Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 in test – Standstill at the very highest level

Special reports, analysis, and background information for role-playing heroes or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits: License Attack So PES has been unable …

Special reports, analysis, and background information for role-playing heroes or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits:

License Attack

So PES has been unable to compete with the most prestigious European division and, with it, a significant “pound”; however, it isn’t stopping Konami from acquiring several other licenses and making it one of the series’ biggest games ever had until now.

Nine new, fully licensed leagues play the game (see the table in the next section) and exclusive partnerships with teams such as Liverpool FC, Arsenal London, and AC Milan. Naturally, the significance of these licenses is a matter of debate, particularly given that the Bundesliga isn’t yet well represented except FC Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen However, the fact is that there’s never been as many players and teams in the Konami soccer series like there are with PES 2019.

There’s no surprise there; however, PES 2019 is a powerful force playing on the pitch, much like its predecessors. This is due to a great mixture of realistically authentic animations, straightforward gameplay, and ball mechanics. In addition, like every new year, Konami introduced several new moves, particularly in replays, out-of-bounds passes, feinted movements , or headers, which are indeed a spectacle for the eyes.

The physicality in the match has grown a little compared to last year’s game, and for example, it’s a lot more difficult to overcome tree-length defenders such as Naldo and even to win a head-to-head battle.

Ball Physics to be awed by

By securing and blocking the ball, You also allow your wonderfully intelligent AI teammates the chance to get in the way of crucial gaps, and the realistic speed of the game means that you’ll be able to perform a fantastic job of deceiving opponents by rapidly shifting direction or sprinting. Making balls go off on the defensive side is hugely satisfying.

With great ball physics, which is why the ball bounces back and again, absorbingly, from goalposts or shins, the result is a sport which, with the right skills, can be handled easily by you but also provides unexpected surprises in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Headers are also quite challenging to master and are less effective than in recent times, and the timing is more critical. However, this is a draw since every goal scored is a definite high. The only thing that is annoying, on the other hand, is AI goalkeepers, AI goalkeepers at the more difficult difficulty levels are incredibly hesitant to sprint out when we get into the penalty zone by ourselves, which results in goals that seem to be scored too easily.

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Quick and efficient change system

The apparent fatigue of players is evident visually. At the end of a game such as this, it is possible to observe players get afflicted by cramps . They will signal the need for a change, which you must do immediately, as kickers cannot be used for a compelling game from now on. However, the signs of fatigue were also seen before, only without the graphic effects.

However, we find the quick-switch feature extremely efficient, and most importantly, it is highly beneficial, as players can swap even during an interruption in the game without the need to switch to the menu for a strategy to do this. In the end, PES 2019 is a screamer about gameplay and could surpass the highly refined PES 2018. It is a step up in this regard.

Modes: Everything is the same as before.

While PES 2019 is playing well on the field as it should, there is a noticeable absence of action on the field this time. As always, players can play in various offline modes , including the Master League, Become a Legend (in which you are just one player), and participate in tournaments and leagues.

Particularly, the Master League mode once again exposes a complex set of techniques like the slow development of teams, and the method of doing this requires you to participate, for example, when scouting and gradually raising young players and in which there are numerous aspects to think about including the budget for salary.

This, however, was only slightly tweaked; we believe that this time, for instance, the player prices are a bit more realistic; however, in general, this year’s Master League treads water, especially when it comes to presentation and presentation. The training mode could also use an upgrade in the sense that as enjoyable and helpful as the instruction of finer points like tackles or high passes could be, Konami does not have any creativity in how they present these skills and offers the same content as previous years.

What’s different in terms of innovation in mode can be seen, for instance, by FIFA this year , with the introduction of an extended kickoff mode. Moreover, this year, Konami launched the 3-versus-3 co-op mode within PES.

Praiseworthy exception: myClub

In all likelihood, the myClub mode has seen some tweaks. Visually, it is becoming more similar in comparison to Fifa Ultimate Team, for instance, with the player independent cards and the animations when the new player is signed. In addition, it’s adorable: Although duplicate players were not utilized for other purposes in the past, you can now join them to gain another player.

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Additionally, new varieties of agents and leaders, along with regular online tournaments, make the whole system much more sophisticated overall. Of course, only a long-term perspective will reveal how these developments will ultimately be able to take hold.

Naturally, you may also play against normal players from around the world, whether in competitive games that are ranked or games with no impact on your performance. The filter options, such as your performance class or the limitation on network connections, are admirable.

In our first online game with random players, we could not discern any annoying input lag or lag. However, there were some minor stuttering moments during the connection when the image would get stuck for just a fraction of a second.

Graphically enhanced

Technically speaking, one or two people might say, “That is like PES 2018!” as they look at the photos. So it might appear initially; however, if you look at the 19 and 18 versions in a direct manner, it will be obvious the much-upgraded light engine that enhances the look of the game more vibrant. The animations mentioned above and the easily identifiable faces of licensed kickers are at the top of their game. That can’t be said about the audio, on the other hand.

The commentary from Marco Hagemann and Hansi Kupper offers here and there interesting quotes, but often the commentary is unfocused or is completely off through the speaker. The soundtrack, nevertheless, at the very least, keeps the good stadium atmosphere by incorporating several well-known fans’ chants in support of the licensed clubs.

Overview: Leagues that are licensed and teams

These leagues have been licensed, as are their teams playing:

Through this team, Konami has collaboration. Therefore, there are related stadiums that are part of the game.

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