Steelrising in test: French, but not revolutionary

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals, as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals, as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits:

The desire for new action food is especially prevalent now, and what could be more appealing than a delicious Soulslike fillet of French cuisine? This developer studio, Spiders that you might be familiar with through the titles Bound by Flame, The Technomancer, or , most recently, Greedfall, will be serving the gamers of PS5 as well as Xbox series (X/S) (and PC) at the cost of 60 euros.

To put it in a positive light: If you’re looking to find more Souls or simply a good time until the next cracker comes around, we have a good thing for you. There is also good news for people who have found clean third-person action games too complicated. However, you can tell that your SoulsPros haven’t been very excited about it. Steelrising is, after all, not a premium food item but rather an industrial-quality croissant that you can buy from the local discount shop just around the corner.

This is the Story of (K)a French Revolution

Steelrising brings us back to the 18th century of Paris, and if you’ve been following the news in class, you’re probably familiar with some of the characters Marie-Antoinette or Maximilien de Robespierre as key characters tragically tragic in The French Revolution. Spiders provide an intriguing alternate reality where machines have taken control of the capital, and we’re supposed to solve a nefarious plot by the royal court in the bodyguard role of a robot called Aegis.

Contrary to other genres, The narrative is presented in an understood manner through longer cutscenes. Backgrounds to the game’s world are described in easily readable letters. However, it’s presented in such a boring traditional way and adorned with dull (main) character models that the game doesn’t give the player anything new during the course between between 18 and 20 hours. In particular, following Greedfall, which impressed us, mainly thanks to intriguing NPCs and thrilling surprises, we were expecting much more from this.

Assessment of technical aspects:

Visually, Steelrising is quite appealing. The nighttime atmosphere of Paris, which was affected by the revolutionary revolution, was well-recreated, and the characters of the opponents’ robots look fantastic with all their embellishments. However, the reality that the game was released only for the latest console generation makes us skeptical. Steelrising does not even come close to the same level as a full-fledged PS5 or Xbox Series X game, and certain aspects, like the lack of emotion in cutscenes, remind us of that earlier PS3 and Xbox 360 era.

Efficiency and Resolution in Steelrising, you have the option of choosing among three different image types that, unfortunately, just “Prefer frame rate” promises a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience with 60 frames per second. As a result, you’ll need to be prepared for a low resolution of 1080 pixels for this setting, which results in a blurry image. “Prefer resolution” will be around 1800p, with a continuous 30 fps based on our testing, and there is no difference in the graphic aside from the increased quality of the image.

The option hidden under “Prefer graphic quality” is Another option running at 1440 p resolution and 30 frames per second; however, it comes with minor improvements. There is a more consistent lighting system, a little more extensive and more realistic vegetation, soft shadows, and a longer rendering distance. Overall we’re also disappointed by the poor performance of this mode; visually speaking, the game does very little to match.

There are also inevitable graphics glitches, like characters floating around in cutscenes or flashing intense hair, leaving an unfinished look. We also had issues with activated HDR that either displayed the wrong image, which caused us to lose essential sections, or dark content was shown too brightly, making notes that are collectible like those, for instance, could not be read.

Overall, they are more of nuisance imperfections, and we were not restricted in the game’s progress by itself.

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The gameplay is solid. Souls music

However, what is more important to us in the context of a Soulslike are the battles, and even if Steelrising doesn’t make it to the elite league in the country, we certainly enjoyed the fights.

Spiders don’t make a new wheel; instead, they offer the same tools found in games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne to the player, and the endurance of Nioh can be restored by pressing the button at the appropriate moment . The timing is more lenient than the original game, in fact. It is possible to parry attacks, avoiding by rolling or damaging opponents in the back. All of this can be accomplished with a relatively small yet delightful and diverse range of weapons made from mechanical components.

If you feel more agile during combat, grab two frost daggers at the beginning of the game. Then, he engages his adversaries with light strikes, freezing them, and slowly slams them into a mighty leap attack. If you are a fan of strength and power, you can utilize the flamboyant volley mallet to convert the buckets of metal into scrap metal. The ability to fire weapons and firearms is also accessible, but they are restricted by a type of ammunition that enemies leave behind when they die. Consider Steelrising more of an assault game, with some combat at a distance.

The all-mechanical enemies have retained their appeal in our memories because the creators have created stunning and intricate designs ranging from the trumpet juggler to the giant robot with hammers. The only problem is that the fights feel extremely uniform, even when compared to various types of enemies, and won’t challenge those who love genres.

“See Paris and die” or perhaps “French for novices”?

It is necessary to mention a few things about the difficulty of Steelrising and how it is likely for many to judge and perceive differently based on the type of player you are.

It should be pointed out the possibility of playing Steelrising as an alternative in Assistant game mode. This is where you can set the amount of damage your enemies take in a range of zero to 100. You can prevent the loss of “souls” after death and control how quickly Aegis’ stamina replenishes. You’re adjusting the difficulty level; that’s a first for the Soulslike game.

Let’s go from the positive side to an aspect that could frighten veterans who have played the genre for a while. Steelrising will not present the same challenge you’ve experienced in games by FromSoftware, Team Ninja, or Deck 13 with The Surge. There are two reasons why this is the case.

There aren’t many boss fights

We last battled numerous bosses over hours at Thymesia. The victory here was ours at the latest, on the third time for a total of eight pieces. The bosses aren’t impressively staged, and their mostly ineffective and predictable attacks are difficult. It’s just that the reality is that we are confronted in the form of “bullet sponges” to be able to force one or the other to negligence.


Furthermore, you can make your game much more enjoyable by purchasing items like powerful bombs, healing potions, or explosives. You can purchase these items at an upscale boutique near the luxurious and well-placed reset points, which allows you to increase your classic stats such as stamina or strength.

This makes fighting easy: 25 explosive grenades purchased for a dime, straight to the boss’s fight, and then a spam square is completed. This isn’t an exaggeration, in fact. You can spend your energy with bombs, then run to the boss and finish the job in 15 minutes. This works so well since items are available in large quantities of more than 100 at every reset point, which means there’s no limit to what you can do in the final.

You don’t need to play the game in this manner; however, for those new to the genre, there’s always a simple to get out of this. But, we would have liked more of the usual grit of Soulslike. Soulslike or, at the very least, free of the paths. Also, it must be noted that Steelrising does not include the option of a New Game Plus with stronger enemies. The game also doesn’t allow you to return to your world after the end credits are over, which we found very annoying.

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The world of games: Atmospheric with good beginnings

In the final section, we’d like to mention a few things about Paris as the center of Steelrising. As mentioned in the technology section above, nocturnal Paris is undoubtedly inconspicuous with coherence and a sense of atmospheric construction.

The most difficult issue is the actual levels where we can access genre-specific shortcuts. However, they are all (!) too similar and evidently (!) too long up to the game’s halfway point.

Audiotrack and Soundtrack Steelrising is the only game that offers an English synchro option with optional German subtitles. At the very least, French is an option that could have been a good choice.

The good news: The music makes it a joy, which convinced us that we are not just during boss battles.

In addition to two very brief exceptions, we run through narrow, run-down streets, passing small gardens, and go to the most famous or other glitzy structure that is part of this French metropolis. In this game, we schematically fight several enemies every 50m (often reused in slightly modified versions) and then pass through an intermediate boss before we confront the boss of the level. Steelrising would have not only benefitted from having more variety and variety, but it also would be sensible to tighten the zones considerably.

The subject of this article is regions:From the bosses, we receive new abilities, such as grappling hooks, a dash or a strong leap attack, which we could make use of offensively in battles, or within the levels to unlock new sections taking down walls like. This Metroidvania strategy is a well-thought-out idea at the core and encourages exploration of the game’s world to earn rewards such as new weapons or armor. Particularly making use of the grappling hook and Aegis, the jumping feature provides a sense more verticality to the gameplay.

But, a large “but” is in the works too. Moving freely over rooftops using Aegis isn’t going to perform. Instead, we look for markers in certain locations where we can climb up to go through the houses and into another alleyway or dust off something on the balcony.

But, this type of verticality cannot be considered until the very end or is restricted by an insufficient budget, particularly when we need to leap over small obstacles but end up on the artificially defined level line. Furthermore, the latest gadgets are usually used to follow the storyline.

Steelrising is used as an alternative to filling in gaps

If you’ve made it to this exam stage, you will be aware that there are many things to critique. This is due to the fact that Steelrising is a great game; whether it’s in its story, gameplay, or even the world of games, it has some great methods, but it doesn’t excel in any particular specific area. It is lacking some highlights, for example, Thymesia, which is distinct from the rest of Soulslikes thanks to its excellent combat system.

If you’re looking for a basic action RPG that has a few consistent settings and an easy-to-follow story, then you’ll definitely get your enjoyment in Steelrising. For Souls players, Steelrising is not a game we’d recommend you to avoid as it has some serious flaws. It’s more of a game you buy at a sale with no expectations and plays in an extremely slow time. It’s just the regular croissant at the discounter that is a great way to satisfy a hunger craving.

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