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To help us get ready for the holidays the publisher Daedalic has given us a small present – a tiny but powerful stand-alone extension to the incredible real-time tactical massive Shadow Tactics Blades of the …

To help us get ready for the holidays the publisher Daedalic has given us a small present – a tiny but powerful stand-alone extension to the incredible real-time tactical massive Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun.

Are we really five years since the developer Mimimi Games released the outstanding real-time tactical game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun on December 6 in 2016? The game garnered dreams at the time (rightfully so according to my personal opinion) (“Overwhelmingly positive” on Steam with over 250,000 reviews) and revitalized the long-disappeared genre of real-time strategy games. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, there’s a unique gift for the millions of gamers of the original game: an expansion that stands alone with a name that is a bit long Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun Aiko’s choice that includes three additional long (and three shorter) mission to complete the storyline of the 5 heroes from the game’s main story.


Whoever believes Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Aiko’s Choice as a sequel or prequel is going to be dissatisfied. The story of Aiko’s Choice occurs within the story of the main game , and adds a new plot. In the first story, after eight missions (Kanazawa) and before tackling Kage-Osama’s head villain the five heroes met in their camp toasting with a couple of glasses of sake, and then set off for the final battle. Aiko’s Choice follows the same story. Aiko’s Decision however, something is involved – specifically Lady Chiyo the former employer of Aiko (though the relationship between them clearly ended in a bad way) along with her small army.

We are greeted by a surprise in our home, and takes Yuki and Takuma as captives, and then orders her troops to kill us remaining three heroes in a matter of minutes before she leaves. Naturally, we won’t allow her to kill us this easily, and instead we escape on the rooftop of our house by a secret escape (after clearing out the remaining soldiers of Chiyo). Chiyo). On the roof, the fun really begins. We must escape this village. We must free one of our friends, and then take down Lady Chiyo and her family, who are serving Kage-same, the principal villain. This should keep us engaged for the next couple of hours.

Our heroes

The game has not changed much compared to the original game. The game is still played by a group of five heroes who have completely different talents – Mugen, Yuki, Hayato, Takuma and the eponymous Aiko. Mugen is an samurai, and leader of the team, Hayato a ninja, Yuki is a thief Takuma is a sniper who has an adorable pet as well as Aiko a spy , who is able to disguise her self as Geisha (and she is Mugen’s love interest). The expansion mostly sheds light on the backstory of Aiko, however you also learn a lot regarding the heroes of other characters.

“As sunset approaches for the last time in the Land of the Rising Sun Aiko’s Choice is an additional outstanding stealth strategy formula that is able to live up to everything excellent about its foundations”

Although Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Aiko’s Choice is an independent expansion, it is possible to play with no previous understanding about Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogunthis does not make sense. You are not only being thrown into the story (after an introduction) and the difficulty level isn’t suitable for novices. In the very first mission, you’re in an Japanese village populated by enemies looking for your. Apart from the normal soldier, you’ll encounter certain samurai with armor which are difficult to get rid of. This makes the game difficult, and not suitable for those who are just beginning even though brief explanations of the fundamental game mechanics are provided repeatedly and repeatedly. Since you’ll are able to access three heroes and five unique abilities from the beginning, aid texts can only assist you to a certain extent. To be successful your special abilities, they must be applied with care – in the right spot and at the appropriate moment.

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We leap from roof to rooftop, drop ourselves from the top of the building onto our enemies, or climb an incline because our armor makes us too awkward to be able to jump. If we’re not careful not to sound alarms and stay hidden then we’ll have a lot of enemies in our midst which will be tough to beat. The best way to eliminate enemies is each one by one. When any of us heroes is killed it’s ended (and hopefully we will be able to start the save game which we saved before). Our enemies are quite effective. In addition to the fact that they constantly patrol the same paths They fight quite well and are able to take us down with only one shot.

Opportunities and opportunities

There are a myriad of options to take taking action at any moment. You can tackle a variety of problems by a variety of ways dependent on the way you utilize your heroes and their unique capabilities or the surroundings. With LShift you can stop time and create sequences of commands for every character to follow simultaneously. The game’s world offers a myriad of hotspots to manipulate or from which you can carry out actions. Furthermore that, the enemy can roam around constantly (albeit on the same patrol routes). There’s plenty going on that can be overwhelming for the novice. For the more experienced players, however it’s like a paradise what can I do to get rid of this stumbling block? Shuriken sword, sniper rifle… and could I create a small “work mistake” here? What’s the most efficient method to achieve this? For any problem, there is (usually) many feasible solutions.


This is no surprise to fans of real-time tactical games (or the primary game) however I need to highlight it also The game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Aiko’s Choice isn’t an action-oriented game. It’s about moving one small group through areas populated with enemies. They can be eliminated, however, only one at a time and in a quiet way , and without informing their teammates. It’s a sort of puzzle game in which you’ll watch your adversaries and then scour their (always identical) pathways and scrutinize their areas of view before deciding whether to just ignore them, or how (and the time) you’ll get rid of them. If you implement your strategy, it will be a bit chaotic for a brief period of time and each mouse click needs to be precise, or else you’ll have your own heroes at the end of the line.

What exactly are real-time tactical games?

Real-time tactical game are an subgenre within game-based strategy that is played real-time. As opposed to real-time strategy games where you are playing with single units that cannot be replaced. There is no way to purchase or manufacture and if a unit is destroyed and is lost, it’s gone. Therefore, there aren’t structures that can be built within a matter of seconds, nor resources that must be taken. The forefathers of this subgenre were classics such as Commandos (Pyro 1998) and Sudden Strike (Fireglow Games 2000) The current exemplars include the desperados III or the recently played Partisans 1941. The recently released War Mongrels is another excellent representation of the subgenre.



There’s nothing to complain about with the graphic presentation. Like in the first Shadow Tactics, the graphics are crisp and clear. You can zoom in on the graphics constantly and move them around in all directions (left/right and upwards and downwards). Ultrawide resolution screen (UWQHD) is available and is a perfect fit for the game as you can see a lot more of the surroundings and, more importantly, your adversaries. With the click of the button, we are presented with an overview map that also displays the position of our adversaries.

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Our heroes’ conversations and the ones of our adversaries are accompanied by music all over (and also). English only, however. There are, of course, German subtitles, and the rest of the text is German. The game is developed by German creators and is published by an German publisher.


In terms of controlling, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice isn’t a weak point. The user-friendliness or more precisely, the ease of use of the controls is far removed from the difficult-to-control initial real-time tactical games like CommandosThe characters’ actions are shown prior to their execution by mouse clicks or buttons. A single click of the left mouse button, and you will be able to see the visual range of your opponents. Hotspots within the environment are displayed visually (if you wish). The clarity is superb and you can observe the area from every angle and also up close as well as from the distance. Fade-in tutorials will guide players if they want the specific game mechanics taught at your own pace.

Game Design

In reality, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice is a huge hidden object and puzzle game. It requires us to complete a variety of smaller tasks in order to complete the objectives. The game demands complete concentration, as it typically runs in real-time. But, if we require to take a break, we are able to take a break (as so long as the characters are in safe areas) and contemplate what we’ll do next. If we’d like to create more intricate chains of action (even using multiple characters) then we can change to dark option (LShift) and begin preparing everything.


The incentive to complete an entire level is great. In the end, you will easily see the entire game in an instant. When you save anytime without any hassle (F5 to save quickly is my best friend) Also, you can save without any issues and then attempt an unwise move. If that isn’t working (which is often the case), …), simply click the save you made (or F8 to quick load) and explore a different option – perhaps slightly less risky. Even if you’ve previously succeeded in overcoming a problem however, it’s always fascinating to test a new method – and various solutions exist for virtually every challenge.


In the end, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice is an excellent game, and one that will be most appealing to those who are players who have played Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunThe story is set in the original game, and the difficulty is also targeted at players who are already familiar playing the original. People who enjoyed Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun must definitely purchase the stand-alone version of Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun Aiko’s choice to get snuck and fight through three more complex tasks (and 3 smaller missions)

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