No Man’s Sky Next in the test – Almost unrecognizable

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals, as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals, as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits:

A new view, more modes

Like many of our editors had lost interest in the game soon after its launch, they may be astonished when they come back. It’s also because it now has four distinct modes, including a very relaxed creative way that doesn’t come with expensive construction costs as of the first significant update. Also the second reason is that you can now view your character’s shoulder from a third-person view default. This makes the gameplay appear more exciting and gives us an understanding of the magnitude that the game takes place—an excellent expansion.

Practical: With the new perspective, it is possible to see the changes that you can modify your character’s appearance thanks to the Next update. If you can locate or create any of these new stations for customization, you’ll be able to alter your character’s color, body, and even race. You can even be an adorable geek! But the rear view isn’t without its flaws. For example, to take pictures of plants or other objects, you’ll need to stand at a specific distance from them. In addition, the camera can zoom in on your subject occasionally in a confusing manner as you move past objects. However, don’t fret should the new view not fit your needs; you can return to the standard first-person perspective in the menu.

Don’t forget to be imaginative

“Building” is a different word, as in this field, a tremendous amount of work has been completed. Since the Foundation update, players could build complete bases on planets, including the correct interior design. The new Next update is taking this to the next level by adding several new components as well as the possibility of building bases beneath the water. The initial criticism that there’s no way to be inventive with the game No Man’s Sky can now be safely wiped out. In the end, we did not experience the satisfaction of building our base and then taking it up during the game’s base game, even if it could have been more enjoyable in the strategy view option.

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In terms of ease of use, the developers have repeatedly addressed another of our top complaints, which is the tinny inventory. Over time, comfort features such as stackable resources were introduced along with the painful manual recharge of the life support system or power used by the mine laser functions much more smoothly due to DeepL access through the D-pad. Additionally, the ability to mark and scan the planets from space has been added. Exemplary!

Familiar resource mill

However, Hello Games has made some minor changes to the game, i.e., the exploration-resource-mining-travel spiral, but has added new resources and, with the Next update, refineries as well, which spit out higher-value materials for better technologies. The process of mining resources can get exhausting after a while. However, Hello Games has expanded the options for players to explore the world in a vastly different way. For instance, you can now play smaller missions for space stations (which tend to be limited to mining resources and fighting enemies). You can also take on freighters in space, discover wrecks from crashed planets, or even fly across the earth using vehicles. If you’d like to simplify the process, you could plant plants inside your home and sell them to make dollars.

It’s also great to note that No Man’s Sky now takes newcomers more seriously at hand, with elements like mining resources and other tasks described in greater detail to ensure that you’re no longer an Ox in front of the galaxy. For newcomers, the initial experience can be exhausting; however, only if your first planet threatens your body with radioactivity, cold, or heat, and you have to find resources to protect your suit under deadline pressure. Finally, it is essential to note that No Man’s Sky isn’t recommended for those who love stories even after nearly two years. The Atlas Rises update added another alternative main story last year, and it’s a slow plod on.

The Human Factor

What about the recently added multiplayer? Could that be the magical factor that creates No Man’s Sky into a different game? The answer is no, it’s not, but it’s a significant enhancement. The reason is that multiplayer games work well. Just invite your colleagues to your own game, or play a random game, and you’ll be playing with three players within a few minutes. Everyone can follow their progress along with their own, and you’ll need to pursue your primary goal in your way—the most enjoyable, of course, and the co-op missions. The joint base construction, as an example, was an absolute highlight of the test, as did joint missions, regardless of how monotonous they might be. The human factor is another massive dose of uncertainty and chaos to the game in a way that No Man’s Sky might have been lacking in many ways.

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Hello, Games also deserves praise for the numerous improvements in graphics. It now includes more realistic ground textures, more vegetation, livelier space stations, more information on spaceships, and most importantly, the new sky panoramas, which, when combined with higher resolution, add a lot. It also delights players who use the camera mode, which was added in update 1.2 that can snap amazing photos with the simple-to-use tool. Visually, No Man’s Sky has significantly improved since its initial release and brought it closer to the iconic trailer for the introduction, but not quite to its level.

Since several minor glitches, such as pop-ups or clipping, remain, the improved graphic quality also has its effects—both with one of the PS4 (Pro) and Xbox One (X). Xbox One (X), there is a steady drop in framerate like when entering the world’s atmosphere. Also, the bugs of the first game haven’t been resolved entirely. We saw defective displays on our review, the game failed two times on PS4 Pro, and we couldn’t open a few crates on the Xbox One due to a glitch. The more refined No Man’s Sky may have been, it’s still not perfect.

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