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Finally, the moment is here: the famous tall grass is calling us back! Have I been waiting since November 15 and eagerly counting every dull fog-filled day? Because with Pokemon Sword and Shield, the wildly …

Finally, the moment is here: the famous tall grass is calling us back! Have I been waiting since November 15 and eagerly counting every dull fog-filled day? Because with Pokemon Sword and Shield, the wildly popular handheld series finally saw its first appearance on the big TV screen! Before the release of the brand new game in the Galar region, there was a furor within the community due to it was not the case that all of the available Pokemon were included in GameFreak’s final version. GameFreak has completely filtered out and has presented a top-of-the-line version of the Pokemon of the past. However, is this the promised “end to the “Pokemon franchise”? What’s the deal? We’re about to find out what exactly!

A stunning launch to launch an even larger game in the world!

Starting from the beginning in the Pokemon Sword and Shield, you realize that everything feels much more significant, unlike anything else that’s previously been seen! The game doesn’t begin in a comfortable, lively environment with the instructor in the spotlight, as you have done before, and then are immediately thrown into action. The President of the Arena Challenge – the Pokemon League of the Galar region – greets us with a grand ceremony at one of the massive Pokemon arenas. They are reminiscent of the current section of huge soccer stadiums and a cheering crowd, with rousing music!

We embark on our next adventure, not as a stranger across the street but as a loyal close friend of the little brother of the champ from Delion, the champion of the Galar region. Straight from the winner Delion, we also get the first Pokemon and an official letter of recommendation regarding an Arena Challenge. Thus, we begin as familiar faces in the arena and are recognized by NPCs as they pass by and are often booed or cheered by the opponents!

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Chimpep was with me in my travels through the Galar region …

After deciding on our initial Pokemon and our first Pokemon, we’re now off on our epic journey across The Galar area.region. The idea was sparked by Great Britain and has been given a variety of beautiful information: Whether it’s a zillion of Willys, the small sheep-like Pokemon that are just emerging – that are swarming through the region, as well as the typical British stone homes, or the residents enjoying afternoon tea. GameFreak indeed went all-out in this game’s Galar region. It’s by far the most enjoyable of the games so far. The graphics, especially according to Switch standards – really are impressive!

The storyline has been given just a tiny amount of attention. It Pokemon Sword and Shield The villains in this installment are a little less colorful than in previous installments. Team Yell doesn’t even aim to take over the world; They just want to take us out of this Arena Challenge. They are devoted to Mary as one of the players’ competitors and will assist her in any way they can. This makes them a more radical fan club; however, they are not criminals looking to cause harm to people around them. Team Yell is also sadly not an enticing problem at any time in the narrative; however, it is entertaining to watch and adds some fun moments to the action.

Our journey takes us through the mystical village…

A vibrant world, but not enough variety

This world full of Sword and Shield Pokemon is truly alive! GameFreak has taken on the wildly successful concept of Pokemon. Let’s go: Pikachu and Evoli here. And so the Pokemon here can also roam throughout the vast grass and around the world, constantly interacting with the player in various ways. We can decide on our own in the tall grass if we’d like to walk by on our silent soles, avoid the sight of a Pokemon or run through, or even blowblow a whistle to draw attention to ourselves and trigger an argument.

But random encounters haven’t entirely disappeared. Sometimes when we’re not careful and oblivious, Pokemon are waiting to be discovered on the grass and will attempt to cause trouble to the team. I love this combination extremely well. It is a blend of both systems, and it all feels connected.

The nature park is one of the highlights of the nature zone. The vast area at the center of the Galar region is a considerable space to see an array of Pokemon of all generations. Also, what’s exciting is that there are a few Pokemon on the same level as you as there is a variety of Pokemon, from tiny timid 5-level Pokemon who try to get out of the way to massive, advanced Pokemon within the Lvl-60and above – everyone will discover something in this area! The player has to choose on his own which Pokemon is suitable to fight together with his team. The nature zone has an opportunity to replay the agnomen.

The natural zone is also, but it is also divided into many subcategories. Within each area, there are various weather conditions. Sometimes it’s snowy, while other times the sun burns off from the sky. This doesn’t only alter the battle conditions like fire attacks are more robust when it is sunny, water attacks are weaker, and so on – but also the kind of Pokemon we will encounter.

from the enormous “Claw City”!

However, the areas were monotonous in some places, even though everything was. If you spot up to the number of of Wingul in a single clump in the grass, it feels that one or two other Pokemon that were in the past could have done the game a favor. This is because if you’re lucky enough to find a Pokemon introduced into the game, you’re sure that you’ll see it in the natural environment at some point. While the world can seem, you still feel that there isn’t a huge selection of Pokemon. Everyone will, unfortunately, need to be without one or two of the most popular of their previous team. The downside is Pokemon However, this is far from the case.

I’m determined to be at the top and ready to take on the Arena Challenge!

The traditional Pokemon League has been tweaked slightly during Pokemon Sword and ShieldGameFreak has decided to return to the standard eight arena ladders with a predetermined, fixed order. This means that the game is returning to the same basic principle modified by introducing the introduction of Pokemon Sun Moon and Moon returning to the Island Challenges. The first time around, there’s also a distinction between the different editions because each edition has its arena ladders that aren’t present in the second spin-off. Therefore, the brave warriors of Pokemon Sword in the fourth arena will have to fight Saida, Trainer of the kind of battle characters from Pokemon Shield; however, Nio and his spirit Pokemon.

The arenas have also been given a few new tricks. For example, before we can take on the leader of the hall, It is no longer sufficient to take on only a handful of trainers of the same kind, and we have to be able to conquer the arena challenges in each scenario. Here, GameFreak has created some hilarious challenges. In the initial arena, for instance, you have to move an entire bunch of Willys around the stadium in line with the kind of plant. Once all of the Willys are at the final point, we’re allowed to take on the leader of the arena. In other areas, you must utilize a drop detector to prevent holes from being made in the floor and answer trivia questions or launch yourself into a massive pinball machine. I loved this brand-new design, and the polish is perfect. Every arena feels new and exciting, and the games usually provide a lot of enjoyment.

After we’ve finished the task in and of itself, we’re now off to the arena in the arena itself. The hall is gigantic large, huge, and dramatic! In the initial stages of the match, each arena battle is held in a vast stadium. The atmosphere surrounding each player is awe-inspiring, and GameFreak did a fantastic job. This is because, in Galar, fans flock to the arenas to watch fighting matches live. We hear cheers and watch the crowd cheer us on while, all the while, the fights are streamed live on massive screens. They are also visible in the arena, making the game’s camerawork in arena more exciting and thrilling.

The natural zone is waiting for our arrival …

The music in the game complements the setting perfectly and pleasantly inspires the player to the side; it’s in the arenas where the game’s developers have achieved the most tremendous success. It is evident from the beginning of every battle that this is it! The music seamlessly blends with the crowd’s chorus and creates a tension that inspires the fighter to be actual fighters and do everything they can to win. Kudos, Gamefreak! It’s a feeling the music, when combined with the fantastic environment, is the only thing that has been able to give me to date in the battles against the top four players in Pokemon the X and Y as well as when I battled Champ Cynthia. Pokemon Diamond and PearlSo the Arena Challenge events will be on my list of personal goals!

After you’ve made it across your way through the Galar region and accumulated the eight gold medals you’ve earned, your battle to defeat Champion Delion is now in the cards. However, before that, the top four players aren’t against us – you are looking for these on Pokemon Sword and Shield without success. This is a shame because I’ve always found it difficult in the previous games to be able to take on four formidable trainers and the champion in one game.

This brings us to the most challenging aspect of this title which is the game’s difficulty. For me, I found it to be a perfect match, as although I am a massive fan of the Pokemon franchise, I’m far from being an all-knowing encyclopedia that knows all kinds of Pokemon by heart and is aware of every aspect of each of the pocket monsters. So I had a lot of fun gnashing my teeth at either arena for a brief period. Unfortunately, the soiled veteran players of the series will be looking at nothing but a sham test here and are likely to take on any opponent with even the slightest issue. This is a shame as there could be a good test for all Pokemon experts.

Everything grows bigger; even the Pokemon

In the first trailers for the announcement trailers of the Pokemon Sword and Shield back in the day, I was doubtful about one aspect that was mentioned: Dynamax, which Gigadynamax is expanding. Our Pokemon can transform into extended versions of themselves over up to three minutes when in Dynamax mode and gain significant amounts of HP and power. The regular attacks can also be replaced with Giga attacks. Several Pokemon can also change their appearance and are referred to as”Gigadynamax” in the game. My initial impression was not very optimistic. Big Pokemon with endless animations with exaggerated battles, and the next thing I knew, even more significant? Do you think that it is necessary?

However, I was pleasantly amazed at Pokemon Sword and ShieldNamely, which, contrary to what I expected, You can’t utilize the Dynamax feature in every battle , like in the Mega Evolution from Pokemon the X and Y series, for instance, butbut the feature is available only during Arena battles or the battles ( Raids) with other players within the Nature Zone. In my opinion that in these situations, it’s satisfying and, most importantly, influential in the atmosphere of vast arenas. It works amazingly well.

In tune with the energetic music and applause from the crowd, you’ll feel influential as a musician when you launch your Gortrom – the ultimate version of the plant starter to battle in an immense version with equally huge drums and then unleash attack techniques that are breathtaking and over the top. Again, plant Pokemon is a good example. They grow huge plants from the ground or unleash massive spores on opponents and then explode like bombs, destroying an entire subterranean.

Not just news from the past from the Galar region!

However, the Galar region isn’t only filled with the same gameplay concepts that were reworked and many new features to offer. For instance, the Pokemon Ami feature of the last parts has been replaced by Pokemon Camp. The player can set his tent outside at any time or go to the tent of an NPC or other player. In these camps, Pokemon interact with one another and their trainers. This way, the bonds of friendship with your Pokemon will be reinforced a second time – and could also be advantageous when fighting! Furthermore, at camp, we could explore culinary skills for the very first time and relax by making Pokemon curries. In this regard, many vibrant recipes are available waiting to be taken home.

The player’s character can be customized: eye color, hairstyle, hairstyle, makeup, or a new, bold costume. Every city has a boutique with many different outfits to choose from. Players have plenty of options to make the persona he desires or to create as authentic as a person as it is.

The player also has the option of choosing from a range of styles.

Additionally, Pokemon Sword and Shield were also given enhancements to convenience. For this first time, users can have access to their entire Pokemon Box at any point at any time, whether it’s at the Pokemon Center or the free world. So, the player’s team can be changed anytime – as it is not in an arena – according to what is desired. The previously-inaccessible XP divider has been incorporated into it as a fixed element similar to Pokemon”Let’s Go” Pikachu or EvoliThe whole team gets XP whenever a Pokemon is captured, or an opponent is defeated.


Pokemon Sword and Shield is just an absolute blast, even more than I had hoped! I am constantly telling my friend that I’ll be able to cook for them in 5 seconds … Okay, ten after all. One fight remains. But here’s the next arena to go to! The most well-known concept that is the basis of Pokemon remains to be very great with Sword and Shield.

Even though the story was somewhat weak, especially for a spin-off from the Pokemon series, and you see a lack of an overall Pokedex, The by-products remain one of the best in the series, in my opinion. The Galar region has turned out to be incredibly gorgeous, and every area is distinctively different from any other that has been seen before. The visuals and music are excellent all over the board. Its Dynamax feature is, contrary to my initial impressions, delightful and blends perfectly in the environment of the vast Arena Challenge stadiums. However, the difficulty is sadly too easy for those who have played before.

The length of time the spin-off ran was often ridiculed in fan groups. However, it’s tough to determine the duration of a Pokémon spin-off. Even if veterans ran through the game in less than eight hours, I had not reached the fifth level after less than 12 hours since I had to be attentive to every inch. Personally, Sword and Shield Pokemon was a decent and enjoyable dimension.

Overall I’m delighted with the Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, I’m over-excited to finish my Pokedex after completing this Arena Challenge as much as feasible, and to be capable of purchasing the perfect costume for me (because specifically, the clothing is costly) as well as to find the final curry recipe for Galar! Galar region!

What’s Pokemon Sword and Shield?The new game within the Pokemon series includes 81 fresh Pokemon and the brand new Dynamax feature. URL: Official website

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