SPEEDLINK FIN Wireless Vertical Mouse in the test

Who is aware that I’ve been using since the beginning of time for health-related motives, “vertical mice” to work as well as for gaming? Thanks to the , the FIN Wireless Vertical mouse company SPEEDLINK …

Who is aware that I’ve been using since the beginning of time for health-related motives, “vertical mice” to work as well as for gaming? Thanks to the , the FIN Wireless Vertical mouse company SPEEDLINK has an updated wireless mouse available in their offer, which we’ve subjected to more rigorous testing to help you decide.

With the Fin Wireless Vertical Mouse, even the longest work sessions need not be a burden. The ergonomically-designed vertical mouse allows for an ideal posture, which safeguards joints and tendons. Damage and injuries to the shoulder, wrist, or neck are avoided.

The mouse is packaged in a cardboard box with a USB-C cable that is the necessary receiver inside the mouse’s housing. Wireless connectivity with an extended range of up to 10 meters lets you operate freely, regardless of the location of your computer. Because of the lithium-ion battery, there’s no requirement to buy batteries. The 500mAh charge capacity, an on/off switch, and an intelligent power-saving mode will ensure long-lasting performance.

In addition to two large-area mouse buttons, this mouse comes with tiny dpi switches to alter the sampling rate with three resolutions. Additionally, there are the forward and back buttons located near the thumb, which can be used to allow scrolling across websites. Finally, in the uppermost part of the mouse, there is still a multi-colored LED light ring that brings some color into your day-to-day routine.

Technical Specifications

Design and Ergonomics

The design of the mouse is ergonomically curved to guarantee an upright hand position. This is only suitable for right-handed users, and there’s no left-hander version. The design is similar in style to the Logitech MX Vertical mouse. However, the buttons are positioned at different locations.

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A separate driver or software to divide. Settings, there isn’t. The receiver is connected to a free USB port on your computer, switch the mouse to the back, and then you can “losmausen.” The dpi button lets users change their resolution to between 800, 1,200, and 1,600 dpi in the middle of the wheel. There aren’t any LEDs to tell you which key you’re currently at, so trial and error can help.

Scroll wheel operation is exact; however, it is a little slower compared to its Logitech equivalent; however, it does not matter when you’re working. It is a bit annoying that for hands with smaller hands than mine, the top button on the bottom to switch between forward and back is virtually impossible to access, not even touching them, which is a shame. The two buttons on the standard mouse are also a little slow for me when I click, but they function well and are large enough.

The light ring high-up on the mouse appears casually elegant, yet it can be altered neither in either function or color. This mouse is light , weighing 115 grams. It can also glide “light-footed” across the pad of the mouse with its four legs.

Game with the FIN Wireless Vertical Mouse

For those serious about gaming, The SPEEDLINK Fin Wireless Vertical Mouse is not the best option, but it’s not made to be used. We did test this mouse inside a challenging game with a handful of games in the current market to determine what the mouse can do when you play games in between.

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Modern gaming mice come with a scan resolution of around 20,000 dpi; that’s the maximum. 1600 dpi will not create racing horses out of the Speedlink, the FIN Wireless Vertical Mouse. This is especially evident in shooters, in which quick responses are essential. Furthermore, the additional buttons cannot be employed in an unprofessional manner because of their layout.

For prolonged gaming, I would prefer to use other input devices; however, I would recommend the SPEEDLINK mouse is always employed for occasional strategy games or role-playing games.



With a street cost of around EUR 35, you can get an extremely affordable and durable mouse for ergonomic work . Speedlink FIN wireless vertical mouse.The Mouse is wireless, easy to use, and is well-constructed. Some design flaws and the absence of customization options can sour the overall experience somewhat, but they’re acceptable at the price point.

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