Siege Survival: Gloria Victis in the test

The high-pitched clang of swords and the swaying sinews of catapults as well as the steps of Ismir make up the intro video for the brand new survival game Siege Survival Gloria Victis from Black …

The high-pitched clang of swords and the swaying sinews of catapults as well as the steps of Ismir make up the intro video for the brand new survival game Siege Survival Gloria Victis from Black Eye Games. However, what is displayed in the video after the intro is not battlefields, but rather our final asylum that is our courtyard castle. The world of the game is a war from the perspective of everyday people living within the realm of Gloria Victis, an MMORPG that was also created through Black Eye GamesHowever while the name-brand MMORPG is focused on combat and action, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis focuses purely on gathering, sneaking and staying alive.

I’m worried on whether or not I need to kill the pig who cannot reproduce to obtain food and resources from it and whether I’d prefer to maintain two fertilizers per day? What games, other than maybe this War of Mine, is it necessary to be concerned about such issues? Do I need an immediate supply into resources within the short-term or am I maximizing my chances of survival over the long run? Are I putting myself at risk for that one or more of my employees? It’s a constant decision-making process within Siege: Gloria Victis, taking into account the suffering of an individual against the pain of a number of. What has happened since the performance of Siege Survival Gloria Victis?

Medieval without heroes

The game can be divided in two stages in which you cook, farm and take care of the sick and injured, spread fertilizer over the crops and enhance the structure of the courtyard of the castle. The night time on the other hand you travel on your own with your character around the city that has been ravaged, looking for supplies while avoiding the security patrols from the besiegers. To Siege Survival Gloria Victis offers us no means of fighting to defend ourselves. What is closest to fighting are two elements. You can attempt to take on enemies that discover you in the night, and usually result with a sprain to your character or the death of your character. Garrisons, the guards within the castle walls, resist the regular assaults. The battles are visible to players only on the menu, however this doesn’t mean it’s less thrilling, as every attack is a chance for wounded in the front, while weapons and armor need to be repaired , and in the worst-case scenario, the guards are not as strong, and they’re ready to fight the next one.

A Day in Miseries

The game starts with the opening day during the battle. The first character we play as is in the castle’s courtyard meeting a coworker who is soon to become the second person to be managed. A workbench is built. an open fire is lit using the little firewood that is left as well as the heaps of trash in the castle are also waiting to be sifted through. Animals need to be fed and the plight of the residents can’t be left unchecked. The garrison soldiers require food, water and arrows, and there is no enough of them available. If the available resources are adequate, a bed could be constructed for the following day but the time is quickly running out.

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Siege Survival Gloria Victis doesn’t have a pause option however, at a minimum time can be reduced or sped up in the “tag phase. Although initially it appears that the duration is way too long given the resources available, in the end the duration becomes too short to complete the various tasks, even though the resources aren’t sufficient. So, I get stressed out as I wish to distribute resources in the most efficient manner, yet I am unable to sit and think for a moment, and have to be constantly on the move. Later on it is also important the location you’ve placed your workstations, since catapults go into the area again and repeatedly. On one hand, this can provide new sources of energy however, on the contrary, it damages structures and poses a threat to the lives of workers.

Excursions at night

Once the too short time of day ends, most of the population will fall asleep however, one of the characters will venture out in the gloom of darkness to explore the city for food items as well as tools and other equipment for work. Tools, that can only be utilized only once before breaking are able to create new cities that contain materials. When the gameplay progresses the areas around the castle gate get progressively and more shabby and the likelihood of obtaining resources increases. However, events that happen at night could also introduce new characters to the castle, or allow shortcuts to be unlocked, i.e. the castle’s entrances are new. Additionally, you must always carry torches when you go out to burn dead bodies, as illnesses can be propagate.

Increasing difficulty

Siege Survival Gloria Victis offers similarity to other survival games, something completely different. In contrast to the typical gameplay it doesn’t begin like a snowball , but it gets larger, faster and more efficient. The game actually gets tougher as the increasing battle causes the garrison to require more and more supplies and the growing amount of people in the castle courtyard are in need of to eat more and more drinks, food and medicines. Furthermore, there’s insufficient space to allocate meaningful tasks to every character during the daytime. Even if there’s enough time, there aren’t enough materials available in our camps. Each night you require healthy and fit individuals to acquire materials and to scout out the enemies with them. So, the most days, you’ll have two characters who require to rest but require food and drinks. If they are really sick they may also require medical care. Whatever the case they’re no longer accessible for us to run running errands in the following night. Every resource I have is unavailable in a different location.

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The reality it Siege Survival Gloria Victis was made with a small budget is obvious. The graphics are of realistic fashion, but have been at least 10 years old of the current fashion in terms of design. The game’s graphics aren’t terrible however it’s not necessarily stunning either.


The soundtrack is very atmospheric but certain sound effects, the especially the footsteps of the characters, aren’t quite right. The majority of the time the effects aren’t bad, but as the graphics, they aren’t great.


The game is controlled by the mouse. In fact, you don’t require a keyboard to play Siege Survival Gloria Victis that is, unless you want to move the camera. The game’s controls are a little awkward, but it’s very easy to use.

Game Design

Building during the day or just flitting through the night either way, neither offer much variation, either visually or in the game. In the day, we can visit the castle’s courtyard, which is filled with its characters and animals that are only diminished but do not increase in size as well as our occasional workbenches. The night is when we look around the city in the darkness with the same streets. The loop of gameplay requires a very boring gameplay comprised of collecting, building kitchens, cooking, sharing resources and then again.


You do not want animals or characters to be forced to die. You’d like to live through the dreadful siege. The gameplay loop, no matter how boring is sure to ensure that we have something to do.


Siege Survival Gloria Victis It is an extremely atmospheric, but difficult survival strategy RPG and the difficulty comes not due to complexity but pressure and difficult choices. I was stuck to my screen for several hours, trying to get through the battle. But, I didn’t get to enjoy the experience. Innovative tales and moral dilemmas are revealed. What I really love about the game it is that I’m contemplating what else I’ll need to complete before I begin Siege Survival Gloria Victis again later tonight.

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