Plantronics RIG 700HD in test

The year before, Plantronics released the RIG 300, RIG 400 PRO and Rig 500 PRO, a variety of wireless gaming headsets that are suitable for any budget and for every type of system. The company …

The year before, Plantronics released the RIG 300, RIG 400 PRO and Rig 500 PRO, a variety of wireless gaming headsets that are suitable for any budget and for every type of system. The company has taken suggestions and improvement ideas to heart and put them in a brand new wireless gaming headset. Its result blends the benefits of the top class but at a much lower cost and lower cost, which was the reason that was the first time we’ve seen the Plantronics brand on board for Gamescom 2019, and we had the opportunity to try it out in advance.

Plantronics doesn’t intend to invent the wheel the engineers have chosen as the basis for the new headset, the much loved RIG800HD, and made the right adjustments in a few spots. If you’ve been familiar with the look and feel and style of this model, especially the RIG series, particularly that of the 800HD, the latest RIG 700HD will be to be very familiar. It’s the reason why the upgraded microphone is the first thing that will catch your attention. It was able to fold as well as permanently attached within the RIG 800 series, with the brand new RIG 700HD it’s a specifically connectable component. This is a benefit because it can be flexibly made like wired models. Additionally, it’s now possible to listen to music entertainment without the uncomfortable microphone on the other side of the mouth. Another modification concerns the ear cushions: is where Plantronics has discovered from users that the design of pure leather cushions can cause more sweating in the eardrums during prolonged periods. But, the engineers didn’t want to sacrifice the effect of sound absorption that leather provides, so they developed an ear pillow made from a combination of different materials that consists of an outer shell made of leather, which is filled with insulating foam. It is then overlaid with the cloth. This arrangement keeps annoying sounds to the outside and gives sweat the chance not to develop.

The bracket is also modified to fit the RIG 700 HD.The traditional RIG bracket that has three steps per side is as flexible and nearly impervious to destruction as it was before. However, the stabilizer made of metal had to be replaced by one constructed of plastic. The suggestion was also a result of the public, as the bracket made of metal was a source of irritation for some, but this was not the sole reason for Plantronicsto alter the design. The primary reason was to reduce the weight of the headset. In particular, wireless gaming headsets incorporate gesame technology. The battery, and the housing, have a significant amount of weight. It becomes difficult to wear for prolonged durations. Many pounds are used, and you need to carry them around on the top of your head. This hurts your neck muscle.

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The result is usually tension and less satisfaction. However, the RIG 700HD issues are likely to be a thing of the past. With its weight of 241 grams, the headset is invisible and trying to find a good competitor in this space. I can already tell the way one or the other declares: All well and well, but it’s undoubtedly not long-lasting since the battery is tiny and fails quickly. But this isn’t the scenario! The headset can run for up to 12 hours , and it’s not even over. Furthermore, the headset can be connected anytime via micro USB and play like you usually do while charging.

The next step is probably the most vital component of the headset, which is the speaker. In this case, like on the RIG 800HD, a 40 mm bass reflex tube is utilized that will provide the most immersive surround audio. As mentioned earlier, the headset can be recharged using micro-USB. The transmitter included is connected directly to your PC via USB and can reach up to 10 meters, according to the manufacturer. In our tests, we were capable of bridging 15 meters; however, obviously, this depends on the conditions. The transmission technology is quite impressive, as it truly gives the impression of seamless translation. It is interesting to note that you only see the difference when you hear competitors’ products. You will detect an occasional delay.

The fact that you’ve switched on the headset and what the battery levels are, and if you’re connected, is communicated through a female voice in contrast to gender-neutral headsets. Also, the RIG 700HD comes with another advantage up its sleeves. Of course, it has a volume wheel, mute and volume buttons to turn off the microphone, and a power button, just like you’re used to with other headsets. Beyond that, there’s another control on the headset’s right side, which can give ush a lot of pleasure. This controls the sound quality of voice chats like Teamspeak or Discord and the game’s audio. This isn’t a new concept in the present, and Xbox gamers will say that they could do this; however, for the PC, there was nothing like it. There is, however, an issue, as the signal for voice chat is required to be sent through the optical cables. When it comes to Xbox, There was an interesting thing: Of course, the RIG 700HD is accessible in a RIG 700HX Version available for Xbox One and in the RIG 700HS PlayStation 4 version. The RRP is at present EUR129.90, which is significantly less than the RIG 800HD and is expected to be available starting mid-September.

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Anyone seeking a wireless gaming headset with high performance and a low price can discover what they are searching for in the RIG 700HD.The lightweight and lag-free transmission is a distinct feature that I believe is a significant selling point. Even after hours of gaming, you don’t even notice you have headphones on your head. It is only after a while that you realize that you heard too late on other wireless headsets. The sound is crisp, with incredible highs and an extremely balanced mid-range. It is only that the bass could be slightly more powerful, but explosions will not suffer from this. If you search for hairs within the liquid, you’ll quickly find them. On the other side, the soup is entirely safe. If the battery fails, it is impossible to repair it by basic methods. It’s also a shame that the connectivity is restricted. While it’s a gaming headset and doesn’t require ports added, or any device with an optical output can be connected, this would have been an excellent opportunity to connect your mobile phone or another player with a jack. However, we can’t give this a solitary recommendation as there are other models from rivals within the same price range for the same amount. But it is RIG 700HD is a great gaming headset. RIG 700HD is an excellent gaming headset with almost perfect design.

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