Reise zum Wilden Planeten im Test

How do you mix No Man’s Sky, chewing gum, and Douglas Adams into a blender and press the button to power? You’ll be confronted with the very first big surprise of 2020″Journey to the Savage …

How do you mix No Man’s Sky, chewing gum, and Douglas Adams into a blender and press the button to power? You’ll be confronted with the very first big surprise of 2020″Journey to the Savage Planet” the Journey of the Savage PlanetIn the delightfully clean and squeaky clean wicked indie title that comes made by the production at Typhoon Studios, we try to play the role of an explorer, who investigates an wild planet in search of an unsavory business. The aim is to discover an alternative home for the human race or maybe a resource source that could be exploited so one can be morally flexible! From a first person’s perspective, we study animals and plants and gather geological samples. So what do we discover if we’re not the sole intelligent creature on earth?

The universe, infinite dimensions in 2034. As nameless human beings, we drove across the vastness of space. The silence, however, isn’t entirely true, and we’re certainly not isolated, as we are joined by the nine times bright and ever-singing AI E.K.O. Our goal is to investigate the AR-Y 26 planet and discover whether it’s suitable for an undiscovered homeworld or as a resource source. It’s too bad that our client Kindred Aerospace, a Kindred Aerospace company, hasn’t offered us any training or instruction. So it’s as if it was inevitable. We are on an unfamiliar planet and have no idea of how we will return home, and we can’t think that our client is highly uninterested in what happens to us, so it is only the data required – perhaps this is the reason they’re just the fourth-best business of their kind? It’s okay! We might not be trained to be, but we’ve been influenced thanks to the mullet of the strong McGyver We haven’t fallen over! Perhaps this crazy life ball is hiding an undiscovered truth that can lead us to home.

Colored and raven

I had Journey to the Savage Planetnot on the screen, or I couldn’t say I’ve ever seen it. It was only when I happened to witness the trailer for the first time I was utterly enthralled. The film is bizarre, strange, and wicked – I was forced to watch this scene. Initially, we select your character from a selection of odd images. This is an amusing gag of how our planet-traveler is hidden under an unobtrusive astronaut’s helmet throughout the game. But the most unlikely and bizarre alternative alters the sound our protagonist creates.

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Once we’ve chosen a path, we can start the adventure. Journey to the Savage Planetis filled with mysteries and ingenuous humor. The most famous example is the television commercials we can watch in our spaceship. In them, products from the future are promoted like Meat Buddy, a Meat Buddy – an ugly meat-based creature that you can play with that would indeed have come straight from an earlier David Cronenberg work. A slime-like substance as a food additive guaranteed to be 100 100% chemical!

At the surface of the earth, our team’s mission is to collect the most information we can. Armed with scanner guns and other creative devices that can be enhanced and upgraded throughout the campaign, We embark on a journey into the unknown. Even though we’re equipped, and in a first-person view through different Biomes , Journey to the Savage Planetis not a first-person shooter. In addition, you can see this on the control panel. It is functional. However, it can be soft and elusive – which caused me a few cries of despair during the complicated jump sequences. Overall, Journey to the Savage Planetis quite demanding. This is in no way due because there is only one difficulty level available, and, at the moment of the test, it was not yet balanced to perfection.

You can kick it just like Beckham!

The design of the world and creatures featured in The Journey of the Savage Planetis creative and enjoyable throughout the entire time. One example of this is the adorable pug birds. Tiny spherical creatures that have huge eyes! They do not just visit us with joy but are dedicated to us. It’s just unfortunate that they are carbon-based and I need this source for future gadgets. So I plan – through tears – a complete slaughter of the “Knuffkugeln” and then kick the survivors with footballs across the zone – simply just because I can but not because it makes me laugh, but because it’s fun! Then I realize that I also draw them in by using a chemical, and the birds release carbon dioxide in huge quantities due to diarrhea they experience as a result… Oh!

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With over 30 species to choose from, the animal kingdom in The Journey of the Savage Planetis quite manageable. But, they are divided into various subgroups that result in a certain amount of diversity. The four biomes are thematically diverse and offer numerous puzzles and hidden clues to be discovered. This is twice as enjoyable as the CO-OP option.


Journey to the Savage Planethas been an instant hit, despite some minor issues with teething, for instance, the slightly difficult controls, which are spongy, and the degree that’s not always balanced. The game is just right around the corner and has such a beautiful look that it’s difficult to believe. The brightly colored gaming world, vibrant animals, or ferocious boss battles, everything will make my heart beat faster. I was only annoyed by some of the jumps or the fact that players will be reborn in the spaceship when they die. This makes sense from a plot perspective since each attempt is simply a copy of the original character. However, the long journey back to where you left the dust can sometimes get exhausting, particularly when dealing with the boss battle. However, the anger I felt isn’t even close to the laughter I sometimes shed. Its humor Journey to the Savage Planet is excellent, and those who have enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Companion to the Galaxywill enjoy the game. Maybe The Journey into the Savage Planet is quite short, given the game lasts between 10 and 15 hours of gameplay; however, I enjoyed every minute of it.

What’s Journey to the Savage Planet?An action-adventure on an alien planet that has plenty of comedy. Link: Official website

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