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It is believed that the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts games are a fascinating addition to the world of shooter games. On the one hand, since they’re by themselves, an intriguing mixture of cat and mouse …

It is believed that the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts games are a fascinating addition to the world of shooter games. On the one hand, since they’re by themselves, an intriguing mixture of cat and mouse games played at short to medium distances and the skilled use of the fantastic ballistic power of a large caliber precision weapon at extreme lengths. Also, there is no way to say that these games were “very great.” Yet, the series still has its fans. They also regularly receive new ideas. This is the case now. The time is now to remove the safety from the rifle and put on the camouflage-colored girth. Let’s look at what our alter-ego, “Raven,” will store for us right now.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is set in the fictional state of Kumar just a few days after what happened to its two years old predecessor. President Omar Al-Bakr and his wife, Bibi Rashida, have been in power for the last 20 years. If Al Bakr is assassinated, his wife takes over, and, to put it simply, she doesn’t always do an even better job than her husband. With the support of some among the worst of the worst, her husband holds the country in a tense grip. We aim to ease the grasp … even though the film isn’t worthy of an Oscar, nor does it have any real significance. It’s still nice to see that the makers have put in an extra effort in the presentation of the same story, and it’s not to the level of Call of Duty, for instance, but at least it’s taking an important step toward a positive direction.

A more beautiful murder

A lot of work was also spent on the graphics based on CryEngine. The lighting looks fantastic, and the levels are more impressive than ever. Sharp textures, a great view, and various effects, including the flickering of heat when in hot areas, make sniping difficult and offer various visual delights. Also, you can’t forget the “signature results” that are bloody blasts that provide the view “into” body parts of the victims in which the bullet pierces through bone and flesh, concluding with a satisfying crunch. A headshot shatters the light on all bad guys, including our main target, the “bosses,” as they say. It’s this “in the front of the bullet; they’re all the same,” which creates instances during the game where the light shines brightest. In a mission, for example, I was expected to be able to eliminate an armed warlord from a secured computer center. But I wasn’t looking to be involved in combat close to home or traversing through a sea of foes, known as the “daily breakfast” within the Sniper series, which is what they call it. Once I understood the patterns of his movements and hit, I made my strike on a moving elevator, which was the vast chasm of an opaque glass window that he could only be observed only for a brief moment. Oh, the sweet delight …

Many toys, large playgrounds

The game has seven missions. The primary one is a brief introduction to the sniper’s concept and the gear. Every mission typically includes at least one primary and many secondary objectives with plenty of diversity. Get someone out here, help someone else there, or sabotage something else there, and the list goes on. There’s also Sandbox-like gameplay. When you start each mission, you only get some approximate locations of the primary goals. The exact location and the best way to reach it is what you will be able to do. If the “main objective” is checked, a number of zones of exfiltration will be shown on the map, which you can exit the mission area and leave … as well through which you can obtain additional equipment before returning to the game.

Equipment: This is a crucial element when it comes to Contracts 2. The most trusted partner and aide is a drone; for example, it can locate and identify enemies, turn off cameras, and even shoot poison darts. The standard grenades and mines are also available along with the gun’s turret controlled by remote and C4-powered charges and Bandages (There also is an automatic healing function. However, it runs extremely slow. The medikits may be helpful). Just to mention several instances.

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In these “before you shoot, everyone is equally” moments that the game is at its brightest.

Many weapons are available,, which aree further enhanced through a range of accessories and modifications. There is a wide selection of firearms, such as semi-automatic or fully automated machine guns, pistols, and bows waiting to be added to an assortment of ammunition types, making the weapon more adaptable to the present situation and providing more depth. For instance, the standard light ammunition is employed to eliminate targets that are not armored and is only reliable to kill by headshot. In contrast, it’s best to choose armor-piercing bullet for heavy armored AI Henchmen. EMP rounds, however, are employed to eliminate electronic equipment from a distance. However, it’s usually worth searching for a control box exposed elsewhere to store these rounds until they’re required. Decoy rounds attract the eye of the enemy by making him stare towards the point of hitting or leaving his position. The final cartridge is almost in the category of cheating. “Agile Bullets” allow the shooter to aim the crosshairs directly towards the target, leaving out the direction of travel, wind, and everything else. When you pull the trigger, hit the mark, and then. The game is almost monotonous …

Alongside the vast array of gear available, you could modify your character’s appearance according to your style of play with enhancements. The abilities are split into reconnaissance, mask camouflage, support drone and turret, and other equipment and gadgets. They can’t be purchased using money earned through the missions, but they can be obtained by earning points you earn by completing your task, similar to achievements. This could be, for instance, you can clear the entire camp completely unnoticed and quietly, removing the target from a really far distance or similar.

The gist of the story

Does everything sound fantastic? Absolutely. However, the real problem, as is of the time, is in the small details … in this case and in particular in two areas: the AI of the enemy and the saving system. For instance, the save system is an odd mix of super-soldier and drooling fool. As an example, even though everyone on the map can pinpoint the location of your position when you are detected, they can decide what to do with that information in various ways. Some will resolutely remain at their posts and appear like buses, whereas others will fire immediately at your location with surgical precision. Another example: When certain enemies are able to notify everyone they know of your presence in one second between “I have seen your presence” or “I’m dead,” and I’ve not even moved ten steps from an adversary in his entire field of view without him expressing any resentment at all. Both extreme instances are, thankfully, extremes and not the norm. Nevertheless, it’s still highly frustrating each time it occurs. It’s primarily because of saving the system.

There is, in actuality, there is no feature for quick save that is triggered by hand. Instead, the game saves automatically. However, it only saves when it often defies reason. In addition, it could cause a loss of enjoyment of the game. For instance, in one mission, the goal was to save the prisoner. If you were to be found by the authorities, it could mean the hostage’s death. So far, so good. The issue is that after around half an hour on the map, I made a mistake in firing from some guards approximately 1200m away. That means all the criminals around our prisoner’s house were out for blood, and I was far too distant to be able to stop them. The game ended up being saved, and the alarm went off. Unfortunately, only one complete reboot of the task will help. *grumble*

In addition to the game’s design flaws, I discovered many bugs. Small branches or ledges of trees often turned into almost unsurmountable obstacles. I don’t know why a wire mesh fence could be as large an obstacle to our super-elite soldier as a three-meter deep concrete wall. Have I never heard of Leatherman? Absurd.

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If you are willing to endure all this – or even hope for patches or patches, Sniper Ghost Warriors 2 can keep you entertained. For a long period of duration. The range is sufficient to allow anything from 8 to 30 hours of playing time. What’s the reason for the vast spread? If you are running like a madman, speed through enemies like you was playing the most recent Call of Duty part on the road, and after you have killed the primary targets, immediately rush to the zone of extraction and then run away, you’re obviously much less active than if you play the game the way the creators had intended. It’s about being thoughtful and a lot of sneaking inventive experimenting with equipment and, yes, several restarts of an operation.



The CryEngine brings up highly credible battlefields that you can view on your screen. The ability to see is huge. The effects are beautiful, while the terrains are nicely designed.


The highlight of the sound is the “crunch sound” when you shoot in slow-motion. The sound, however, doesn’t give itself any other errors.


It was played with a keyboard and mouse Sniper isn’t afraid to experiment with controls and thus plays perfectly. Only the feedback from hits could be improved.

Game Design

The plot is “nice”; however, it is mostly insignificant. The six missions, on the contrary, provide plenty of space for exploring and finding ever-changing ways to meet your many objectives. Good.


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. requires a bit of time to start. The reason is that you have to play it by yourself as the player. Each gadget has to be tested. It’s a detailed statement, but it is logical. It is because only when you aren’t trying to solve everything in a Call of Duty fashion does the game reveal its unique charm and consequently its own incentive to get involved every time with the missions and to try new methods.

FAZIT Johannes

If you’ve read the book from beginning to end, you might have had the impression that I didn’t appreciate my time playing the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.But it’s not true. Sometimes, the rumbling of my mind is too much fun. Although the game is definitely not perfect and needs a lot of patches, The exciting idea is often more positive than negative. If the game is well-designed, it performs very well. It’s entertaining; it’s enjoyable as well as challenging. In addition, it is capable of creating the impression of an extremely dangerous super shooter. What do you think? Is Contracts 2 now a must-have for shooter lovers? Not really – just as much as the other predecessors. If you enjoy the sniper mode but do not know the five previous games, you could begin with this one. It’s undoubtedly the best spin-off from the series.

FAZIT Hannes

With a shooter such as Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, I couldn’t resist adding my two points. Like other shooters, Sniper sim needs preparation with stealth and a steady strategy to win. The elements I love significantly make the game fun but not frantic; however, unlike SGWC2, when an error can send the entire base following you, who are then able to pinpoint precisely where you are. It hasn’t happened to me. However, the game was delightful, with well-planned ranged shots taking advantage of the opportunity to sneak up on people and drone spying. The levels can be complex, and one can take hours playing the game until all of the side tasks are finished. Overall, with the few niggles Johannes has previously mentioned, it is a great game; though it’s not as good as its Sniper Elite series still has its eyes a little ahead.

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