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“Alarm! Fans of soccer are rioting and moving amid Brandenburg Gate through downtown Berlin. Along with sporadic set fires, can also be expected to suffer many injuries, and hotels in Quebec take them over…” The …

“Alarm! Fans of soccer are rioting and moving amid Brandenburg Gate through downtown Berlin. Along with sporadic set fires, can also be expected to suffer many injuries, and hotels in Quebec take them over…” The following is how you imagine an alarm message sent to emergency personnel around the globe. Unfortunately, however, there aren’t any games that deal with the subject of rescue, police or fire department, or fire department, let alone ones that are considered to be business simulations. Rescue HQ The Tycoon jumps right into this game. Even though all the necessary elements for a great simulation are present, the title is initially met with some suspicion at first.

The reason for this is the style of the game. As the models of emergency vehicles and interior design are presented in a typical simulation, the low-polygon design of the players playing the game can cause some shock. However, as straightforward as the procedure may seem, it’s best not to look at it with a smile and instead consider it serious. However, let’s start with the basics. The menus are kept small, yet it contains everything you need and can be awe-inspiring. Apart from the usual items such as settings, loading the game, and launching the game from scratch, there’s another option known as “Mods.” The developers have created a method to incorporate community modifications to the game without the need. The player is immediately reminded of the past when such changes were expected. When you begin the game for the first time, you can select from four different scenarios, all of which come with their dangers and are thus broken down into difficulty levels. In contrast to the standard approach of picking fictional locations for systems, the creators of still alive Studios chose to go with Berlin and San Francisco, two real cities that currently exist and later by either or both on the map of missions.

Now that we have had enough of the foreplay, We want to show ourselves to be the most effective mission group and join in the action. First, the mayor greets you and describes the city’s current state. He provides you with the first job, but not without mentioning how you can expect to be rewarded in the future. Through Post-It buttons, all the individual options and controls are provided to you as you go. This is an excellent way to get an overview and is sufficient for those who are experienced in the realm of economic simulations. However, particularly for novice players, There isn’t enough information available in certain places. The initial operations center is an incredibly manageable space. However, it includes everything essential for your first evacuation mission. There’s an office, a garage, an equipment room, and the proper personnel.

Alarm, alarm …

Then comes an initial mission that will be displayed on the right side of the screen. However, beware, every task needs to be approved within a specific time frame, or else it’s deemed as a failure. Your reputation could suffer due to this, and the city will be left with emergency personnel who are not reliable. Because this is your first assignment, you require the fire department. To do this, you choose the appropriate number of employees, assign them to vehicles, and provide them with the equipment they need if you have it. With each person set and equipment, your odds of the mission became a success rise. Of course, you’ll attempt to attain a 100 percent chance of success. However, you’re not guaranteed to succeed at the end of the game because many reasons stop you from doing that. For instance, cars and other pieces of equipment need regular maintenance to ensure they do not break. In addition, your employees could be hungry or even exhausted from doing their work.

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Because of the many influence factors , resource management is crucial in this. Finally, after you’ve planned everything, your crew members are ready to put the gear on, get in the vehicle , and off to the location. Following a successful task, you’ll be rewarded with money from the city in exchange for your efforts and experience points you can use to unlock additional equipment. So, police and rescue are being added slowly, and so are an increasing variety of vehicles, furniture, and rooms.

Everything is easy But only if the staff play with you!

One who is now thinking “no issue, and not much effort,” however, is incorrect since the devil always lies in the details, and in this case , it’s known as micromanagement. Your staff is split into two shifts, one day shift and an evening shift. At first, there is the same number of employees on both shifts; however, with each personnel decision, you choose which shift they will work. But don’t worry, the division isn’t fixed in stone. It is because, after every week, you can change the division. What is the reason for this? It is simple, every one of your employees gains knowledge and experience from completed tasks, and, as a result, they improve and grow at their respective levels. As we’ve mentioned before, every mission requires firefighters’ presence. When your staff members increase their story and experience, they will be counted more, i.e., an assignment requires three firefighters. It is now possible to send out three level 1 firefighters or one that is level 3. This also offers the benefit that you’ve got more people to choose from and will require less space inside the vehicle. Of course, you could send smaller vehicles. However, you do not have to shell out extra for staff and guarantee the well-being of a vast team. Another essential factor to consider when managing your personnel is that your group requires a kitchen area where they can consume food, sleeping areas in which they can relax, and toilets for their bathroom. In addition, there are other small items you must keep in mind to maintain your operation running and your personnel’s efficiency.

Another issue is that there is no method of controlling your employees as, aside from assigning them tasks, you don’t have any control over the individuals as to what they’re doing. You would not be concerned about that in the absence of other duties that an office is preparing for. Apart from the paperwork, the vehicles and equipment must be maintained, and then there’s the interrogation of witnesses or care of the patients. But, these duties must be completed without other things, such as being at work, taking a shower, eating, or any other routine activities. Of course, you’re not dependent on the employees. Every task that must be completed can be switched off and on. It is possible to determine the number of jobs that must be completed at the moment and not the person responsible for the work. To make sure you can manage this better, it is always possible to see the number of free employees per class on the left side of the display. If you’re unhappy with this, there’s also the issue of the limited space available for your building. There is no way to construct an endless number of garages or enormous storage rooms for equipment. Therefore it is essential to use the space effectively. However, developers have created something different since specific equipment is already installed aboard vehicles. For instance, the vast emergency fire truck includes fire extinguishers. Therefore, you don’t require them in the storage area and don’t make use of space that is not needed.

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A simulation stripped down to the fundamentals

Rescue HD It’s a game where the Tycoon is stripped down to its essentials since there aren’t any big frills or extravagant features that distract you from the real task or hide the lack of depth in the game. The isometric perspective is a great fit and, despite the small-polygon figures, is beautifully created and adorned with gorgeous animations. Unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold. Making rooms, and placing things, isn’t as simple as you’d like because sometimes it’s difficult to get your eyes to align with the perspective.

The management of personnel is not adequately addressed in the tutorial , where you must figure out certain aspects that can cause instant disillusionment for novices to the genre. The missions also repeatedly repeat; this can get frustrating. However, despite all this, Rescue HQ – The Tycoon is a fantastic economic simulation that does not have a multiplayer mode where you can play against your friends to win the top spot in the city.


Rescue HQ The Tycoon is a game that captivates you with its captivating gameplay in such a short period that you won’t ever want to quit. Particularly, those with anything to do with traditional economic simulations ought to examine the game because the style and gameplay are very similar to the past classics from the genre. I was impressed by its size in that it’s just under 300 MB, which isn’t any kind of patch according to modern standards, yet it is packed with everything you require to provide long-lasting and entertaining enjoyable gameplay. Other developers could take the lead from this. If you enjoy business simulations and have a fond place for police, firefighting, and rescue, you’ll be well-served here and rewarded with a lot of fun hours.

What is the meaning of HQ the Tycoon? An economic simulation based on firefighting, rescue, and police. Link: Official website

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