Resident Evil Resistance in the test

Seven hours of playtime, Resident Evil 3turns out relatively small in terms of scope; however, it is the first time that the game’s nemesis is not featured in the popular mercenary mode from the first. …

Seven hours of playtime, Resident Evil 3turns out relatively small in terms of scope; however, it is the first time that the game’s nemesis is not featured in the popular mercenary mode from the first. To fill in the gap and justify the cost, Capcom comes up with an innovative approach: Resident Evil Resistanceis an Asymmetrical multiplayer. In this game, players hunt through their zombie hordes in the streets and attempt to create difficulties for the innocent victims by arranging and strategically placing their minions. It’s an intriguing concept that’s worked well in other games, but can it work in Resident Evil?

I took time to finally get around to playing Resident EvilThe current Corona crisis has brought the internet to the limit that has made gaming online extremely difficult. The situation is beginning to ease. I was capable of taking a deep examination of Resident Evil ResistanceUnfortunately, I was able to keep my enthusiasm within a manageable range.

Escape Room from Hell Escape Room from Hell

Four teens and one mastermind behind the evil. Resident Evil Resistanceis basically an escape room that is virtual. One of the objectives is to get the key to the locked door by completing several tasks. Thus, Resident Evil Resistancealways follows the same plan. Three rooms are available, each of which has its requirements and goals. In the first room, the death-defying group of students must complete three small challenges by locating the appropriate items. The second one puts zombies of its own on your path that must be eradicated. The man drops a security card that can activate terminals, bringing you straight to the third room. When they reach the room, survivors must destroy various vessels to trigger the mechanism that will open the final exit to liberation.

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The darkness that lurks behind

To ensure that the trip will not be easy, The fifth participant in the group, known as the Mastermind, is a shrewd guy with some tricks to his collection. With the help of surveillance cameras, he’s been able to capture a photo of the progression of his targets and, depending on the availability, put specific monsters such as the Licker and Mister X in the area. The Mastermind can also take the victims directly. To inform survivors that they’re not dealing with an AI at the moment, The eyes of adversaries or the lens of the cameras flash when the Mastermind gets them under his control. However, there’s a disparity in the force balance between hunter and hunted. The unique monsters are mighty when compared to teen gamers. They might have techniques like recovering or hacking the monitoring systems. However, they don’t have anything to fight the opponent with. If you travel with a well-coordinated crew with a high level of coordination, you stand a great chance of making it through. But, the game is finished when the team member is off from the norm. This means that there are currently a lot of trolls that get their satisfaction from destroying the gaming experiences of other players. This is where frustration can manifest in massive amounts.


Should I purchase Resident Evil Resistanceas an independent title? Although there’s the potential for multiplayer games that are fun at their core, it is plagued by an imbalance in the power balance in the battle between survivors and Mastermind because the Overlord’s minions are much too powerful. Perhaps that’s why they let potential victims slide into the flesh of teens instead of skilled fighters. However, I’m not trying to offend If you’re a friend with whom you can cooperate and be a decent person and be a good person, then Resident Evil Resistanceprovides enjoyable entertainment. It becomes a bit sloppy when a non-believer controls at least one player. In my experience, it’s likely an unintentional troll that tries to ruin your fun. Returning to my original question: Would I purchase Resident Evil Resistanceas an independent title if it was released? No! However, it will be a great game if Capcom improves the balance and comes up with a viable strategy to take on the trolls. Resident Evil Resistance definitely serves its purpose as a great alternative for Resident Evil 3.

What exactly is Resident Evil Resitance?The multiplayer element from Resident Evil 3. Link: Official website

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