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The game is more vibrant, hardier, more energetic, louder, and more bizarre; RAGE 2 is less of a classic sequel and more of an extreme version of the original game with an enticing name. The …

The game is more vibrant, hardier, more energetic, louder, and more bizarre; RAGE 2 is less of a classic sequel and more of an extreme version of the original game with an enticing name. The open-world shooter is above and beyond in numerous ways, taking us into a horde of adrenaline-driven slaughter, which certainly will satisfy. However, it’s not always all glitter that can be silver …, or even pops in this case.

In and of itself, the film is a sequel to the first film, but with a distance of a few years. You don’t have to know about it to understand the narrative of our alter ego. In a post-apocalyptic universe (a comet smashed into the earth), pure chaos appears. Bandit mutants and gangs create even more difficulties for the scattered settlements to create something more like a new society as it is in a primarily dreary desert landscape. There is only one optimism due to the actions of the players in the initial part and the subsequent flora growing in some places.

But, humanity is far from “peace and joy, pancakes.” The “Authority” is hoping to be defeated under the direction of the exceptionally cybernetically enhanced General Cross has returned and is determined to bring order into the chaos … in essence, they want to enslave the entire human race. The first step towards this goal is to stomp out the Rangers. It’s a joke: the character is at their base at the start and must witness an enormous massacre that even his foster mother dies. But it’s a great choice that this slaughter not only allows our alter-ego to transform into a fantastic, ranger-like suit with superhuman powers and aplomb but also serves as an efficient signal for the subsequent revenge mission filled with fun fights and splash effects. Whether you are the character of a woman or a man in the first person perspective is your choice, regardless of whether it influences the gameplay aside from the voice being played.

Boom Bang

The game’s gameplay originates mainly from the pencil from Avalanche Studios. Id Software – the original game creators – however, have only collaborated and have primarily ensured that the gunplay is “right” and can do so. On the other hand, you are most familiar with the Swedish Avalanches as the creators of the Just Cause series. Although they’ve been largely absent from first-person shooters, they are all the more about the flamboyant action of open-world games. Therefore, it’s not surprising how the gameplay in RAGE 2 isn’t quite as convincing.

Simply put: It’s massive and has a lot of variety in the jungle areas. However, it lacks a certain dynamism in terms of visuals (there aren’t many significant highlights, and weather effects are not even a thing) and the gameplay described. The vast majority of what you will find in terms of entertainment within the vast world is, in reality, relatively minor. In this area, there’s a gas station, an Authority gun or something determined to take down. Sometimes, cars pass through the region and attack you or even challenge you to a race, and of course, you’ll encounter unintentional battles between bandits and the Authority. However, this is not even the tiniest idea of significance or profundity. In other games that are the open world ( Red Dead Redemption being the best example), you may stumble upon entire, standalone storylines through chance; in this game, there are only opportunities to make use of the ammunition in your arsenal. Too bad. The plot itself doesn’t stand out as something special also. Fans of the original might recognize some characters and will appreciate the occasional in-joke, but the NPCs don’t enthrall you in any way or can present a story that leads you on a journey.

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What’s the matter …

It’s not the story itself that’s the main issue here. It’s the skirmishes. They do contain it, or, more accurately, it’s the main character who is the one to be blamed. It’s either … Oh, I’ll use “he” from now on because it’s going to become boring … He’s thanks to the suit of the ranger, filled with so-called nanostripes that gradually provide you with ever-increasing excellent capabilities like energy blasts, hefty blows, and much more. Its arsenal is “over the top.” They already have more power than the rivals from the factory, and they can be upgraded in time. Furthermore, you can make more weapons and improve your skills and abilities. You’ll need to locate and join the known Arcs in which humanity is expected to emerge following the Fallout to create the new world. The cars are the vehicles that allow you to traverse the desert as well as race and combat and can be adjusted. The downside of all this updating for all these upgrades or upgrades, as well as conversions and expansions, is that you’ll need various basic materials. This means lots of manual collecting that hinders the otherwise brilliant process. While the designers were when it came to collecting collectibles, they weren’t as inventive with their enemies. Although there is some variation between them, the intermediate bosses are disappointed to repeat frequently.

However, it’s not a bad thing. The gameplay’s core, the gunplay, is pretty close to the mark. The movement is fast, precise, and powerful gun feedback. As the physics simulation of hitting enemies is realistic and accurate, and the staging is impressive – significantly when you change to overdrive mode. In this mode, the intensity of the colors transforms into a bizarre, and you do a colossal amount of damage that flashes and pops everywhere , and you blast enemies one after another in the most attractive manner. The inclined fan will surely smile … as well. Take blood licks. And will also lick the blood.

Console first

The controls can also be played with the hand, at the very least, with controllers, where it was developed primarily. This is undoubtedly a plus when using the PS4 game, for instance, as my primary testing platform. However, it isn’t as great, especially for PC gamers. Confident control design choices designed with controllers can negatively impact their impact. One fundamental capability, such as”Dash “Dash,” i.e., the ability to jump extremely quickly in a particular direction by simply pressing”W,” A, or D, could be an excellent option for the PC. Very much in the traditional shooter genre that id Software should appreciate. However, this isn’t working. The key that activates special abilities must be simultaneously pressed using the directional key, like playing with an actual controller. This makes it challenging to utilize a different specific knowledge with the Dash; however, in general, it’s pretty useful.

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“Quite decent” can also be said of the graphic quality of the PS4. While the framerates, as well as the lighting effects and the visibility, are excellent, however, the quality of the characters and the surrounding environment frequently leaves much to be desired, especially when compared with the PC version, which is a notch superior to the console version, particularly in terms of the sharpness of textures and character model details. On the other hand, the sound isn’t to be criticized either in this or that. Voice actors perform well, the music is well-suited, the sound effects are aplomb, and the surround mix is excellent. The only issue can be found when you access the menu for logbook upgrades, logbook, etc. It is entirely silent (i.e., no music playing); however, an even louder boom confirms specific actions. That’s quite a shock. While we’re discussing menu-related annoying aspects, Most of the game runs with no loading times and takes just one second to start the next tab while switching between menus to upgrade and such. This is a problem on an extreme scale.


RAGE 2 isn’t flawless. The world is a bit empty. The story is tinny. The technology available on the PS4 is a breeze but not impressive. But, RAGE 2 certainly offers its moments. For instance, when you tear away rows of enemies in overdrive, equipped with well-leveled weapons, and plenty of practice with the awesome special abilities, masterfully throw hand grenades back at you, then run through the desert as if you were an angel from the dead, augmented. Action enthusiasts who want to simply savor adrenaline and turn off their brains at the time of their departure will be satisfied. People seeking more depth or multiplayer are better off looking elsewhere for thrills.

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