Remothered: Tormented Fathers in the test – Italian horror thriller to play with

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players Experts who understand the game. Your benefits: In Remothered, we are in control of Investigator Rosemary Reed, who is looking for the …

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players Experts who understand the game. Your benefits:

In Remothered, we are in control of Investigator Rosemary Reed, who is looking for the reason behind missing a little girl. The girl is the old Richard Felton, who is staying in his deteriorating mansion because of the adverse consequences of an experimental drug. The connection to Rosemary is straightforward. Rosemary is an ordinary middle-aged woman who doesn’t make a statement in the everyday world and bears an uncanny resemblance to Jodie Foster from “The Silence Of The Lambs.” A woman with no particular combat experience displays emotions like anxiety or despair and can endure the terrifying situation due to her shrewdness.

It happens when she’s disapproved of by Felton and enters the mansion late at night. A terrible mistake: When the sun sets, the older man scurries through the old building using cutting tools. When Rosemary discovers a decomposing female corpse, she is immediately aware that she must leave! However, Felton is blocking the doorway and is pursuing the detective. In her search for a way out, she uncovers that the Felton family’s secrets are buried in the mansion. After an unknown nun appears to search for Rosemary’s neck, it’s evident that some bizarre events are happening here.

In the shadows, hidden

Rosemary can find items within the home that she could be able to use as distractions or to defend herself. It’s impossible to kill anyone using them, but a single stab in the shoulder, for instance, could last just a few seconds. Once used, the instruments are removed from the already incredibly restricted available inventory. Thus, the best method is to remain hidden in the shadows and to use concealing places. The adversaries (i.e., Felton and the nun) respond to sound and light and sound, which is why the flashlight should be utilized with caution.

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The investigator can be hidden in bedroom closets, under the beds, or any other furniture with enough space to accommodate one individual. There, she will be able to be observant and attentive to the footsteps. However, if a person is just in front of your hideout, it is crucial to stay calm! Any slight movement of the hands on the controller can blow up your cover. If this occurs, Rosemary can still escape and take a few hits. She could even shut doors behind her or put herself in a position to block them.

It’s a shame that there are so numerous helper items within the game. Although this allows impatient gamers to move risk-free, without the fear of losing their patience getting in the way, it does remove the feeling of risk. Those who are a horror fan and want the best cinematic experience are also unable to switch off the interactive icons. This is a shame because they’re not necessary. Who wouldn’t have thought to interact with a drawer or door?

The virtues of survival horror

However, the game works well with its save system. Progress is only kept on mirrors which are extremely few. Automatic saving can also be found during long cutscenes. This may seem like a problem initially. However, it’s the kind of survival horror game you need. The game’s progression is, in fact, at risk, and the loss of your character is an actual loss. With the oppressive setting and the vulnerability, Rosemary Life’s danger is felt in this metaphorical sense.

It becomes a bit difficult in the third, but the use of Quicktime events in this game doesn’t accept any slip-ups. So, having to go through sections over and over again seems unfair, especially when some running tracks seem to be unnecessary. An insignificant flaw in the design of the puzzles and dramaturgy is that the latter is well-integrated into the story. The lack of wacky lights, mirrors, or sliding puzzles that remind us of Indiana Jones is solved here in the same way as for Resident Evil.

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In the effort to allow Rosemary to grasp keys that are hard to reach, she makes use of everyday objects to grip them. This is plausible, even though it is a grotesque scenario , which is a great aspect that the entire game.

Convenient and real

The most impressive feature of Remothered: Tormented Fathers can be attributed to its incredibly dense atmosphere. Outside, a massive storm is raging, its lightning recurrently lighting the dark hallways in sparkling light for a fraction of an instant. The floors creak, and windows rattle. The objects aren’t always separated into shelves. There are dust and dirt. This makes the scene the most plausible location. The rooms are also connected to one another and so imprint themselves onto the memory, even without any map. There isn’t a map to be found in the game. You’re relying on your perception of direction.

Regard to some horrific scenes it’s difficult to make sense of. The title is a bit bizarre. The overarching concepts include “pregnancy” along with “the bloodline within families.” The gruesome tale doesn’t dwell on all the horrifying details but leaves enough to allow for interpretation by the viewer’s imagination. Some scenes are beautiful and symbolic, while some are brutally bloody and brutal.

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