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A decade has passed from the day Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Red, and Blue was able to get its foot to the heart of Gameboy Advance, as well as DS enthusiasts for being among the …

A decade has passed from the day Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Red, and Blue was able to get its foot to the heart of Gameboy Advance, as well as DS enthusiasts for being among the very first Pokemon spinoffs. After many years it now arrives and with the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Savior Team DX, this the Pokemon spinoff comes back to home consoles. But will a re-release of the game released 13 years ago still be a hit in 2020? Do you think the new, graphic coating enough – and did it become stuck ten years ago?

Old adventures are reborn in stunning new beauty!

The adventure begins in the typical Mystery Dungeon manner similar to the first one, and then there’s a brief personality test that you must be completed as a player. The quiz was used as a base to determine the character of a Pokemon and into which function one can fall. In the Savior Team DX, however, for only the second time, you’re not required to make a definitive choice of the Pokemon you should play on your adventure but rather simply receive the first decision after the test. Of course, you are free to disregard this and choose the Pokemon you love the most out of the 16 starter Pokemon. These are the most varied types and starters, including well-known starters like Pikachu, Schiggy, Glumanda or any other non-starter Pokemon, such as Anton, Eneco, or Machollo.

Once you’ve chosen the Pokemon you want to play, it is essential to pick a suitable partner. This can be done by selecting the identical 16 Pokemon today, but it is not the equal Pokemon and certainly not the same kind. For instance, teams made up of Glumanda and Flemmli are not feasible! This is quite disappointing. However, it will safeguard the player and, therefore, likely not to fail at specific moments in the game, for instance, as an all-fire team in the water boss.

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It is imperative to mention this: based on the group composition of the team, it isn’t the same in terms of difficulty. If you’ve got, for instance, Pikachu or any other electric Pokemon in your team, you’ll have an advantage because most bosses are part of this type of flight. But I wasn’t looking to make it too simple for myself, so I decided to pick Evoli and Anton as my absolute, perfect super team. Evoli was a great choice due to its many development opportunities – and Anton is especially impressive been a great choice since detective Pikachu this year got a unique space in my heart!

Evoli and Anton, are busy making with each other in the Pokemon Region!

A real trip of nostalgia from beginning to end

It was the one thing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Savior Team DX managed to accomplish from the very first moment: and it was to send me on an extended nostalgic trip! At the very first moment, I could recall the feeling when I was taking the first step into Mystery Dungeon adventures on my DS back in the day. The sight of the old tales in a new luster – sure, it certainly brought my heart to the floor for a moment! It was a truly memorable experience to witness the “places that were once a part of the past” with a new look.

It was then that I spotted the vast Pokémon Square that is the mainstay in the “upper the world.” It is home to facilities like the Kecleon store that allows you to buy and sell products, the bank that lets you use to keep your Poke dollars and the Kangana warehouse to store things, and many more. I’d already made countless visits to these places in the past, and it gave me somewhat of a “coming to home” feeling. The general sense is that far from the dungeons, it’s a world where Savior Team DX is much more vibrant and lovable, thanks to the brand-new graphics. In addition, the art-deco style is hand-painted, giving the whole experience its own amazingly captivating appeal. I could have completed my circuits on the course for a lifetime and run between my home and the Pelipper post office several times just to savor the art!

The characters and the story are also effectively staged, and even the most powerful allies like the team of saviors, led by Simsala, and even the old villains such as Gengar and his cronies could be dazzling in a modern way. Nintendo has done an excellent job in this case, and the new version is a huge success!

Gorgeous battles in the dungeons as always

After a brief overview, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is also straight to the core of its spinoff: the dungeon adventure and rescue mission! What is a rescue team without missions that go along with it? Evoli and Anton are frequently contacted with more minor or more extensive needs for help through Pelipper Post or the large notice board in the Pokemon village. It could be to save the Digda in a cave or to retrieve an item stolen by Taubsi – we’re ready, always available to assist with any order, and always eager to help!

The individual orders are defined by the small, unoriginal story that is also told here. This is why there are a variety of natural catastrophes across the globe Pokemon, and it’s our responsibility to figure out what caused it when we embark on rescue missions. Unfortunately, as we go about this, many known enemies are in our way and attempt to prevent us from revealing a dark secret to the light of day.

An old-fashioned rule plays the Dungeon Battles. Players move through the individual levels, collect items , or confront adversaries. In contrast, you fight in turn-based games. If you’d like to progress to the next step, you need to find the next step. To locate the stairs, there are no particular requirements to be met , so every player can decide whether to slowly go through each level or go through the dungeon quickly and work through the commands. There’s something for everyone in this game.

In the Savior Team DX, the possible team size was expanded from 4 to 8 Pokemon for the very first time in a while – which frequently led to chaos and lots of fun! In the end, it was capable of enthralling me similarly as they did with the previous games, Team Red and Blue. It was always your dream to get up to the next stage and complete another task without paying attention to the amount of time spent in the country.

A compelling “risk-reward system”…

Before you start a dungeon, it is essential to consider what items you’ll need and the amount of gold you’d like to collect. If the team loses and the players lose a substantial portion of the savings and other essential things. Therefore, carrying the most enormous pockets and the most valuable items is necessary. In the same way, it is possible to encounter a representative from the Kecleon store at the bottom of the Dungeon. There you can purchase valuable items to fight bosses; However, only if you have prepared enough cash before the start of your adventure! This “risk-reward” method about money and objects works well and can reward brave players.

The graphic part of the dungeons, but it must be noted that while I was awed by the visual design of”the overworld “overworld” and its narrative, I felt dissatisfied when I walked into the first time into a dungeon. While the dungeons have been given a massive visual overhaul and are now to be more diverse than they did ten years before, they are still unable to stay up to speed with Pokemon Square or the main character’s home. They’re dull due to their linear layout, and I’d undoubtedly wish the designers could have done more in this regard. Although it’s a remake, Dungeons could have had more variety, a greater focus on details, and, most importantly, just a bit of energy. Notably, such additions as the vibrant Kecleon store that can be seen in the screenshot could have simply been allowed to exist a little more!

Stores that might be random provide incentives for gold-lovers to invest in the open road. But is it worthy of the effort?

.. however, it’s a shame that the difficulty is rather low!

I was highly disappointed with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Savior Team DX; however, the difficulty was the main reason the game was challenging. However, since I chose the wrong team (as I’ve already said above), I had no problem rushing effortlessly through the game within a couple of hours because Nintendo has added some improvements that make Dungeon Battles less challenging than the first.

You must not choose the best strategy for the situation in turn-based fights by yourself. Since if you’re two fields from your opponent, it’s best to begin your fight by using a long-range attack to gain an advantage. It is now easy to be able to see this for yourself . If you click the “A” button to select, the appropriate strategy for the particular situation will be chosen. I was very disappointed by this as playing with the best methods took some enjoyment.

In addition, there’s also an automatic run feature you can turn on at any time. As a result, it’s unnecessary to wander around in the dungeon on your own. Instead, your team can run by itself to an item next to it or the next step. The group stops only when an enemy is within. Although you don’t need to play this mode, you’re reminded several times, particularly in the beginning. I was disappointed – because , yes, the game was made available for children. However, I’m sure many of the fans have reached a level of maturity where this feature is no longer needed. Smaller facilitations like this have been sucked into a crossroads through the game but still took much of the pressure from the tasks.

A rough start of JJCon’s (JoyCon) controls

One of the most significant flaws of the game was that it was a bit clunky in the controls. In the past, the older games were mostly played on handhelds, such as Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS, where you weren’t able to use two Joycons. On the Switch, however, they are deemed to be too much. It is often necessary to move two Joycons simultaneously, which is difficult for users due to the dimensions. In the same way, the functions of the Switch are overwhelmed relative to the buttons.

This example could be: if you’d like to move diagonally within the dungeon, you will need to indicate this using the correct JoyCon first and then specify the direction you would like to move. In addition, you could display an outline of the dungeon simply by pressing the appropriate JoyCon. Unfortunately, this is often out of the way since you can pack the JoyCon light when you only intend to move on one side. These overlaps have occurred in the course of frequently playing, particularly in the long tunnel passages. I was very frustrated after the final level because, yet again, a glitch didn’t work in the way I’d like.

Inadequate features can ruin the appeal

However, contrary to my expectations, small elements of the original piece didn’t make it into the Remake. In Team Red or Blue, for instance, you could visit any Pokemon who were firmly part of the savior team within the respective “camps.” These were tiny areas that let the Pokemon be free to move about, and you could speak to them briefly and make adjustments to the team. These free zones were replaced with a rigid interface where the Pokemon are displayed in tiny images. Only the necessary settings are available there. The actual feeling of joining an alliance with these Pokemon isn’t there. The game has there are of these once-loved elements that unfortunately went by the wayside in the end.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Savior Team DX was definitely a lot of fun for me. I experienced varying levels of that. I was a little too much in my late twenties! I was taken into my youth, and I could deeply remember the experience of holding a video game for the first time. The new look of the graphics is an absolute favorite of mine even after I’ve finished my journey. I truly would like to see Nintendo will keep it in mind for future sequels or adventures. It was a bit different from the usual “realistic graphics and fireworks” that are found in a lot of games from publishers nowadays. Together with an old-fashioned soundtrack made my heart beat higher!

Additionally, the concept behind combat in dungeons is not old-fashioned but retains the charm from the old days. In this case, too, you need to fight to advance each level by level while collecting the most items you can and completing rescue missions. The motivation is very effective in this particular area.

the Savior Team DX However, it has some major issues. It wasn’t any difficulties though I did select a terribly easy team arrangement. However, this did have the effect that I was in front of the last leader of the game in just a couple of hours as I wanted to relax and enjoy this nostalgic trip in a way that was utterly uninhibited! I was quite disappointed. The issues mentioned previously in the control system presented me with a lot of painful moments, and the remaining features were the cause of the rest.

It was difficult to, at times, appreciate the attractive design and the thrilling battles even when there were significant flaws in the package that degraded the gaming experience. It also left me with an unpleasant aftertaste. I was hoping for a straightforward, vibrant, and enjoyable adventure in Retterteam DX rather than some moments of disappointment and minor disappointments. For those who love the franchise, I would definitely advise taking a peek over the free demo and then determining if the new game is up to their expectations or not.

What exactly is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX?The remake of the Pokemon spinoff Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Red and Blue first appeared on the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance more than a decade ago. Link: Official website

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