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It all looked great: A strong license, almost made to be used in video game games. A studio with an extensive experience in the niche of games that are asymmetrical and also with the fan-friendly …

It all looked great: A strong license, almost made to be used in video game games. A studio with an extensive experience in the niche of games that are asymmetrical and also with the fan-friendly handling of famous franchises. An engine could be described as “beyond the realm of.” But in the end, Predator: Hunting Grounds was revealed to be an average game, after all.

It’s true, Predator: Hunting Grounds is an exciting experience for all who love predator the hunter from another dimension. In the lush green jungle, you swoop through the trees like the all-mighty Yautja and slowly set traps for the victims in your path and whose terror you can see from the helmet’s thermos, using the aid of a lot of tactical savvy, only to slash them one by one with massive spears. You atomize them using plasma cannons, then gleefully cut the spine off the final one. When that fails, and you fail to stop the self-destruction counter and laugh as you transform everything into ash and pink mist, that isn’t quick enough. You are always accompanied by a fantastic atmosphere and numerous respectful hat taps to the original 1980s film.

Sounds fantastic, right? The issue is that although the above can certainly occur and result in one or two positive reactions from fans, the shortcomings in the game’s design create an average overall experience. For example, the mentioned “big image” is relatively small: There are three maps and three missions at the beginning that are all generic and lack unique features. The objectives of the soldiers generally consist of navigating to a specific area, pressing the button for action on a device or object for a specified duration, and then navigating to the following location. In this course, you’ll come across NPC soldiers, generally divided into Snipers, Heavies, and regular foot soldiers. They aren’t dangerous, as, on the one hand, they’re terrible shooters, but on the other hand, they’re simply too dumb. However, in reality, they don’t need to be both clever and dangerous. Their primary purpose, and their mission, is nothing other than to keep you on the plate of the Predator repeatedly. The Predator (or “she” and more on this further) can be who you must always worry about. Theoretically, at least …

Learning through doing

The unfortunate truth is that the hunter with green blood is typically much more accessible to kill than the one suitable for him. The balance was clearly in his favor. The gameplay was an army soldier was enjoyable, thanks to its first-person view as well as the familiar weapons and the almost certainly keeping the team together because of waypoints (a miss for the developers to insist on a split now and then makes the experience more enjoyable) is surprisingly fast, however, the game as a Predator needs some becoming accustomed to. The player controls him through the third-person perspective, which is a great way to mimic his superior vision, and you can navigate without any waypoints or other aids. Mainly due to the various ways to enter every map, which soldiers could pick, it depends on your wits and capabilities to find your target. Also, the actual attack requires a thorough understanding. If you underestimate your energy reserves and abandon your stealth before you’re ready or leap into the four-person group and try to make it work in a random melee, you’ll likely die sooner than you could claim. “I don’t have time to get a bloody nose.” The Predator is not as deadly and powerful as he should be in the game. The Predator’s attacks are not strong enough, and his camouflage is ineffective. Additionally, at specific points on the map, soldiers may have deceased team members resurrected – which is as unjust as it seems.

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Creating terror and fear like the Predator takes a lot of practice. The issue is that the only way to get the experience you need is to play games with other players. Although the basic tutorial shows the movement and controls very well, the use of weapons is too brief. So the encounters of “first-time Predators” often get an unintentional laugh. For instance, if the predator first starts scurrying up and down a tree, he’s like an animal on cracks (red marks indicate the possible routes); it will automatically jump between trees or even climb across them – something that can be a bit erratic) but then drop to your feet and shoot his shoulder cannon into the air.

To engage in truly thrilling battles, it is necessary to be able to connect with a group of players who already have a lot of knowledge. Not just because they already know how to proceed like rub themselves with mud like an army soldier and then disappearing by the infrared camera of Predator (another great tribute to the film’s original) as well as because soldiers and Predators are each equipped to use the game’s equipment and class system after having gained access to the valuable items.

The reasons behind this are four classes of soldiers (assault soldiers, scouts, scouts, and supporters), and the Predator is the third (hunter, scout, and berserker). In some places, they differ in appearance and characteristics like speed and health, as in the available equipment. Although the differences between the Predator aren’t that significant compared to a human team, they are expected to be well-mixed. However, you won’t be allowed to pick any classes at the start and have access to all the gear or benefits you can select from the options. It’s been a while since it’s been widely known, and yes, it is beneficial to level up in multiplayer games in various ways, including motivation, matchmaking, and so on. In the game Predator: Hunting Grounds, however, the issue is that you may need to play through a variety of, at times not-intentionally funny, and almost ever-satisfying games before everything gets interesting at the point … If you’re lucky enough to last for that long.

In the meantime, when you’re done, you’ll have unlocked several Loot Boxes. Yes, they’re also here. But , come on: there are no microtransactions on the horizon. The contents of these boxes will probably be boring enough for this anyway. Each box has visual elements for your characters or weapons. You can alter the soldiers and the Predator in numerous ways. In cases like the hunter from aliens, you’re not just able to select your gender but alter the armor, skin , or Predlocks (PREDator and Dreadlocks … do you getting it? Delightful.) In shape and color.

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You’re a sexy motherfucker!

To deal with the technical aspect of things, the developers chose Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine in its latest version. What is the possibility of something going wrong? A lot, in the end, it turns out. It’s not just that Predator Hunting Grounds appear uninspiring from beginning to end (levels models for characters and models, textures … it’s up to you can name it), and it is battling popping-ups and framerate drops periodically. There were also issues with the collision query, at least for a short time (leaves diverted the cannon shots on the shoulder).

The flaws in the graphics, the gentlemen and ladies from Illfonic from America, can make up for it with the sound. It is entirely “on the mark.” Mainly, the sound effects of the Predator are perfect and allow you to feel like “I’m in a film mood” emerges. From the sound of visual changes and the shooting of the shoulder gun to his blood-curdling scream echoing throughout the entire area as you recover yourself… Everything is in place perfectly here.

Being able to experience the Predator sounds for yourself will take some time; however, it is not surprising that the demand to play as the Predator is enormous. However, the slots available are three times more scarce than those for soldiers. It was why I had to wait for half an hour to play as a Predator during matchmaking right after the game’s launch. In my role as a soldier, I would often be at the front of the screen of menus for a few minutes waiting to find an opportunity to play. But, it has been improved a bit as the developers swiftly made necessary changes to matchmaking and cut down on waiting time. Of course, the only thing to know is what will happen in the future as the gap that exists between skilled and novice players grows. We must be hopeful that the game’s developers be aware that leaving out of a game during the game is not a problem. There are times when instead of the four planned VS 1 pairing, there are matches with only three or two players. If one of them is eliminated immediately after he goes down, the human team typically isn’t in the running.


Oh, I’d like to share with you how the curse of terrible Predator remakes is finally removed; that Predator: Hunting Grounds is an excellent game and should buy by any fan. I can’t, though. The scope isn’t big enough, the technology is not up to scratch, and the balancing is too sloppy. On the other hand, the game isn’t without moments. It was thrilling to race in the forest with a flurry of excitement because it took me just five minutes before I “definitely” got that distinct shimmer in the trees. However, in the end, the many defects and design flaws cause a lot of frustration. Too bad.

What is Predator: Hunting Grounds?An asymmetrical multiplayer shooter with Predator license.Link:Official website

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