Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX in the test: Love at second sight

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits: When Pokemon make their way through dungeons A tiny Raupy …

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits:

When Pokemon make their way through dungeons

A tiny Raupy gets lost within the forest and is trapped in a crevice in the earth. A Digdri is desperately searching for his son, who is missing, Digda. Finally, a Waumpel remains hungry, needs help in a wooded area, and needs a giant apple. To get the weak Pokemon out of danger, we enter randomly generated dungeons with one of 16 game-playable Poke heroes (we play as Bisasam in the game).

All can be played Pokemon heroes

It is important to note that at starting the game, we’ll be asked personal questions. Based on the answers we provide, we will be assigned a Pokemon’s role. But, if we’re unhappy with it, you can pick a hero from the freehand afterward.

The battle system’s workings

The gameplay mechanics are fundamentally distinct from the Game Freak Pokemon RPGs. However, the battles still adhere to the rock-paper-scissors classic principle. Plant beats fire, plant beats water, and water beats fire. Experiential Pokemon trainers, we don’t say anything new.

Within Mystery Dungeons, however, we also have other tactical aspects to consider.

In contrast to the primary variants, we fight from the is perspective. This is the reason the position of our beasts is vital in our battles. We utilize Bisasam as an iconic tank due to the classic Melee attacks such as Risk Tackle, while our Glumanda is our companion. Glumanda can be more effective when attacked at a distance, using Glow or Dragon Rage.

When we press the button, we easily change our team members so that we can take the situation into our own hands when we are in doubt, though this isn’t often needed. In the end, the AI is very effective and can always use the sensible attack.

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Furthermore, the team includes additional players later in the game who can use their attacks and skills to permit more advanced strategies. Comparatively to the basic battle system based on turns of The Game Freak RPGs, the Poke reefs in Mystery Dungeon have very complex gameplay yet are still too easy. We would have liked to have seen more challenges, particularly in the boss fights.

At first, it was overwhelming…

It takes time to take pleasure in the entire experience. We become accustomed to the jerky controls after two hours. We often run into walls because we can move within the dungeons on tiles. This is especially problematic in fights, where our Pokémon location is crucial (for the survival of our Pokemon)!

The lengthy journey can feel like an eternity because so many features could quickly kill us. At Kecleon, we purchase and sell items, while at Kangana, we keep things that we don’t require, and at Makuhita, we can train more effectively than in the dungeons. In Knuddeluff, we are gradually opening particular camps that our newly recruited Pokemon will eventually move.

Mystery Dungeons takes a lot of time to explain the individual game mechanics. However, it introduces the most exciting features only a few minutes later. It would be more effective, too, if we invite more Poke players to join our rescue squad right from the start since that’s how the spin-off creates its magic and ignites the typical passion for collecting Pokemon that makes us feel excited about dungeon exploration.

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.. then after that, you hit

However, we will be able to overcome Mystery Dungeons’ flaws. We must first get over the hurdle to entry. We’ve worked, plodded, and delved into the multi-layered game mechanics and finally discovered Mystery Dungeon DX, an almost addictive game of dungeons.

The enthralling method of fighting, looting, or leveling up as well as “collecting” Pokemon comes into play later on, but it is really a magnet that keeps players enthralled for hours within the tangled, sprawling hallways of dungeons. After having completed the 20 hours of story, we go through a seemingly endless set of additional quests.

As for thrilling, Mystery Dungeon DX tells an incredibly thrilling story according to Pokemon standards. Our protagonist is human, but he suddenly awakes as a Pokemon. Initially uneasy, he eventually becomes head of the rescue group and , at the same time, surpasses his own. He meets friends for life, battles against nastiness Bullys and is in the middle of a central mystery that will determine the fate of everyone Pokemon.

The story is straightforward in its basic premise but quickly captivates all Pokemon fans with its adorable dialogues and adorable and lovable characters. Anyone who is a fan of the show should go to Dungeon.

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