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Guybrush Threepwood returns! After many years of inactivity, the most well-known pirate in the history of computer games is back and making our computer systems unsafe. But, then, he offers us return to all the …

Guybrush Threepwood returns! After many years of inactivity, the most well-known pirate in the history of computer games is back and making our computer systems unsafe. But, then, he offers us return to all the strange creatures we have come to know from their predecessors: The ghost pirate LeChuck, Elaine Marley, Stan The Talking Skull Murray as well as The Voodoo Lady, Carla, Otis, even the blind-eyed lookout of Melee Island is back.

The Return To Monkey Island is available on September 19th on PC as well as Nintendo Switch. The publisher Devolver Digital and creators Terrible Toybox have brought back the Monkey Island series (and not only LeChuck). This time around, on board were Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, who were both heavily involved in the initial and the second installment of Monkey Island. So actually, Ron Gilbert was the designer, and Dave Grossman (along with Tim Schaefer and Tim Schaefer and Tim Schaefer, among others) played the role of one of the principal programmers. Rights to Monkey Island are currently owned by Disney, and anyone trying to get something licensed from Disney realizes there’s no more difficult company to deal with in such negotiations. This is a miracle to me. Following long-running negotiations, Digital Devolver could utilize the license to create the brand new Monkey Island.

The resolution at the end of the second part

Where does the story’s beginning for The Return To Monkey Island begin? It is already the sixth episode of the series. Will it continue in the future Tales of Monkey Island? Yes, it does… therefore, in essence, it does, but we’re taken back to the famous and complicated conclusion that was 1989’s Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge that was never solved in the later episodes of the franchise. This is what we’re now making up for! This is the current claim that the story will be renewed after 30 years, even though the final part was published in 2009. The story begins in the middle of the second installment, which was released in 1991 but without making the subsequent three installments from the canon. This is merely a story that occurs immediately after the ending of part 2 (mostly) chronologically before parts 3 and 4. A clever trick, actually.

What was the reason for the five segments? This surprised me. I thought the show was concluded with the fourth episode Escape of Monkey IslandThe series of Telltale ( Tales of Monkey Island) were, to me, an offshoot, is not part the Telltale canon. However, I was mistaken on that point. Within the menu in The Return to Monkey Island, you can create the scrapbook. It is here that Guybrush briefly explains the most important events from the earlier games with some images, and it is my delight to see that there’s a surprise, Tales of Monkey Island is also in its place. Do you know the previous games to take pleasure in the return to Monkey Island? Not. The game is created as a stand-alone adventure. The characters are brought back to life and given a new perspective on the plot. But, there are numerous references to the two previous chapters that it’s recommended to play the game with some prior understanding. It’s an excellent experience for beginners; however, if you’ve got memories of games from earlier times, returning To Monkey Island will bring about another thing: Nostalgia, which at certain moments even stirs emotions.


The story’s new version is captivating and enthralling throughout. However, I’m not going to divulge too much information here. The story follows Guybrush Threepwood again and starts at the top of Melee Island, just like in the first story. I’ve always wondered why Guybrush reached the top of the island and not through the harbor, but I’m guessing the reason was that he took a stroll upon arriving at the island. We begin by exploring the town and then explore the rest of the Island, where we meet numerous old friends and locations. Many of the characters hold their jobs from their past, including Wally, the cartographer, or The Voodoo Lady in her store (now no anymore located in the swamp). Others face new challenges, such as Stan, who is in prison awaiting the verdict. According to reports, Otis is also being held in jail (once again), but only because he was a flower picker in the governor’s (or the governor’s current or Carla’s) garden. Elaine is no longer the governor and is now doing charitable work and attempting to raise money to fight Scurvy. Many of the islands have changed, obviously, or have new residents. However, soon we will set sail to find Monkey Island’s legendary secrets, exploring old spots such as Monkey Island but also wholly new islands. In the exact search is LeChuck, who is still in love withwith Elaine Marley.

Innovative features

Return to Monkey Island is playable at two levels of difficulty. But, this unique game’s design is well-known from the previous installment in the series. You either play with fewer puzzles or play the full version with even more grueling puzzles. There is, however, an integrated help function within the game. Before you start watching the YouTube video, it’s possible to search the game for answers to specific queries ranging from general hints to the exact answer.

One of the unique features that are included in this game is the Quiz Book. It’s an item in your inventory that shows cards you discover. There are ten pages of cards you will find during the game. Select a card, then solve the difficult, Monkey Island related questions using multiple options. If you can answer correctly, the card will remain in your inventory. If you make a mistake, it will be taken off your inventory and reappear in the game’s world. On Steam , you can earn Achievements. But, they are not all that easy to obtain. The game can be played without collecting all of the “Cheavos” is feasible; however, for some , you’ll have to put in an effort (or find them randomly in a funny scene).

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“My Name is Guybrush Threepwood, and I would like to be a pirate!

Check behind you! Three heads!”

” I’m thinking one of the stakes that cannot be changed for me was the fact that the game was supposed to start immediately following Monkey Island 2 because the game left with a bizarre, eerie conclusion, and I’m sure that the other games did their best and did a decent job of trying to avoid the cliffhanger. However, I wanted to get started with Monkey Island 2 and deal with the odd conclusion.

The controls in classic point-and-click adventures, a common feature in this genre, have matured. I didn’t think I’d see anything new or exciting in this. The Return To Monkey Island is surprisingly creative, however. While until now, these games were mostly played using an actual mouse, and game controller control was not always optimal, now it is seamless using the pad too. The gamepad isn’t just an option for moving it also makes use of (and minimizes the disadvantages of) this control method It does not matter if you use either a controller or mouse for an enjoyable gaming experience. The gamepad’s context-sensitive interaction, the responsive dialog trees, and an easy-to-use inventory system make controlling the game easy.

The History of the Series

Lucasfilm Games had made an impact through games such as Maniac Mansion (1987) and Zak McKracken, and the Alien Mindbenders (1988) started an upsurge in the adventure genre. The Secret of Monkey Island was released in the year 1990. The game was created by Ron Gilbert and became (despite not the enthralling sales figures, however at the time, many teenagers didn’t have games at the stores, but it was …) an absolute cult title right away and is now considered a reference point for the classic point-and-click games. Sword duels ghost pirate LeChuck, the gorgeous governor Elaine, and a host of other elements have been a part of the game since its inception even though the mystery to Monkey Island was not divulged. In the sequel released in 1991, Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge that insiders believe is the best of the series, the story goes on and is brought to a (very controversially debated among people who love the show) conclusion. It’s good that it was not enough to keep LucasArts and brand new artists Johnatan Ackley or Larry Ahern from releasing the third installment in 1997. The story of the third part, titled The Curse of Monkey Island, Guybrush is finally engaged to Elaine. However, LeChuck is trying to test to win her over even though he’s forced to beg her to transform his statue to make it happen. The third episode was the series’ most memorable for a long time. It was also among the first games to look less like computer-based games and more like cartoons. From a modern perspective, the graphics are old-fashioned, but back in the day, they were fantastic.

Following that, the adventure genre fell off the map as the departments in charge of marketing for big game companies simply looked for other 3D games. This led to great games as Simon the Sorcerer 3D Baphomet’s Curse 4 , King’s Quest 8: Mask of Eternity or Gabriel Knight 3 was the most popular, but disappointingly, LucasArts is also affected. Grim Fandango was an extremely enjoyable game however the controls required… some getting familiar with.

The game The Flight of Monkey Island the last installment of the series at the time being released in 2000. The label on the box “Requires 3D accelerator – now in scurvy 3D” could indicate the danger. The reviews were generally positive, and sales were quite reasonable. I played it for the first time a few weeks ago , to prepare for Return to Monkey IslandAnd what can I say? A blast and a typical Monkey Island game; however, the bare 3D environments, the controls that took some time to master and, in addition, the incredibly boring Monkey Kombat at the end, were not exactly the tops. I still enjoyed the game, but you must be able to play the game. Following the release of the game, The Monkey Island series was a sleeper, and the entire point-and-click adventure genre was (seemingly)dead for the least a couple of years.

Surprisingly, Monkey Island is only revived ten years later by Telltale and LucasArts. Telltale was among the companies that brought the entire game genre back to the general market, although their games became more interactive. Tales of Monkey Island (2009) was released in five episodes, but was more than a traditional adventure game that included puzzles, and was less concentrated on QTEs and lengthy movies. The reviews were positive; however, over ten years before The Return of Monkey Island became available. It is not to be missed. Obviously, this is the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition It’s a great remake of the original game which was released at the end of 2009 on mobile consoles, devices, and the PC. It is the perfect starting point if anyone wants to experience the game today. It’s just as good as the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Retribution, that came out a few days later.I played through both games on my IPad way back in the day and was awed.

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There is no alternative in the game Monkey Island; you only need to play it if you are an adventure game fan. But there’s an after-party following Monkey Island, that is, after you’ve played the game. That’s the place where things have changed the last few times. The days when point & Click Adventure was commercially dead are now gone. It’s an obscure niche with not as many gamers as other genres, yet the community of fans is still growing, and it is frequently supplied with top-quality games. A recent recommendation, for example, is the comedic detective game Voodoo Detective, or the very popular from Day of the TentacleinspiredJustin WackAlso BROK brings good puzzle fare, along with a few brawl interludes, to your computer. A Baphomet’s Curse-inspired game game, Crowns and Pawns was brief but a good game.



The Return To Monkey Island uses a contemporary graphics, yet it’s very similar to the classic style. It’s not Pixel art, but more of something like a cartoon. I enjoyed the illustrations quite a bit, but that’s always a matter of personal preference. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3440×1440, or 1920x or 3840×2160 – The Return To Monkey Island cuts a beautiful image at all (current) resolution. In reality, it’s not a lot of choices in terms of graphics – you can play the game in the windows and remove distortion effects, the ship motion effect and reset the available graphic quality (if you’re using an oven), …), however, there’s nothing to explore within the menu for graphics.


If you listen to just a few notes of music in the album Return To Monkey Island, you instantly feel emotionally taken back in the original series. Most songs are original remixes, and the new material is elegantly incorporated into the classic style. This is not surprising, considering that the original band members Michael Land, Peter McConnell, and Clint Bajakian were again responsible for the music. The game has been professionally dubbed throughout, and the voice actors from both remaster from the first and second parts (or actually , already from Curse and Escape) could be used in the majority. However, the voice-over can only be heard in English and, of course, with the option of switching to well-translatable German subtitles.


The game was designed to be played with gamepad control. It is ideal for games with your entire family in front of the television. Those who prefer playing using a mouse will have no issue with this. Both control modes work great.

Game design

LucasArts revolutionized control not only but also the game of adventure design by introducing its first adventure games. In particular, unlike 99% of its competitors, there was no death within LucasArts games. It’s true that Guybrush could only keep his breath submerged at a time for 10 mins. However, it wasn’t a snazzy death as it was in the Sierra On-Line games. Death types were essential to games that included Space Quest“Save early Save early, save frequently” is the way Al Lowe said at the time… It was not a requirement in LucasArts.

Saving wasn’t a requirement since the purpose of LucasArts games was not to allow the possibility of a dead end. In the earlier adventure games, it was expected that you couldn’t locate some item, such as a map, but then five hours later, you would not be capable of continuing. LucasArts has made it clear that this is no longer the case, as there’s always a way to keep playing. This means that you only have to save when you need to stop or interrupt your game. This philosophy of design can be seen in nearly all modern adventure titles, but it is also present within Return to Monkey Islandagain. But the automatic saving feature isn’t employed, so please make sure to save an account to save.


If anyone is as into adventures as much as I do and has played previous installments like I did and has long waited for a sequel, they will not be disappointed with the return to Monkey IslandInitially, series players who have played the series will be particularly happy exploring familiar locations and locations, which have changed. The scout on the lookout remains essentially blind, the person wearing his The Loom advertising sign still is in the bar of the SCUMM, however, the shops have changed a lot. A lot of the characters from the past have returned, and everyone recognizes us and seems to be more or less happy about the reunion.


The Return To Monkey Island is an amazing point-and-click adventure game designed for lovers of the genre and is an absolute delight for those who love adventure games. For those who, just like myself, have been waiting for a number of years to experience a brand new story featuring Guybrush Threepwood, it’s an absolute necessity to purchase. Ron Gilbert still knows how to make a fun and challenging game that is with allusions and recollections of previous games and also an entirely new and thrilling plot. I hope that this won’t be long before the next installment of the series is out.

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