Pokémon Legends: Arceus in test

The very first Pokemon game was released about twenty-five years ago. In celebration of this anniversary, Nintendo has come up with something unique for the most recent game version. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Something extraordinary and …

The very first Pokemon game was released about twenty-five years ago. In celebration of this anniversary, Nintendo has come up with something unique for the most recent game version. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Something extraordinary and will fulfill some long-awaited desires of many players. A more open-world gaming experience with a more dynamic battle system. Are they just empty words or the development of a long-running game series?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus typically begins right from the start when our protagonist is pulled through an opening in the sky and is landed on the shore of the region known as Sinnoh. The area is well-known from the films Radiant Diamond as well as the luminous PearlHowever, because Arceus has been transported back to the past and is now in the past, Pokemon have been thought of as unknown creatures in the currently Hisui known world and trainers and leagues consequently aren’t there. The players’ job is now to join in the galactic mission and be a part of the first Pokedex, which is essentially an online encyclopedia for the Pokemon species throughout the Hisui region.

As the story unfolds, the character moves through five different biomes and gets help from many inhabitants. Since some claim he’s to be responsible for the break in the structure of space-time, it is also his responsibility to find the Pokemon is the one to blame for this occurrence and, thus, save the entire planet from destruction.

Exploring rather than fighting

The introduction of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is obvious immediately from the beginning it is that the emphasis is not on learning about the Pokemons or fighting each other, but on investigating, recording, and capturing the various tasks. The game’s beginnings are already set by pointing out that the Hisui region provides a free-to-walk open-world game. The Galactic Expedition’s base is situated in Jubeldorf, the city. Jubeldorf also serves as a hub for the remainder of the area. The more missions and assignments we complete, the more we get in rank and can unlock new zones. This is not just about finishing the Pokedex. However, there are often other tasks, like defeating an attacked Pokemon or at a particular time of the day.

The journey to Hisui is made more accessible by an ArceusPhone device. This is more than an interactive map where all crucial locations are identified; but also provides you with information on which Pokemon are available and the tasks in the process of being completed. Other things, like Pokeballs and smokeballs, are also possible to make using a workbench, as long as you ensure you’ve previously acquired the required raw materials or purchased them from a retailer.

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Without battle, there is no Pokemon

Now, on our journey, we generally roam the game world in seeking its prey. If we discover the same animal, then we can choose whether we will try to catch the creature directly, sneak it up on the grass, or maybe set out an attractive bait to draw the predator. Of course, the Pokeball is also an essential element, since only a successful throw determines if we’re permitted to add a new entry into the Pokedex. However, achieving it without fighting is impossible since many Pokemons are highly attracted to fight and attack when they first see you. You can push it to the limit by skilled avoiding rolls until it quits or you begin attacking back.

However, the system of combat has fundamentally changed during the process. It is now possible to distinguish between power and speed techniques. The former boosts speed and permits the second attack. With the latter, the strength of the episode is increased. However, you may be forced to miss a round because of it. So, you must apply these two methods proficiently based on the strengths and stats of the Pokemon being fought and the battle. Additionally, you’ll encounter elite Pokemons and Kings, as it were. The boss fights Pokemon Legends: ArceusThe noble version is distinguished principally by the fact they explode into anger and then assault you with deadly attacks. The role of the players is to placate the Pokemon with peace-related gifts. It is typically the most sought-after dish of Pokemon that we throw until it is calmed once more.

Promised, but they were cheated

With its different method of play and new mechanics, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a great deal of choice, but it gets a bit boring over the game’s 10- 12 hours. There are a lot of additional missions, and, in addition to the crafting method, you can decorate your room in Jubeldorf and equip your character with different costumes, but all of it is overshadowed by the empty and dark game world. In addition, it’s not as open as it seems. It proves a biome that is not contiguous with relatively manageable dimensions, which does not have much to offer other than the primary missions.

Alongside the gorgeously created game world, There’s also visually subpar. Don’t let technological limitations on this console Nintendo Switch be an excuse in this case, since just the past five years, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already proved precisely what could be possible with this console.

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An unlovely, sterile game world meets beautiful characters and fluid animations. This is where the major critique of Pokemon Legends lies: Arceus is not just that the Hisui region, which includes Jubilation Village, looks pretty empty and uninviting, but other technical mistakes, such as blurred textures and noticeable frame drops.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus has Nintendo-like backgrounds and sounds. If you like the game and you like it, then this is for you too. Personally, however, I am not a fan of the voice acting because the way it is presented through text takes away the narrative’s atmosphere.


These controls were modified to an open-world perspective and work perfectly. Thus, there’s now a camera that can move freely, and the assignment of buttons is initially something you have to be accustomed to; however, it can be mastered after a short period effortlessly from the palm. To be fair, I would be inclined to draw attention to the non-skippable cutscenes. It is necessary to navigate through many irrelevant text pages now and then.

Game design

The standard Pokemon gameplay, enhanced by the use of new game mechanics like cheating systems, provides some new life to the grimy gameplay of this series. There are still some challenging boss battles, although they’re not often designed with a variety of options.


The process of completing the Pokedex is a great motivator, just like every Pokemon game, and so is engaging in the story. Beyond this, however, there’s nothing to look at with the game. Despite numerous extra quests, the game’s environment isn’t exactly one you want to explore.


To be truthful, I’ll be honest, to be frank, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a mild disappointment. The game is rapid to develop an addictive pattern that is typical of the series. It was delightful; however, I anticipated a lot more. The open-world design and innovative game mechanics sound fantastic on paper. However, when the open-world concept is clearly a slap-dot of love together, the game’s vision generally falls to the side, and the good elements of this game are quickly pushed aside. Despite all the critiques, Pokemon fans will still enjoy their investment and will be able to purchase it with no hesitation, but in the end Pokemon Legends: Arceusremains an unintentional game that is full of missed chances.

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