Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor in the test

The most recent Pokemon adventures provoked controversy within the gaming world in the autumn of 2019. While loved and dreaded by some, Pokemon Sword and Shield didn’t enjoy a smooth ride with the fan base’s …

The most recent Pokemon adventures provoked controversy within the gaming world in the autumn of 2019. While loved and dreaded by some, Pokemon Sword and Shield didn’t enjoy a smooth ride with the fan base’s fervent supporters. Finally, the moment has arrived, and we can go back to the Galar region for new stories from the first sequel, The Island of ArmorBut Can the new location, including the battle dojo, and most importantly, those (old) brand new Pokemon be convincing?

A brand new island I’d like to visit

Although many players were unhappy in , Pokemon Sword and Shield As I am a “Pokemon novice” who simply would like to have enjoyment and doesn’t seem to be interested in battling online, I had lots of fun playing the game within the Galar region back in the day. It’s also available in our similar review from November , 2019In the first of the brand new DLC passes, the adventure is continuing. After a brief train ride, we’re transported to the recently located Island of ArmorNew players await us on the island, but there are also familiar faces! In my test, I delved into Shield, the shield edition of the DLC.

The brand new Island of Armor was constructed in the same way as the previously well-known nature area and is an “open space.” There aren’t any predefined paths at present. However, you can freely move across the vast wilderness filled with roaming Pokemon. It’s always the case whether we’re already in the same league as our adversaries or if we should choose an alternative route. Following the first fight that we encounter at the end of the Island, we can pick our way. It’s not necessary to ride directly to the dojo on the island, which is the main feature of the DLC that I’ll discuss in greater detail later.

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The spaciousness of the island enthralled me – just like I did with the nature zone in the games Sword as well as Shield excellent. I am awestruck by the feeling of watching the Pokemon wandering around in nature. It makes the world of pixels seem more real. In addition, it’s also a great method to appreciate the potential of a Pokemon. For instance, when we come across a massive Wailord in the waters from the beach, or a hyper-motivated Kingler pursues us along the beach!

The island that was just discovered was waiting to be discovered!

Excellent variety; however, it’s not an absolute feast for the eye visually

I particularly enjoyed the variety the island offers. We can cycle through vast fields, play in the sea on the beach , or look our way through deep, dark caves that wind around. There is even a desert and a swamp located on the island. Therefore a variety of nature was looked after! I loved that not just broad grass fields were utilized in this game, similar to that nature area in the primary game. This makes the island appear faster and more prominent. Indirectly, you get the sensation that you’ve been gifted more than one additional space.

Visually, however, I would have liked a couple of quality levels. In comparison to the experience in the Galar region, I wanted more attractive graphics, or at the very minimum, one that matches the standard of the original adventure. Compared to the earlier areas, however, the new island can leave some desires unanswered visually. For example, walls of newly inserted caves appear the slush of pixels as if mud rather than solid rock.

Many beautiful details aren’t present, like the glowing stones found in caves or the vibrant mushrooms from the game. In the vast fields, you will rarely see individual trees. In the desert, you can are only able to see dust storms. So, it’s apparent that you won’t get the absolute best graphics on the Nintendo Switch. Due to the length of the gap between the base game and DLC, I was hoping for more. I hope. Part 2 – the Snowlands of the Crown will make improvements on this! The music was monotonous and not very varied.

A strange-looking adversary – even at least for a brief period

In line with every new Pokemon story, we have a new adversary as the main character in DLC Island of Armor. Island of ArmorEven though Hop, the companion, and friend from the base game, is also a guest role, this time, the limelight is given to the brand new character Saverio. Saverio is a massive fan of the game, with a squad of Psycho Pokemon and a lot of circled Poke balls around his head. Additionally, the Sword counterpart players will encounter Sophora, the trainer obsessed with Poison Pokemon.

The first time we meet Saverio upon our arrival at the station, he immediately misinterprets us as a prospective pupils of the dojo who he was expected to take in. So naturally, he takes us to a battle and is defeated – because of our mighty team. As retribution, he plans to undermine us and steer us to our direction in the opposite direction. Let’s face it, a level Abra at 58 Abra and a group 60 Flegmon? It will be greater than those levels to beat The CHAMP himself. This brings me back to an issue that always bothered my ego: Nobody on the island knew who we were or what we had already achieved in Galar.

In the Galar region, this issue was solved because, even in the middle of the story, the character is frequently welcomed by NPCs as a champion or even asked to sign an autograph. It was strange to be seen as a tiny squirt even with two famous Pokemon inside your suitcase. But, it’s Pokemon in the end, and there’s no reason for logic! In any event, the Rival Saverio appears three times throughout our journey but is never a challenge worth taking on. The difficulty could have been higher , but I desired a strong new adversary. Maybe it’s the time to throw me into a battle online or two (and be a failure!)

Let’s enter the Ring…

A major improvement of the initial DLC section, the brand new Dojo run by Chief Mastrich awaits players on the island in Armor. He is well-known throughout the country for his superb instruction of former champion, Delion, and now has us under his tutelage. To demonstrate our skills for this dojo, you must complete three simple introductory tasks Three (really extremely quick) Flegmons to catch, several small items to search for, and an encounter with the rival Saverio. The tasks were easy and were completed in only two minutes. However, the Flegmons were the most difficult problem!

In the dojo we later take by the player, we are given our first outfit change, which is in the form of a yellow war suit and the hairstyle plug that is noticed! Overall, the innovative features of the DLC can easily make me. However, I’m digressing now and thinking about the combat training! As the absolute winners from the beginning, we immediately begin our training.

The highlight of the introduction to me was the remarkable reunion with the favorites from the first generation. Bassam and Schiggy were eager to join our group! What a relief to finally meet the turtle I’ve been relying on for years. In the original game, the fans were left without a gift, as there was only Fire Pokemon Glumanda could be present! The two form a team of close to 100 friends from previous games. Due to the recent growth of Pokedex submissions, I had plenty to accomplish!

The Dojo is the primary aspect of the DLC However; it is also replacing any arenas that we had in the game’s base. I found this very disappointing. The Dojo has its charms. However, its halls of the Galar region were among the highlights in Sword and Shield Pokemon for me. The captivating music and the enthusiastic cheers of the crowds in the vast stadium. The things criticized early on have no doubt missed the arenas here. Hope dies at last that perhaps in part 2 of the DLC, a theater will be included in the game (and I’ll be cheering on the big screen once more! What’s the reason?)

.. along with our new combat team!

If we pass the initial entry test in the dojo? We also get a reward that is of a particular kind: the battle Pokemon Dakuma! We can take this under our wing and then take it to the world. But Dakuma views it entirely differently. The adorable teddy bear who is shy at first is scared of us the first time we meet him. And the first thing we must achieve is to win his trust. This will require (many) fights and even additional Pokemon Currys. What player could benefit from this feature in the game’s basic version will have a once again little pleasure!

Takuma is the primary center of Dakuma, the main character of DLC. Takuma can have a variety of designs depending on the base edition of the game, i.e., the shield or sword. Following the initial approach and attack, he wants to train to the level of 70 before attempting this. This intense training took me around two hours and sometimes caused some anger. I’m not a massive fan of combating Pokemon, and the karate mode felt too forced to poor Takuma. So, I was not a fan of having him drag me through to 70 in my team of experienced players. But that was my issue, and I’m sure that fans of the combat setting will have lots of fun with Dakuma in this game.

After the obstacle of 70 levels is over and we’re off to take the final exam under Maastricht Master, We go to The Tower of Unlight or the Tower of Water. The location where we sit for the test is revealed to be one of two forms of Dakuma’s development of Waluosu. Based on the site, Dakuma is either Unlight Battle or Water Battle. The different variations appeared impressive and were able to pound opponents to the ground!

Takuma and I had a difficult connection during the DLC However. I would have loved a number of story-driven quests rather than the dull grind. But it was essentially completed with the story quests following the opening of the dojo.


Pokemon Sword and Shield The Isle of Armor stoked numerous expectations from players, but it is unable only to fulfill them in part. The new region has a strong resemblance to an open world in its entirety. I think the design is excellently designed. I am hoping that future games are also geared toward this vibrant and open world. After everything, this was the major feature in the DLC. I was also thrilled with the old and new versions of the Pokedex, but it was mostly about being able to take on my own and, of course, my very most excellent Schiggy once and Schiggy.

The graphics aren’t convincing, and there’s a deficiency of attention-grabbing specifics in the game’s presentation. The narrative is sadly tiny and gives me, as a novice player, about four hours of gaming. The missions are incredibly repetitive, and they almost remind me of a grind. However, I would love to capture 150 Digdas; however, it’s not required to be sold as the form of a paid DLC disguised in an adventure story. It’s a bit more story, please! The absence of the arenas that I love so very much, with their fantastic gameplay and thrilling music, affected my gaming experience a bit. The difficulty is less complicated than Sword and Shield in the game. Of course, this is due to the highly equipped team that we have taken into the game itself. The slight aftertaste of a negative flavor also has left the normal Pokemon in a brand new form. It was asked more than one time: “Why then not immediately with the base game?” ?!”. Since even if Pokemon Sword and Shieldthe smaller Pokedex never really was a surprise to me, one can observe precisely when the Pokemon appear in the game and what they’re missing in the initial adventure.

I hope that the second part of DLC 2 – the Snowlands of the Crown will convince me to stay with it. The setting is intriguing. I’m excited to see the setting, in any case!

What’s Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor? The first part of the DLC pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It continues the adventure on the Island of Armor – with both new and old Pokemon and a brand new adventure. Link: Official website

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