Remothered: Broken Porcelain in the test

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, the sequel Remothered: Tormented Fathers from Italian developer Stormind Games, Remothered Broken Porcelain promises an engrossing horror experience and the chance to revisit some characters who were previously seen in the first …

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, the sequel Remothered: Tormented Fathers from Italian developer Stormind Games, Remothered Broken Porcelain promises an engrossing horror experience and the chance to revisit some characters who were previously seen in the first episode. Let’s see if it will meet the promise.

If a game makes daily a patch of 100MB day following its launch, it’s a great indicator, as the developer is obviously taking maintenance for their product very seriously, isn’t it? Perhaps but not. It is normal for the game was released incomplete and buggy. To Remothered Broken Porcelain and a number of other updates have already been implemented since the game’s release just only a few days ago.

The game’s predecessor, Remothered: Tormented Fathers that came out in 2018 was a fantastic horror game. The tale of a woman who was compelled by her family to become manhood, and being tested by a substance that has terrible adverse effects, and who then went insane and killed her spouse was perhaps a bit muddled however, those who enjoy the genre have no problem with this. Phenoxyl, a moth-derived substance created to erase memories of trauma in patients, is also an important part in Remothered Broken Porcelain plays a significant function. It makes the patient become unable to discern the real past from his thoughts caused by memory impairments that occur when taking the drug. In other words rather than forgetting the trauma and recovering from it the patient, one becomes completely insane when having taken Phenoxyl for a prolonged period of time.

Remothered Broken Porcelain continues the tale of the game’s predecessor. It does not describe what happened following the events of the initial part, but the first part takes place in the year 1973. You play the part of Jennifer who is a young orphan girl through flashback. Jennifer is a housekeeper in The Ashmann Inn, which is in the process of reopening after an extensive fire. Instead of a long, vague story, you’re instantly thrown into a gruesome adventure. It’s not about the game’s numerous flaws as well as flaws. But rather the story. Jennifer gets an order from her manager Andrea to clear an area. So far, so good. when she looks into the mirror is the first jumpscare in this games (rule 1 . in all horror-themed games. never look into a mirror) after a fight with her partner Linn (who is also cleaner) Andrea can be seen setting a food tray across the flooring. As curious as girls can be, Jennifer takes a closer to the food, and then the terror is revealed, totally unintentionally. Andrea is seen, she mumbles things, wears a bizarre look, dirty clothes, and wants to shove an axe into our heads. Like that. What’s the matter? What happened? Has Jennifer been delusional and gone mad? delusional? Andrea was, in the end was just an ordinary, unfeeling supervisor, handing the work assignment out.

On the Run

There’s no time to talk to Andrea! To be able to survive, you must to escape quickly. This isn’t simple, as a player, you do not know the way around the hotel in any way, the game just began. It’s unclear if this tutorial has already covered the steps to play. Once you’ll figure it out. you’ll be able to escape Andrea by cutting her hair until you’re out of breath, then take refuge in a box, locker, or crate. If Andrea has witnessed us entering the hideout at some point, she will stop right at the entrance to the hideout, shout us several times, then head on with her working. Fortunately, she’s not extremely persistent in her pursuit.

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Jennifer is now able to look at the hotel. There aren’t any guests inside the home at this point. This is where the true horror starts. The artwork of Remothered Broken Porcelain are good. The action is seen from the perspective of a third party, however you can often see very little or nothing since it’s so dark. You can’t really expect full-on light sources in the dark hotel in the 70s. It’s also typical for the genre: the dark. The hotel is filled with boxes and other furniture, stuffed with doors and drawers. Jennifer could unzip the doors of every single one. Sounds exciting. However, it’s not until you’ve opened your hundredth drawer. There are other things in your furniture Jennifer might want to be able to. Particularly, a lot of bottles, as the Inn was once an alcohol-related hangout spot for them and their friends. However, ropes, knives and cleaning products, insecticides as well as garden shovels, screwdrivers (!) and many other items can be found frequently This isn’t an elegant hotel, but rather a flea market. There is no comparison to the cold hallways of modern hotels Perhaps everything was little more welcoming when it was a time. Just take the things once, and you’ll use it one day. The thought was: Jennifer could carry lots in bottles. But it’s she’s fine. But then I glanced at the back. The bottle is now in the dirt. It’s odd, and I’m sure I missed it. I decide to go take it. Then I realized Jennifer getting new items and dropping an older item very quietly. With no notice.

This is how I came to managing inventory. There are items you can use to fight however, you’re only able to carry one at one time. But, the game does not inform you when you acquire new items, if it’s an entirely new weapon. If it’s a weapon, the original weapon is replaced with no explanation. There are other items can be used to distract the people who are following you (yes there will be more). They can also be combined to create better distractions for throwing around. Hello? What can I mix around a bottle in order to make it more effective? Perhaps a coffee cup? Weapons can also be upgraded such as the spade with anti-corrosion agents. Honestly? The screens for managing inventory are an absolute mess at the beginning. Inconvenient, unclear You don’t know the things you’re carrying what you’re carrying, or how much you can still carry, and you’ll require several keystrokes to bring it up, and then take it away. What are the objects that are required to perform the action such as keys or a power cord? They are utilized automatically however it’s not possible to find their inventory.

Hide and Search

The game itself involves getting away from your foes and hiding behind the same furniture pieces every time. The good news is that they’re often empty. I don’t know why you have numerous empty boxes, lockers/ chests at an Inn. If you’re trying to get over your enemies, change to the sneak mode , and then throw bottles or something to deter them from the opposite direction in case they need. If you’re caught by an adversary and then confronted, you can escape by using a QTE, or defend yourself using objects so long as the QTE is clearly visible since the buttons that need to be pressed are always over the opponent and you typically don’t see him in your vision. Certain enemies aren’t able to be defeated in combat. You can force them to retreat or harm them so that they have the chance to escape. There are enemies that can be killed from behind, at the least in the event that you successfully attack them multiple times. The game displays the action from a third person all the time it, which is quite useful while exploring the world. However, when facing enemies or fleeing from them in a hurry, the camera is in close proximity to action it is difficult to see anything. It is impossible to be able to see yourself, your adversaries or the surrounding area for you to make decisions in a sensible manner. While it may be true, it’s not enjoyable.

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If you go off and you are caught, there are so many hotspots that you often take out a drawer instead getting through the wall or jumping over a wall. You don’t even know who your pursuers are. If you’re injured, you’re moving very slow making it more difficult to get out. A hotspot generally does not tell you what it can do. Does it unlock a door? Do you pick up something? Is there a hidden chest? It is only trial and error that can give the certainty. Jennifer constantly cries, “I want to go home,” “I don’t want to die,”” “This is nothing but a nightmare” “Why I am so mad? “…I began to whine with her, particularly in the first encounter with the Mr. Ashmann, who just shoots you with his gun at any chance.

Alongside the well-crafted scenes, the story is additionally told through collectibles you will always see. With both keys you can enhance Jennifer’s abilities (silent running, less consistent running, etc.). But, this doesn’t enhance the gameplay. Saving can be performed in sporadic standing in front of metronomes, or automatically when certain events occur. When the metronomes are on, the energy is also replenished… odd. The audio outputs are in English and the and the subtitles in German. This German translation is acceptable however, it has a strange capitalization. It’s possible that I missed the last spelling change. Gamepad play is feasible. I wasn’t able to play this game but decided to give up when I was stuck again at a certain point because of a bug.



Which of the following games layers of Fear, Amnesia, A Song of Horror, Outlast, Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Resident Evil 7 and SOMA have in the same? They’re all superior to Remothered Broken PorcelainI would only recommend this game to lovers of Horror who’re looking for a new adventure, and who have completed everything else. It is logical to try Tormented Fathers first. (better) precursor The Tormented Fathers prior to playing the game, and then should you want to understand more about the story, continue playing Broken PorcelainAn uncertain camera view as well as a confusing plot boring plot, the opening of many boxes or drawers and an ineffective crafting system, a sluggish save option as well as a game that is rife with numerous bugs create Remothered Broken Porcelain an uninspiring game that you shouldn’t play. There are better games in this genre.

The Remothered Broken Porcelain? A very poor survival game of horror. Link: Official website

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