speedlink IMPERIOR gaming mouse in test

Hardware manufacturer Speedlink has again provided us with a test mouse, and this time we’ll examine Speedlink’s wireless IMPERIOR gaming mouse. Gaming mice can remain quiet without cables and are still used in the challenging …

Hardware manufacturer Speedlink has again provided us with a test mouse, and this time we’ll examine Speedlink’s wireless IMPERIOR gaming mouse.

Gaming mice can remain quiet without cables and are still used in the challenging daily gaming life. The Imperior gaming mouse made by Speedlink is part of this class and also comes with RGB lighting , seven buttons, and a joystick that fits the thumb. It’s all for less than 50 euros, which is an affordable price. We’ve checked to see if the Imperior might eventually be able to compete in our parkour test.

Technical information

Design, craftsmanship, and ergonomics

The mouse is housed inside a chic cardboard box with an integrated mini-USB receiver, the 1.5-meter USB-C charging cable, and a user’s guide. Its length is 135 millimeters, and a weight of 122 grams, the Imperior comes into the arena as an actual hunk. Therefore, it’s unsuitable for players who prefer the tiny mice feet. Due to their size, left-handed mice are targeted at large to medium hands. However, the quality of the artistry is high-end, the black matte surface feels comfortable, and the mouse sits comfortably and securely in the palm thanks to the left-mounted, rubberized surface.

The right and left mouse buttons are both easy to reach, along with the scroll wheel and four additional buttons placed behind each one and above one another on the left. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the thumb joystick for smaller hands. In my case, it was about 2 centimeters from my thumb and was only able to be operated and reached by non-naturally pushing my hand forward

It’s a shame since, from this point, I’ve but to promise many things, but this is where the manufacturer will have to compromise to ensure that the ergonomics of as many players works

Software, sensors, and handling

The Imperior design is targeted at gamers as the primary target group, and the additional keys that look metallic and their RGB lighting are meant to highlight this. But the majority of “chrome-plated” parts are constructed of plastic and appear like they’re “retro.” For example, the scroll wheel is hidden behind. A button with the logo illuminated, is set in the middle, and is a five-step switch with a resolution of up to 5500 dpi.

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On the mouse’s side, the receiver hasace to move, and there are two additional mini-switches. One of them can be used to switch your mouse off and off without or with illumination, and the second allows you to select an RGB illumination, though it is a bit simpler to accomplish using software, too. Some foils protect the large-surface gliders. These must be removed before removal to ensure the mouse can glide smoothly over the pad. Due to its heavy weight, the Imperior is not a sprinter on the desk. However, on our place made of textile, it can allow itself to be pushed effortlessly across the floor.

The RGB illumination that the mouse emits has been rendered somewhat dull as it appears on images that are still very strong and intense. Therefore, the mouse’s lighting is restricted to certain areas, such as 4 points high on the gadget and the region of the scroll wheel above the dpi switch until the bottom. As a result, it looks decent in dim lighting but doesn’t stand out compared to other models.

On the website of the manufacturer, the software to configure the mouse is installed to be installed onto your PC. It looks old-fashioned yet offers all the necessary functions to set the mouse to one’s needs. The first is the lighting, which is possible to change. Modes are available, allowing the customization of buttons, dpi levels, polling rate, and sleep timers. It also ends by defining profiles and macros. The settings can be saved and activated using five profiles stored in the mouse’s internal memory.

On the sensor’s side, Speedlink has installed a PixArt PMW 3325 sensor with a true 5,00 dpi. However, it could be increased to 10,000 dpi via interpolation. But, this isn’t required since the mouse’s accuracy is adequate. With a rate of polling that is 1000Hz, data is transmitted to the receiver through a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The battery’s lifespan is long enough and likely only need to be charged once per week, subject to usage. The mouse can be operated using the cable if required.

Game Playability

In the challenging gaming environment in shooter games, MOBA, or strategy games, the Imperior gives an excellent impression. The buttons are well-made, well-placed and have a high-pressure point, the Scroll wheel can be precise, and there were no dropouts or jerks during our testing. These buttons on the side are simple to reach and could be used to perform additional actions within the game. However, the mouse is quite heavy in intense fights because of its weight. There would have to be “lighter” and flexible options available. Therefore, for shooters with a high speed, I would not recommend the Imperior, but everything else is fine.

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It is not without difficulty to some degree; at the very most, with smaller hands, it is simply a thumb joystick. It could be utilized as a four-way directional pad or as the console controller. It can be used to replace the standard W, A, S, and D keys to control the game’s characters with this joystick, for instance. The joystick is designed to control media, i.e., the tracker “Forward” along with “Back” and “Volume upwards” as well as “Volume downwards.” But, this doesn’t make much sense in gaming, and these functions might be better placed elsewhere.

Other than being unable to use the joystick properly because of accessibility issues, it didn’t make a difference for us. Smooth control of the game’s character was not feasible. It’s possible that the component could be used to perform other tasks in the game; however, in our view, this feature could have been removed.


For fifty euros it is worth the price. Speedlink Imperior is a high-quality Wireless gaming mouse that can do its job well. The price-performance ratio is well in the general sense, particularly when you have more extensive hands. Also, you can access the 4-way joystick with ease. If you have tiny fingers, the feature can be complicated to use. Due to its weight and slowness, it is a wrong choice. Nager is also not ideal for MMO as well as MOBA players, for whom the additional buttons are definitely beneficial. There are other options for shooters who are faster.

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