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1999 marks the year that the first contact was made. A prepubescent teenage (me) is about to experience at first a game genre that will be in his mind throughout his life. It was in …

1999 marks the year that the first contact was made. A prepubescent teenage (me) is about to experience at first a game genre that will be in his mind throughout his life. It was in the Christmas tree. The title is meant to demonstrate to the child how great the feeling of terror and fear could be felt when playing games: Resident Evil 3. Now, a full 21 years later, Resident Evil 3 is making its return with a new version. The original was in the huge shadow of its predecessor and, with its greater amount of action, far less frightening than the former. Can the reinterpretation be able to address the issues the original did not, or is history repeating itself?

Jill Vallentine, a former member of the S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) and is wounded by the incidents that took place in Resident Evil 1Her task force. The team was exposed to the T-virus at the old house. This virus forms part of the bio-weapons development research conducted by the notorious company Umbrella. The objective is injecting the pathogen synthetically into human test subjects to make them compliant with combat machines by the mutations it triggers. Unfortunately, it was able to make it into the tiny village in Racoon City, and disaster struck. With a rapid pace, the residents became ill and now walked the streets like zombies, begging for human flesh. If that’s not enough to prompt Jill to run away, Umbrella gives her a special surprise for her. The smart policewoman has been stung too deep within the wasps’ nest in her investigation, and Umbrella launches its latest invention to the cheek of Jill: Project Nemesis!


This is him again: Nemesis, an icon of my childhood and my favorite character from the series! The year that Resident Evil 2with its remake made a stunning return; it wasn’t too long until the initial requests for an adaptation of the controversial third installment were made. The escape of Jill Valentine from Racoon City caused controversy as the action was accelerated at the beginning of the game, so the Survivor Horror elements, such as the lack of ammunition and a lack of ammunition, were put aside, and the creepiness was pushed to the wayside. I had nothing to compare it with in the past and was able to celebrate Resident Evil 3like the rock star. Now, the situation is different, and I can partially understand how the fans felt then.

In addition to its predecessor in 2019, Resident Evil 3 isn’t an update but more of an interpretation of the original. This means that large portions of the plot are being rewritten. Jill is now given a more plausible explanation for why she’s at home, Nemesis gets introduced in an entirely different manner, and Carlos is expanded and plays a more significant role in the story as the main character. As Resident Evil 3only two hours before Leon and Clair’s story or even the parallel version of it the same way, there are in the present form many more references like it was the case in the first. For instance, we go to familiar locations and find out how we came across certain elements similar to those we saw when playing Resident Evil 2, A gimmick that was narratively appealing and was seamlessly integrated into the story and never felt forced.

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The characters have also received general overhauls in appearance. Jill is no longer amidst the zombies in the form of a miniskirt and tank top. Her new style is more natural and makes her a more convincing persona since she’s not just a victim of her attractive feminine looks. Carlos, with her bouncy head, appears very likable and honest. There were plenty of discussions regarding the design of the Nemesis before. Many were unhappy with the new design of the monosyllabic massive. For me, the style was highly relaxed at first and even his later compositions, quite different from the first design, impressed me for the duration.

Escape Racoon City

Regarding gameplay, The Remake of Resident Evil 3follows the same path as Leon Kennedy’s terrifying journey in 2019. We play the game’s character from the perspective of the shoulder by using a redesigned setting from the original. This has great recognition and will bring a smile to the faces of fans of the series. In terms of the setting, Resident Evil 3is quite diverse. The exploration of Racoon City, the sewers, and the standard laboratory settings are not to be left out. The diverse locations are filled with secrets and doors only open after obtaining certain items. However, Resident Evil 3falls well from the sequel of part 2 of 2019. This is evident, especially with the game’s puzzles. Although Resident Evil 2 still offeredsome tough head nuts, there are just two or three basic switch puzzles to be found here. I’m not sure what they were thinking, as to me, they’re sacrificing one of the greatest advantages of the classic series.

Another strong point also gets left to the wayside in large parts: the terror! If the debut of Nemesis in 1999 was filled with action, that was the basis for the direction that was to follow from Resident Evil 4 ,the new version of Jill’s escape from Racoon City more than worthy of the steps of the first. At different points, there are barrels now that want to shoot at, and when exploded , they can decimate whole herds of zombies with just one strike. There is nothing such as an ammo shortage; you will always have materials to make bullets yourself. This is why the undead has finally transformed into bullet sponges.

Does Return of the Nemesis now turn into a bad Resident Evilbecause of its emphasis on the action? Not! The game’s dynamics and the fancifulness are the main focus of Resident Evil 3 and are significantly closer to part 4 than 5 and 6. This is already a good thing. Although I occasionally forget the horror, massive tension builds when the game progresses because Nemesis is an unstoppable hunter. The fights with Umbrella’s newest creations are intense and require strategies. The players who can bring the machine to its knees will receive improvements to their weapons. Each appearance by Nemesis is an exciting moment, and I looked up Terminatormore than at least once because of the cold inhumanity of my adversaries. I can say this is certain: Nemesis was already an excellent sock back in 1999. Now he’s far more awesome!

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Technically speaking, it’s not a walking corpse.

Technically speaking, Resident Evil 3is an uncluttered title. Capcom creates a great environment with its inside-house RE Engine. Play with shadows and light, fantastic animated characters, and a few but rapid camera movements. I was still able to play 60 frames/second of the game on PS4 Pro. The direction is excellent, and the balance as an action game with a hint of horror works quite well in most cases. The only downside is the limited playtime. It took seven hours to complete the first game, but in the second, when I knew the best methods for boss fights just four hours. In light of the comparatively small base material, there was no issue but it was more.

For the audio, Resident Evil 3does all the right things. Its zombies and Nemesis are terrifying, and the soundscape is choppily combined with the rumbling score, which can make your hair stand up.

The controls didn’t seem to be as efficient. The aiming feels a little fluid, as evident in Resident Evil 2, so and there, it seemed to make sense. On the other aspect, since the emphasis was not as much on action, on one hand, Leon and Claire aren’t experienced, shooters. In the case of Jill and Carlos, this doesn’t make much sense because they are professional shooters with years of experience. In theory, Jill is also able to avoid attacks by opponents with the use of a pike. However, this only happens in a few circumstances since there’s no clue as to the optimal moment to leap.


It appears that the past repeats itself! The remake of Resident Evil 3is certainly not a negative representation of the series. However, it’s once more in the shadow of its original. Nemesis Returns is a little off from the horror origins of the series and puts the focus on action. In this respect, the series remains faithful to its original formula as it has set the stage for the reorientation of the series in Resident Evil 4. Regarding the story and background, Resident Evil 3 is more of a reinterpretation rather than a remake. Nevertheless, it surpasses Resident Evil 2 in the preceding year on its path. Although horror is an insignificant part, the intense battles with Nemesis provide a good dose of terror and frequently inject adrenaline into your bloodstream. However, Resident Evil 3comes with a shortfall with just seven hours of playtime. However, as a huge avid fan of the series, they were a lot enjoyable to me.

In the coming weeks, there will be an additional report on the asymmetrical multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance.

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