PES 2017: Konami’s King Football in the test

A cross with a heel, then into the net Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is a huge leap forward, and it scores using the virtual game culture to its top quality. The best soccer simulator …

A cross with a heel, then into the net Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is a huge leap forward, and it scores using the virtual game culture to its top quality.

  • The best soccer simulator for PS4 with an all-round winning game mechanics.
  • Graphics and presentation have been significantly improved with a strong improvement in presentation and graphics. However, the commentary is weak.
  • Many clubs are not licensed and continue to be plagued by licensing issues.

In the past, “FIFA 16” and “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” took on a spirited head-to-head battle. Although EA Sports’ soccer simulation did not perform at the highest degree, “PES” made up ground and was able to surpass the previous king of soccer, at the very least on the field. This is why Konami has decided to focus this year on enhancing the well-tested game mechanics and optimizing its Fox Engine known from “Metal Gear Solid V”: The Phantom Pain.” Unfortunately, as the servers were not yet operational before the launch, we’ve only had the chance to test the offline mode. But, the Champions League and similar games have proven that “FIFA 17.17” has difficulty catching up to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.”

What we consider to be good

The tested mix

But when it is about game modes, an initial sense of disillusionment occurs as “FIFA” utilizes an ingenious narrative mode, which is the first this year; the cobbler “Pro Evolution Soccer” remains true to its previous. Offline players can manage a player in “Become a Legend” or their team for the Champions League. At the very least, the Menu navigation is substantially reduced. Particularly in the Master League, the presentation is much more fresh and clear. Konami doesn’t use text deserts but shows the latest events using a layout resembling a website like “FIFA.” However, Konami’s German translation is usually too uneven. For example, in negotiations for other teams, the possibility of them being sacked is known as “passgenauigkeit.” The translator may be asleep on this one.

The most realistic soccer simulation for the PS4

In terms of play, On the other hand, “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is much cleaner. Training is now taken over a specific role, specifically, the player’s new capabilities. By using these, you can offer your stars individual abilities. But, they must meet particular requirements to succeed. This makes youth work particularly interesting because you can turn an attacker into a goal-scorer or assist him in taking free penalties and kicks as efficiently as you can.

Specific abilities – like long-range kicks, or certain tricks, you’ll need to perform them with the gamepad. This provides kickers with more depth. However, you may also find it difficult to leave your club to join more prestigious clubs. In the end, it puts your teammates in a bind. Also, it’s not possible to discuss a television-ready presentation. Sure, there are more frequent players, and the display is more attractive; however, “Pro Evolution Soccer” remains a bit with the other games in sports.

In addition to the main game modes, There are, of course, alternatives like, for instance, the Europa League, the Champions League, or self-configurable cup league competitions as an option for training. Additionally, there’s an extensive editor for nearly every function in the game.

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This is a great song!

However, as (almost) each year, “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is a game that shows excellent strengths on the pitch. In the first place, the models of the players appear slightly more natural than in the previous seasons. Alongside the slightly “robotic” eyes, players such as Messi, Suarez, or Neuer appear very like their idols. They also have body proportions that are also perfect.

Furthermore, you’ll easily spot small things such as frozen breath in winter games or tracks of skids in rainy games. “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is a bit slower than its predecessor; however, it speeds up rapidly, particularly in quick passing. The players play free exceptionally well. You’ll often find playoff spots if you don’t just have your player in mind. The players respond swiftly to your instructions when dribbling but do not allow mistakes to go unpunished. When tempo dribblings are made and direction changes, your ball will be accessible more frequently. If you don’t manage these movements correctly, you’ll soon lose the leather – especially for less-skilled players.

If you’re willing to practice, fantastic combinations can work like this. Notably, the wing play is becoming more stifling, and crosses are more efficient. Through the combination of short-passing and wing play, unique situations are created. A slick shot then follows these in the goals. The ball’s mechanics remain understandable throughout the game. The pill is neither lightweight nor heavy and accelerates smoothly, particularly in long-distance or cross-shots.

New capabilities for tactical warfare

You can count on your goalkeeper more this time. While weaker goalkeepers still let themselves make extremely predictable mistakes and block the ball up, the best goalkeepers also love to step out of the box, take crosses or play offensively

It’s also fascinating how quickly AI players react to instructions. “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” provides advanced strategies to achieve this that you can turn on by using the L2 button and the cross digitally. The most well-known plan we used was the full-back attack, which we utilized to create other face-off zones. With its extensive strategy options, “PES” provides a broad variety of options for fine-tuning, allowing for plenty of options, particularly in more extensive game modes. Computer opponents can also alter their strategies. In specific matches of the Master League, for example, we saw how they specifically shifted our player’s best player into one coverage. Another good thing is choosing a defensive plan for corner kicks. So, you can choose whether you want to play man-to-man or prefer playing spaces coverage.

We think that bad

Unfortunate German commentary

However, there are still opportunities to improve with “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.” The German commentary of Marco Hagemann and Hansi Kupper is one of the worst. Marco Hagemann, in particular, has many lines, and the lines repeat starting from the second match at the latest. When he is in duels, he always says yes, “training aids,” and in dribbles, he refers to the ball player as “Chief Magic Foot.” And to make matters more complex, some of the sayings aren’t appropriate for the situation. In addition, at times the commentators interrupted one another. The bottom line is better to change over to English commentary!

The licensing world is a mess

And then, of course, there’s that tense licensing question. We’ve all heard about the absence of a Bundesliga and no second Bundesliga. Chelsea FC, FC Bayern Munich, and Juventus Turin are also missing from the list. Although exotic players from South America are a nice benefit, the top teams aren’t there. Particularly during the Champions League, it seems almost absurd to be competing with AM Black White – with original players in the first place, in place of Juventus. This is where “FIFA 17” is likely to have an advantage that could be the most essential purchase aspect, particularly for soccer enthusiasts.

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Small quirks

In this regard, we observed a few minor glitches and bugs throughout the test. For instance, in duels, the models of the players make bizarre twisting. Particularly during aerial combat, ambiguous decisions are made repeatedly again. The players also take too long to recuperate from duels or to jostle. They are often stuck to the ground for too long after losing the ball. This is particularly problematic in penalty area games, where the strikers are not responsive and cannot see their ball in front of them instead of pursuing it.

The referees are acting well this time around however, injuries – particularly during regular league play – rarely occur. In the game the goalkeepers, who remain uncertain, stand out. They are also known to play the leather towards the front, instead of securing them.

Rating and Conclusion

  • Excellently executed game and ball Physics.
  • new possibilities for tactical planning.
  • almost perfect game play
  • Licensing issues.
  • my german comment.
  • small game-play weaknesses

PES 2017 Konami’s King Football on Test

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” is the best soccer simulator available for Playstation 4. Konami has improved the game’s mechanics that were highly successful last year. It has also removed almost all the weak spots. The collision detection isn’t (yet) 100% perfect, and there are funny concoctions and minor inconveniences. However, in terms of gameplay structure, handling and flow, there’s nothing better than the green. The most successful combinations are good, and at the exact simultaneously “PES” offers you a tremendous amount of flexibility due to its many features. Sometimes, you recognize what you’ve done at a slower pace. But as impressive as Konami’s soccer simulator may be, the wider area is still a project in improvement. There is a lack of German commentary. German commentary is, in my opinion, even lower than the previous year and the licensing issue remains a problem despite the progress. Furthermore, there are simply no new game types. Participating in the Master League every year is just not enough over the long term. It’s still to be seen what kind of innovations the club can bring. However, Konami can’t rely on its performance on the field. If you’d like to experience the game of virtual soccer, it is impossible to miss “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017”.

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