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Anyone who has played SaGa and the SaGa series is aware that it excels in two key elements the form of non-linear gameplay and innovative methods, and the SaGa series’ Scarlet Grace Ambitions is not …

Anyone who has played SaGa and the SaGa series is aware that it excels in two key elements the form of non-linear gameplay and innovative methods, and the SaGa series’ Scarlet Grace Ambitions is not an exception and is full of fresh concepts.

God of Fire God of Fire

SaGa’s Scarlet Grace Ambitions is an era of gods referred to as Celestials, who are the rulers of humanity and are accountable for various elements of people’s lives. However, not all of them are always good to us. In the past, one of them named the Firebringer, deceived all the rest of the Celestials and swarmed the planet with a blaze of fire and armies of monsters. Over a thousand years have passed in the time since, but after six battles that were successfully thwarted by the Emperor and the Empire Seven times, the Firebringer was destroyed and shattered into pieces which poured down upon the entire world. But, it didn’t bring peace. A short moment later, the once-happily-panned leader was murdered, the empire fell, and the powerhouses in the globe are now more divided than ever before – between those who want to rebuild the empire and those who are seeking to re-establish the empire…

Story paths a la Carte

The game is very well-known in The SaGa series, SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions doesn’t follow the same storyline in a set format and instead offers you a free option to play across large areas. When you start this game, you have to choose what of four different characters you’d like to share your part in this story. This is accomplished by answering a series of questions you must answer in the introduction. If you’re unhappy with your choice, You can alter your mind.

In the next section game, you begin the game by putting your character’s location as well as with different comrades in arms – the unique thing about it is that, unlike other games that involve role-playing, In SaGa’s Scarlet Grace Ambitions there is no way to explore dungeons, cities or similar. Instead, you move on the world map throughout the game in pseudo-3D. You can go into cities, towers, temples, cities, and so on through interaction screens. When you arrive at an area like a village, only a background image shows up, while the dialogue between you and other pertinent characters plays out in the foreground. Or you are immediately thrown into the action.

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Strategy over responsiveness

The intricate battles are the true essence of SaGa’s Scarlet Grace: AmbitionsThe combats are turn-based and require a tactical response from you. In the lower part of the display, you’ll determine the sequence in which you and your adversaries will be able to act at the beginning of every round. Additionally, you can use BP (or Battle Points – which you can allocate among the potential actions of the entire team, and more can be accessed at the beginning of each round. You can, for instance, start with four steps – one for each character that requires the use of one BP for each one, or choose just one that needs four BPs.

The goal here is to prevent your opponents’ attacks and close “gaps,” which means getting rid of those whose turn is within your character. If you are successful, you will trigger Unity Attacks – powerful attacks from the entire party that reward the player with BP bonuses for the next round. Unfortunately, there are no healing products or spells, so it’s your responsibility to evaluate your own and opponents’ actions keenly and then plan your strategy to prevail in the battle.

Pure freedom

As previously mentioned, it’s a race around the world map for most of the game. Certain interactions with specific locations or even enemies (random battles aren’t possible; battles have to be chosen and fought just as interactions with towns and others) trigger specific events that help the plot – although, again, it’s not always maintained.

Overall, SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions lets you explore the world on your own and be amazed by the consequences of certain actions. Together with the four protagonists, who all have their own unique experiences, This game offers players not just enough freedom but also very high replay value.

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SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions 2.0

Some of you might already be aware SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions is an adaptation to the first PS Vita version from 2016, but it did not make it out of Japan. Therefore, it is a version 2.0 version; the game now has minor changes. For instance, you can pick between a modern and classic appearance on the menu. Also, the voice input has been widened to offer an English version – with very expressive voices, and brand new story content is also available.

The graphics were revamped to provide better visuals and faster loading times. Overall, SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions looks very attractive, has a cohesive soundtrack, is not too heavily employed but well-suited voice acting, and has a nifty control system that never causes any frustration or issues.


SaGa’s Scarlet Grace Ambitions isn’t your typical RGP. However, that’s the reason it’s so attractive in this. There’s something incredibly fresh in exploring the world using simple screens of interaction that cut down on unnecessary running around to a minimum and allows players to focus on what’s important, the story, and the strategic fights. When it comes to the presentation, SaGa, Scarlet Grace Ambitions isn’t a bad game also, and with the freedom to explore and the four characters to pick from, there’s plenty to play throughout the first game. If you want to experience a role-playing game with a completely different style, it’s safe to buy SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions..

What exactly is Scarlet Grace: Ambitions?Updated version of the only Japan-exclusive PS Vita role-playing game of an entirely different style from 2016. URL: Official website

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