Red Dead Redemption 2 in the test – High Noon for superlatives

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player players – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Benefits: Few events …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player players – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Benefits:

Few events shake up the foundations of the world of video games more than the launch of a brand-new Rockstar game. A few months before the trailers, screenshots, and screenshots are examined both up and down, travel plans are submitted, and hand-wringing is performed to find new information, which is why the highly-rated studio tends to be quite tight.

From the beginning, RDR2 will bring you back to earth and exposes you to hard-hitting outlaw-related facts. Following a failed robbery attempt in Blackwater, the city of Blackwater and the Van der Linde gang, targeted and slain in pursuit by Pinkerton agents, have to retreat to the Grizzly Mountains amidst snow and find a new outlook on the future. Tell them to make as much cash as possible to be accessible on a parcel of land in the West.

More mature than GTA 5

But everything plays out to be different than expected, and the fantastically staged story set in the shabby mining town of Colter is just the beginning of the close to 40-to-50-hour main tale (with all the other side events or missions you could expect to double or triple the amount).

In the film, the group, along with their camp, has to switch locations within the game world numerous times and mix with, among other things, the town of Valentine as well as the fight between two antagonistic families from Lemoyne, the province of Lemoyne or clashes around with the mysterious ruler in Saint-Denis, the largest city in the game. Of course, there’s plenty of excitement in the group as well.. like is the norm for Rockstar, uncertainty, and mistrust are prominent story themes in RDR2 too. But the story is darker and “adult” as opposed to GTA 5, mainly because there aren’t any social satirical aspects.

The tale of Arthur and his Van der Linde gang, grabs your attention from the first minute, leaving the story of its great predecessor to be forgotten. The reason for this is the gang’s dynamic and the making of Red Dead Redemption 2. The various characters like the fiery Bill Williamson, the vengeful Sadie Adler, the discreetly insane Micah Bell, or the reserved Lenny Summers are consistently exciting and provide us with the sense that we are part of a family that’s expanded over time.

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Then there are the stunning and impressive English cutscenes that have been dubbed. Particularly the animated realistically and more natural-looking faces are noticeable. If, for instance, Arthur and Dutch look at each other in a solitary glance at one, it usually speaks more than 1000 words.

View Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Van der Linde gang members

Even Hollywood is awestruck

When we talk about Arthur, the main character in Red Dead Redemption 2 effortlessly gets out from under his shadow John Marston, who played an integral role in the previous section and the period in the course. The majority of his actions remain clear even within the story’s twist. In addition, specific side missions show the soft side of an outlaw, who appears rough on the exterior but is just too content to make insult his gangmates. This ensures that we instantly feel a connection with Arthur and empathize with the character.

It’s not for all However, we believe it is a huge positive that RDR2 has the time necessary to establish its character and ensconce them further into the player. Not only in the long and somewhat linear first game portion, in which missions mainly function as tutorials that are well embedded into the story, but later in the lengthy, dialogue-heavy journeys to mission locations which effectively deepen the bonds between the various characters as they travel.

In the narrative, Rockstar also demonstrates a great understanding of dramatics. Even if the game begins quietly, the game becomes more dramatic in the course of the game. Once again, and in particular, in the second period, the pace speeds up dramatically until the stunningly staged and, like GTA 5, also the narratively satisfying conclusion.

Additionally, there are several major surprise moments that we could never have expected from this format and a lot of impressive pictures and – in the beginning, eerie goosebumps as the music and vocals come into. In short, you won’t get a more cinematic or well-written story than RDR2 right now, even when compared to Hollywood.

A brand new open-world benchmark

Speaking of superlatives: the game’s world, Red Dead Redemption 2, has already been made the next one for release, as The Open World is not only the most enormous Rockstar game world to date and also the most beautiful so far. The setting is restricted to the initial part of the main dirt and with some grassy deserts and prairies. There is in RDR2 the complete game.

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There are peaks with snowy mountain peaks, dense forests, vast grassy plains, valleys that have stunning waterfalls, gorges crossed by rivers, endless tobacco fields, crystal-clear geysers, mountain lakes, and more. There are many cities, including the previously mentioned Valentine city, the mini-metropolis inspired by New Orleans of Saint-Denis, complete with fully operating streetcars. Or the town with a booming industrial sector called Annesburg, located in the northeast region of the map, where high smokestacks spray black smoke into the sky.

With a vivacity you’ve never seen in the open-world section, it offers, on the side, hugely numerous and realistically-simulated wildlife. Because off the road, for instance, deer in the fallow graze through the forest floor while rabbits dance around, groups of birds make circular patterns in the air as well in the swamps and wetlands of Lemoyne State, alligators snap at Arthur as he drives through. However, the game world is full of random encounters. The majority of these you’ll encounter while you travel across the game’s world, and each one of them will tell its own stories.

A brief example: while we walk along the river, a man is screaming and stumbling towards us, having been bit by the snake. You can either offer him medication in the event that we carry one with us – or let him go to sleep, or remove the poison from the wound.

We opt for the latter and, at first, receive warm greetings as a token of appreciation. After a few hours of play, we do meet the same guy with a smile in front of the gun store in Valentine the following day, and he is willing to purchase an assault rifle at his expense. As I mentioned, it is only one of those encounters. RDR2 is filled with these, even if a few variations occur later.

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