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Demons from feudal Japan? The possibility of recruiting guardian spirits and fighting in the form of a demon Do you think the eleven weapon sets are insufficient? This and much more are available on PC …

Demons from feudal Japan? The possibility of recruiting guardian spirits and fighting in the form of a demon Do you think the eleven weapon sets are insufficient? This and much more are available on PC with Nioh 2: The Ultimate Edition! How good has the port been?

It’s been nearly an entire year since coworker Dave was able to eagerly take on the battle against the demons via the PS4PC players and those who love of Souls-style games had wait for quite a while for the version for the PC from Nioh 2: The Complete Edition.But this way , they can have the full version as soon as they can. This includes The base game comes with earlier released DLCs The Disciple of Tengu, Darkness in the Capital and The First SamuraiAmong other things The PC version comes with two new weapons, the Split Staff and the Claws.

Yokai, Ki, and much more

The plot and story have not changed. Of course, the plot and story have not changed, which is why it’s only briefly discussed. One is created in the extremely extensive editor, a warrior who battles evil demons, known as Yokai, as a follow-up course. It’s not bad that you possess a demon side that you can switch to fight. Also, you have your Yokai skill that can be used to (literally) ignite the demons. The missions can be chosen from an outline map for the nation. As is the case with great role-playing games, you can increase your capabilities by using these missions.

The main focus of the game is its combat mechanism. This is where AI plays a vital role in the sense that it shows endurance. If it is exhausted – which could occur very quickly and quickly – it’s essential to take a breather before attempting to attack again. So, even one or two missed shots could be the final nail in the beast’s claws. This is why it’s crucial not to overlook blocking and avoiding that also consumes Ki – creating a vicious cycle of fatigue. Therefore, it’s advisable to learn this Ki impulse as soon as possible to recover endurance after each sword strike and at the proper time.

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Every day, more and getting better and better!

Much like the plot, which – for the novice at least isn’t a simple one to comprehend, the sheer size and variety of the combat methods can be intimidating initially. Don’t be too quick to take on the beasts when you’re still unable to comprehend the differences between Burst Counter, Yokai Stance, Anima Charge, and Anima Charge. It is helpful to have training dojos, where you can play with all the different techniques and test them through other classes, with two new weapons that boost the number of weapons available to a total of 11 with the latest high difficulty levels and the ability to improve all skills with using the content and collection drive outdoes the base game.

Other options for setting … without surprises

Nioh 2 the Complete Edition includes some options for graphics in the game. Although the range of options isn’t as close to the PC ports offered by Ubisoft, the graphics are enough to ensure an attractive and, more importantly, a smooth gaming experience on less powerful hardware. They also let your high-end PC beg to play Nioh 2 with a maximum resolution of 2160p and buttery fluid 120 frames per second with no need to sacrifice ambient reflections, dynamic occlusions, and excellent shadow quality. In particular, when the graphics settings are low, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition appears sloppy and shiny.

The other options for graphics differ in display modes (fullscreen window mode), fullscreen mode, and frameless windows) A must-have option for those who have issues with screen tearing or line shifts resolution, frame rates (30, 60, 90, or 120 FPS) to settings for cosmetics like the quality of the textures, effects, and shadows. Nothing new or thrilling, but as we’ve already mentioned – adequate. Motion blur can be disabled. Thank you for your kind words!



Although I did not experience any significant issues, several reviews of players posted on Steam or Metacritic mentioned FPS decreases. To be safer on the safe side, upgrade the drivers for your graphics card to the latest version before commencing this demon-slaying. Of course, your system has to be able to meet a minimum requirement. For resolutions of 2160p and 60 frames per second, you should get an RTX 3070, and for 1440p/120fps, you should use the RTX 3080 graphics card. In addition, the PC version includes support for the ultra-wide screen.

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The graphics provide stunning grim images of burning villages, castles that have been besieged, and other haunted locations.


There is no change in the audiotape and the voice output. The voice output is Japanese and recounts some of the final thoughts of those who died in the fight against monsters.


Like a good version, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition has a keyboard with configurable controls. However, I confess to not being able to live with the mouse and keyboard for long enough in games that resemble Souls. The character can die quickly and easily when faced with the most insignificant levels. A great PS4 controller will help the character’s control and endurance in this game extremely.

Game Design

There are 25 primary missions, more than 100 side missions, and other difficulty levels; it’s impossible to be content with the amount of variety and variety to accomplish. It’s also gratifying that you won’t be forced to smack the boss brutally. Alternative routes are also available.


With the wide-ranging combination of skills, weapon capabilities, and sets, players’ motivation is guaranteed for the long run. Even for players who are already familiar with the game, The complete set of games offers an entirely new experience that is completed by three new difficulty levels.


If you have the right equipment (and, of course, the most up-to-date drivers), Carnage fun shouldn’t come to an abrupt end on your PC. With the new features and the latest content being available right from the beginning with various options, monster hunting becomes more enjoyable over the long haul. It is a must for those who are new to the game. However, it is also recommended for veterans.

Nioh 2 The Complete Edition

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