealingly. But there’s an issue regarding the game pieces: The 60 plastic pieces have to be manually supplied with the appropriate stickers before the game begins. This is a tedious task I would like to have done myself.


The Stratego Assassin’s Creed takes the classic game, is wrapped in a beautiful graphic presentation, and enhances it with a variety of tactical elements. Board game heart, what else could you ask for? It’s great! I particularly enjoyed the two-game variations that include duel modes. While it helps new players to begin, more experienced players particularly benefit from the unique version because it provides them with something to consider due to the new options for tactical play. So, Stratego Assassin’s Creed is a definite recommendation from me, particularly when you have a fond love for the world of Assassins and Templars, regardless.

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