Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Snowlands of the Crown in test

The previous Pokemon Adventures certainly provoked controversy in the gaming community during the autumn of 2019. And the first installment of the DLC, The Isle of Armor the Isle of Armor – was also a …

The previous Pokemon Adventures certainly provoked controversy in the gaming community during the autumn of 2019. And the first installment of the DLC, The Isle of Armor the Isle of Armor – was also a source of disagreement for players. So if the first part 1 of DLC did not impress me, can I place all my hope on the Snowlands of the CrownBecause an amazing winter setting with cute costumes and additional new(/old) Pokemon for the team? This is an almost easy decision. Or?

Welcome to the cold winter wonderland!

While Pokémon Sword and Shield impressed me at the time I was even more disappointed with the DLC that came first. The Island of ArmorSomehow It was just it was just too difficult to put in there for me. There was no real story, nothing to see graphically, but most importantly, the absence of arenas in the game left a sour taste.

The Snowlands of the Crown promised to be a step up from the previous trailers and gameplay images. This impression was confirmed when I stepped into the brand new zone in the 2nd DLC section. The icy winter landscape was presented to me and immediately pulled me into the story. Since the creators seem to have learned a few criticisms about The Island of ArmorThis time , we’re not being thrown into the sea unceremoniously and then taken by the hands of an unimportant story.

Crown Snowlands Crown Snowlands represent thereby, as The Island of Armor and the known nature area as a type of “open world.” Pokemon play around in the surroundings and make it appear extremely lively. It is usually up to us whether we are ready for a fight. Therefore, it’s time to jump into the adventure of a lifetime. This test will be returned to this Shield Version of the DLC. If you’re still keen to play the DLC fully, I suggest you read my review later. The possibility of minor spoilers should not be avoided!

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It’s the Snowlands of the Crown await!

Icey snow lands, but stunning to look at!

The Isle of Armor had been a complete disappointment for me, particularly in the visual aspect. On the one hand, the extremely dull setting was an island in the middle of the sea, but it was not appealing to me. In the same way, it was evident that attention to detail was missing in many places. This certainly isn’t the case from The Crown Snowlands! Again, The Crown Snowlands aren’t a complete visual masterpiece. However, the winter wonderland was designed more carefully than the entire DLC Part 1.

As temperatures drop outside, we are greeted with large snowy landscapes, forests, and sparkling snowflakes. Our trip leads us to the ruins of ancient temples. However, we also visit the quiet town in Freezedale and its residents. Additionally, the amount of Pokemon seen is much greater, and the world is much more lively.


Winter is coming!

Atmospheric worked – the snow-covered paths!

Also, I love the artwork of the film Snowlands of the Crown. Yes, there are some small, muddy corners, with a few small stone walls that can’t be overlooked. This is why it’s not enough to merit the most significant number of stars , but it’s an excellent visual adventure! The music accompanies the scenery in a subtle yet definite way. A few winter-themed melodies have also added that increase in speed based on the surroundings or let us be in our thoughts for a while. The whole presentation was a success in this regard. Nintendo already did quite well.

It is the Crown Snowlands However, they also possess the advantage that they stand out from the other areas. Since although there was an area of snow in the tale of Sword and Shield Pokemon, The new snow lands are designed differently, mixing traditional elements with brand new ones. It’s fair to admit some degree of subjectivity as well: tucked on a blanket, with the Switch in your lap, taking a Pokemon treasure hunt within the winter wonderland simply is an entirely different experience than walking around on the sunny Island of Armor!

I’ve brought you a few additional impressions in the gallery below:

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We embark on a legendary tour of exploration!

While cruising through the Snowlands on a train, we are immediately introduced to the two new protagonists in the tale. They have been identified as Mila and Peony’s father and daughter on an exploration trip. Father Peony was once an arena leader known for his love for steel Pokemon and is now insisting on taking the self-proclaimed “legendary exploration tour” along with his daughter. However, she isn’t inclined to go on the tour and walks away from her father at the bottom of the mountain.

Therefore, it’s our job not just to locate Mila’s daughter Mila at the start of the tale but to embark with her father on the legendary trip later. In the end, there’s likely to be no one else available. Negatively, I observed here that in the village of Freezedale, the inhabitants do not know what we are actually about. Yet, we still saved the world! Many times! As I loved it in the beginning, the NPCs were different and new from me in the role of a player, and I also lacked this a bit when I played in The Crown Snowlands.

I am impressed that the character is again a part of the real story right from the beginning. Even if you’re given the liberty of exploring the Snowlands in your way, there’s an ongoing thread you can follow. And no, I’m not talking about 150 dildos!

So I embarked on a journey with Father Peoney – well, nearly.

A new co-op maze, the Dynamax adventure

In the very first move of the adventure previously mentioned, it leads us to one of the most exciting new features that is The Dynamax AdventureThis turns into a co-op maze that can be played on its own or in a group of up to four other players. The players do not have to fight against the Pokemon they own. They are unable to fight in the labyrinth because of the solid Galar particles that are present. So, each player chooses any of the Pokemon available randomly before the beginning of an adventure. Dynamax adventure.

So, using or without NPC assistance or three live-in players will fight your way through a maze of Dynamax Pokemon. A legendary Pokemon will be waiting as the final boss when you’ve completed every labyrinth. It is similar to the previous defeated Dynamax Pokemon can become part of your squad. I was impressed by this feature that was added to the co-op test , which certainly increases the replay potential of DLC. When you finish every run, you get a new currency, Dyna Ore. This currency can be used to purchase additional items, TMs, or others. At the start of each maze.

A legendary quest that is filled with many puzzles

After the first time you’ve delved into the new DLC feature, the legendary quest begins. Outfitted in a new look that can withstand the cold, the objective is to find the source of the legendary secrets. According to Peony, the legends of many Pokemon have been found within the Crown Snowlands. However, finding them proves to be more complicated than anticipated. Each puzzle is begging to be resolved, which leads to a search across the entire region.

For the puzzles, you need to look at them usually from another perspective. For instance, if I need to shout at the door when I must place the Snowflake Pokemon in the my team’s first place, then I must give the first Pokemon in that team Ewigstein. The puzzles are always revealed by revealing gaps in the text and only vague clues.

I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle hunt. I enjoy cutting my teeth on either one or the other method. Even though there are many guides available, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment at the end of completing every puzzle yourself! They are an extremely effective addition. We look forward to we will see more of them in future adventures!

A winter wonderland is brimming with traditional and familiar – but also unique – people!

In our journey, something noticeable for us: The Crown Snowlands is teeming with legendary Pokemon! It’s not just about the story as well as about the Dynamax adventures, but in the wild, you’ll be able to meet, repeatedly and again, solid, old friends! Many fans’ hearts will certainly get quicker when you encounter the bird’s trio Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados.

But not all famous Pokemon are available in their original version. The three most popular birds include, for instance, different types, as they’ve been given a special Galar version. Therefore, knowing who fits into the old team is still exciting, not just because of nostalgia!

I love having the opportunity to meet the many Legendary Pokemon in the Snowlands. Since, even though many Legendary were in existence before my time, however, the Snowlands are mighty thanks to the residents. The battles are complex, and for the first time, it feels as if you’re now a player within”the “endgame” in the world of Sword and Shield Pokemon.

Our old friends are visiting us, Some with new talents!

In need of Dwellers and the brand new Legendary Coronospa

A Pokemon DLC isn’t fully completed, however, without introducing, at minimum, the possibility of introducing a new Legendary Pokemon itself. The same is true with The Snowlands of the Crown.As peaceful as living is in Freezedale might seem, however, the concerns of the residents can be overwhelming. The tiny village has not had a prosperous harvest for a long time. Its “king of the harvest of riches” protector of the town is gone. His statue at the center of the village has been damaged. What is it to do with this you can find out by yourself?

The statue’s riddle symbolizes the ultimate conclusion in the Expedition Strand. Our choices will also determine which kind of Coronospa will join us at the end of our journey, “Psycho Ice” or “Psycho Ghost”. For me, the tale of Coronospa was undoubtedly an excellent conclusion. It completed the story in the Crown Snowlands well! With more than ten hours of gaming, I find the range very appropriate and am eager to find out what else there is to see within this Snowlands soon.


Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Snowlands of the Crown wasn’t an easy ride with fans. At the very least, that’s what the sequel DLC installment was to me. However, after spending a few hours spent in the winter wonderland, I can say that It’s a great game! Snowlands of the Crown actually does quite well when compared to the other games and could certainly help bring the advancement in Sword and Shield back on the right track!

Fun and sometimes difficult puzzles can convince and blend well into the overall Pokemon setting. The Dynamax adventure is a good example of this. It’s an exciting new feature and provides an increased replay value. The new winter wonderland is appealing to me graphically as well as atmospherically. I enjoyed getting lost in it to discover and see what else could be found just around the corner. The tale of classic and brand new legendary companions was appealing to me and provided some hours of gaming. But it is true that Part 2, unfortunately, also shows how much potential was thrown away in the initial part of the DLC. Specifically, plenty!

On the real feeling of the classic games Pokemon Sword and Shield are not the only ones, but It’s the Snowlands of the Crown for me. However, it’s just not running. Being a total fan of the game, I am still missing the excitement and the thrill of thrilling arena battles. Additionally, the less than fully-fledged Pokedex is weighing heavily on my stomach. I’m curious if Nintendo is going to release new DLCs to Pokemon Sword and Shield or whether our trip through Galar has come to an end. Galar area has come to its end. I’m definitely less skeptical about any future DLCs in the near future. In the end, the excursion to The Crown Snowlands was definitely a great time for me!

What’s Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Snow Lands? The second component of the DLC pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Link: Official website

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